The Importance of Exterior Building Cleaning

Buildings and structures accumulate dirt particles from air pollution, algae, lichen and bird droppings which look unsightly. People underestimate the importance of a well-kept building; as well as giving a poor impression to potential clients, suppliers and your staff, the contamination can damage the fabric of the building meaning that your building will depreciate significantly, if left untouched.

It costs nothing to call on the advice of a reputable Exterior Building Cleaning Company, you can then decide what steps and when you want to take them.

To clean a building correctly, without causing damage, requires specialist knowledge and trained technicians who know exactly how to use the cleaning equipment and the appropriate products to be applied.

Be sure to engage a company who use biodegradable cleaning products, this should be specified on the JMS, with COSHH sheets being supplied to you. This is essential to ensure that you have covered yourselves for any Health & Safety matters.

Exterior Cleaning, Render Cleaning & High Level

What Exterior Building Cleaning Services do you provide?

Our Work In Action - Exterior Building Cleaning Services

Customising your external building cleaning project

Although, we have cleaned hundreds of buildings, every new project requires and deserves a holistic approach to assess your exact needs. We will conduct a full survey which will consider Health and Safety, access and the techniques required for all parts of your building cleaning project.

We will ensure that there is no disruption to your working day and the cleaning will progress quickly and smoothly. The APT team will work ‘out-of-hours’ where necessary. Once the project is complete, our team site manager will walk the building with you to ensure that you are 100% happy with the outcome.

Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Company

Our environmental policy covers your entire project from the chemicals used to disposal of packaging. You benefit from the peace of mind that we are safeguarding the Health and Safety of the fabric of the building, the occupants and your public liability.

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Mould Cleaning
Mould Cleaning South Wales – Jamestown Industrial Estate

We visited the South Wales Industrial Estate to assist Jamestown Ltd with their Mould Cleaning & Algae Removal. Using eco-friendly cleaning methods and soda blasting, we removed mould and put the building back to a new state!

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Talbot Hotel - Soda Blast Cleaning & Stone Cleaning
Clean Stone & Soda Blasting York – Talbot Hotel

APT tackled the challenge of cleaning a busy hotel’s York stone exterior without disrupting operations. Natural finish and pollution build-up removal were key to restoring the flagship hotel’s façade.

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Graffiti, Moss & Algae Removal - White Rose Bridge, Caerphilly
Graffiti Cleaner, Moss Removal, Algae Cleaning – Caerphilly Council, White Rose Bridge Cleaning

To restore Caerphilly Council’s Bridge, APT’s Specialist Algae Removal & Graffiti Cleaner teams stepped in. Specialists in Algae Removal & Graffiti Removal.

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Newport City Homes - Graffiti Removal - Case Study
Graffiti Removal Service South Wales – Newport City Homes

APT was called to remove graffiti, soda blast, restore property, and clean bricks for Newport City Homes in Newport, Wales. Our expert team tackled the job with success.

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Clock Restoration
Historic Property Restoration – Llangefni Town Clock, Anglesey

Called on by Anglesey Council, APT provided Historic Property Restoration on a loved local Monument. We used Soda Blasting, Graffiti Removal & Stone Cleaning.

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Cleaning Marble in Wales
Advanced Cleaning Marble Newport – Celtic Manor Hotel

APT’s Commercial Cleaning team recently completed a Marble Cleaning job for the Celtic Manor Resort in Newport. Our specialist cleaning marble solutions helped them to restore their hotel rooms quickly for guest arrival.

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Blasting Soda
Blasting Soda for Graffiti Removal – Neath & Port Talbot Council

We supported Neath & Port Talbot Council and Welsh Heritage remove Graffiti using sympathetic and surface-safe Soda Blasting. Riverside Works heritage site based in Neath, South Wales is now free from graffiti thanks to APT’s expert team of soda blasters.

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Industry Cleaning at Stainless Technologies
Residential Render Cleaning Services – Pond House

APT often support Residential projects with Render Cleaning Services. In Wales, we aim to help our community looking better and remain standing. Read here…

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Exterior Cleaning & Building Cleaning Reading – RAF

We collaborated with the MOD and conducted a thorough site survey to plan and execute a safe and efficient approach to the high-level cleaning and repairs required.

