APT Client - CADW
Client – CADW (Welsh Heritage), Blaenavon Iron Works
Project – Heritage Building Conservation, Stone Cleaning, Soda BlastingGraffiti Removal

What did the client need?

APT-ICC proudly partnered with CADW, Welsh Heritage to undertake a momentous heritage building conservation venture at Iron Works Blaenavon. This renowned site stands as a testament to Wales’ industrial legacy, and APT’s expertise in heritage building conservation played a pivotal role in revitalising this significant historical gem.

CADW, Wales Heritage recognised the urgent need to conduct heritage building conservation at the Iron Works Blaenavon to its former grandeur. Decades of wear, undesired paint coatings, graffiti, and other forms of deterioration had taken their toll on the site’s historic surfaces. The challenge lay not just in breathing new life into the heritage site, but in doing so without compromising the integrity of the delicate structures and materials.

How did we approach it?

In preparation for this historic building conservation project, in-depth consultations were held with the client’s surveyor to gain a comprehensive understanding of the heritage building restoration task at hand. Through meticulous selection of test sample areas, we strategically gauged the most effective techniques to apply. Our historic building conservation project scope encompassed a diverse range of responsibilities, from removing persistent paint coatings left from a BBC programme film set, to intricately stripping wood for essential repairs.

Additionally, our efforts extended to diligently cleansing stone pavers to enhance their traction capabilities. Moreover, our objective was to eradicate limescale and effervescence from stone surfaces, all while preserving their historical integrity. This multifaceted approach underscores our commitment to delivering exceptional historic building conservation solutions, exemplifying our prowess in managing intricate challenges with utmost expertise.

What was the solution?

APT’s involvement in the historic building conservation project at Iron Works Blaenavon, commissioned by CADW Wales Heritage, showcases our expertise in preserving architectural heritage. Our task was multifaceted, requiring delicate yet effective solutions.

CADW, the guardian of Wales’ historic environment, entrusted us with revitalising the Iron Works site. The challenge was diverse: removing unwanted paint coatings from sensitive historic stone surfaces left after a BBC film set, erasing graffiti, stripping wood for repairs, and cleansing stone pavers and masonry from limescale and effervescence.

Through extensive discussions and test samples, we meticulously devised a plan. Employing both dry and wet soda blast systems as needed, our approach ensured cost-effectiveness without compromising quality. Our execution harmonised with the project team, adhering to the tight schedule.

The outcome was impressive. The historic surfaces regained their former glory, standing testimony to our dedication to authentic restoration. Our use of soda blasting proved invaluable in delicately reviving these structures, aligning with our commitment to preserving heritage through advanced techniques.

What was the outcome?

The fruition of our painstaking endeavors manifested in a reinvigorated Iron Works Blaenavon, seamlessly blending the charm of history with the allure of the present. The once-blemished historic surfaces were now free from undesired paint coatings, graffiti, and other imperfections. Wood, meticulously stripped for repairs, breathed new life into the structures. Stone pavers regained their traction, contributing to the safety and functionality of the site. The eradication of limescale and effervescence from stone surfaces resulted in an overall enhanced aesthetic appeal.
The collaboration between APT-ICC and CADW Wales Heritage stands as a testament to our dedication to safeguarding history. The meticulous restoration of Iron Works Blaenavon transcended a mere project; it was a commitment to preserving Wales’ industrial heritage for generations to come.

Client Testimonial

“I would like to thank you for carrying out the stone cleaning programme and surface cleaning, both myself and Richard turner we very impressed and have no doubt in calling upon APT for future work on CADW projects”

Neil Daniels – CADW

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