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At APT, we are dedicated to providing Commercial Cleaning, Commercial Chemicals and Property Services for over 30 years; we are one of only a few companies that have the ability to work with the vast array of clients that we do and who can deliver the widest range of services. We work right throughout the UK, the Channel Islands and Ireland.

Our core goal is to add value to you the client and the organisation in turn. We believe in solving challenges by providing both short and long term results. We know there is a more cost effective, easier solution to every situation and in every case we endeavour to find that.

Stone Restoration - Burleigh Church in Newport, South Wales
Commercial Factory Warehouse Cleaning near Cardiff
Heritage & Building Restoration

The benefits of choosing APT

1 Experience counts – we have 30 years industry knowledge and have dealt with some of the largest organisations throughout the UK

2 Excellence – we are one of the only company’s who can offer specialist advice on the correct cleaning chemicals as well as cleaning processes; having had 20 years in the commercial chemical industry

3 Conscientious – every project is tailored to your needs and delivered on time, on budget giving you cost-effective cleaning

4 Quality – continual on-site monitoring by our team of site managers ensures that high standards are maintained at all times

5 Dependable – you benefit from the best advice, the latest methods and the best practices from our fully trained professional cleaning teams

6 Results – we are as fastidious as you about cleaning and will deliver results that have a positive impact on your business

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Recent Case Studies

Take a look at what some of our recent clients have to say about our services and understand more about our industry leading approach and techniques.

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