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Abergavenny Borough Theatre
Professional Cleaning & High Level Cleaning – Abergavenny Theatre

Abergavenny Theatre, a prominent cultural venue needed APT’s support. Our Professional Cleaning Service is the first-choice for Monmouthshire Council. Find out how we supported them…

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fire damage restoration
Fire Damage Cleanup Gloucester – Rainbow International

Rainbow International called on APT to provide Fire Damage Cleanup on a house in Gloucester. We used Soda Blasting for Fire Damage Restoration on this occasion so as to sustain the building’s materials.

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High Level Cleaning & Cladding Cleaning
Commercial Cladding Cleaning, High Level Cleaning & Rope Access Wales – Rhondda Council

Improve your property’s appearance with our precision cladding cleaning in Pontypridd. Rhondda Cynon Taff Council trusts our team for high-level and rope cleaning solutions at Sardis House.

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How will you benefit from calling in APT?

Different areas of the exterior of your building will need different cleaning treatments, depending on the access, contamination and substrate.

The exterior of a building can be made up of many different fabrics and each requires a unique treatment. For example; a heritage building with a stone substrate will require a holistic approach, usually, Soda Blasting, which is a sensitive cleaning process which has been approved by the historic environment services and will not harm the substrate of your building. 

Whereas, Render and K Render surfaces, will require a low-pressure steam cleaning, using specified products. Again, be sure to check the cleaning process, so not to void your warranty.

For high rise exterior building cleaning APT use our high level cleaning team, who are approved and certified by IPAF and PASMA. For the way out of reach we use our IRATA trained rope access teams.

Why DIY Exterior Building Cleaning is not a Good Idea

Using out your own staff and hiring in high-pressure jet washers to clean the exterior of your building façade is a false economy. More damage can be done to the substrate of your building by using untrained staff than its worth. Blasting the contamination off will do as much damage, if not more, than leaving the building to deteriorate naturally. 

Using a high pressure washer to remove any soiling can also cause further damage to weakened surfaces and create microscopic damage to sound surfaces. This leaves the buildings facade vulnerable to further environmental damage unless repairs are made. Please do not underestimate how quickly a buildings exterior can deteriorate.

You also have the hassle of doing all the research, buying in the right chemicals, hiring the right equipment that will allow them to access the highest parts of the building. There is also the issue of the associated Health and Safety practices that should and need be in place for any exterior building cleaning. Hiring in a competent commercial exterior building cleaning company will save you time, money and hassle.

Cladding Cleaning - Brick & Stone


Exterior building cleaning refers to the professional cleaning and maintenance of the outer surfaces of buildings, including walls, windows, roofs, and facades. It involves the removal of dirt, stains, mold, mildew, and other contaminants to enhance the appearance and longevity of the building.

We utilise various methods depending on the building’s material and condition. These methods may include pressure washing, soft washing, window cleaning, gutter cleaning, and specialised techniques for delicate surfaces like glass or historic structures. Our trained professionals use industry-approved equipment and eco-friendly cleaning solutions.

The frequency of exterior building cleaning depends on factors such as location, environmental conditions, building type, and personal preferences. Generally, it is recommended to schedule regular cleaning services on an annual or biannual basis to maintain the building’s appearance, prevent damage, and minimise the buildup of dirt and contaminants.

Yes, our exterior building cleaning services prioritize environmental sustainability. We use eco-friendly cleaning products that are biodegradable and safe for plants, animals, and humans. Additionally, we employ water conservation practices and comply with local regulations to minimise our environmental impact.


Regular exterior building cleaning not only enhances the building’s aesthetic appeal but also helps protect it from premature deterioration. By removing dirt, debris, pollutants, and biological growth, we prevent the buildup of damaging substances that can compromise the building’s structure, surfaces, and finishes.

This proactive maintenance approach can extend the lifespan of the building and potentially save on costly repairs in the long run.

What Exterior Building Cleaning Services do we offer?