Licensed by Environment Agency for Commercial Waste Disposal

Keeping your business clean, compliant and free from waste is essential for your operation. Along with ensuring your business is well-presented, clean buildings and spaces will save you money long term by minimising damage from neglect.

Often waste disposal falls to the bottom of the list. That’s where we can help. APT are a commercial waste disposal company, our local waste disposal license allows us to operate in Cardiff, Swansea, Newport, Hereford, Ross-on-Wye, Coventry, Bristol and anywhere in between.

As a trusted waste disposal company providing local waste disposal across South Wales, the Midlands and Southwest of England. We’ve been disposing of commercial waste and helping local businesses remain operational for over 30 years. If you’re seeking waste disposal near me, look no further than APT.

Our expert teams can support your business waste disposal or domestic waste disposal, no matter where you’re based in South Wales, the Midlands or South West of England with our fast 24/7 service. Call our team today on 0800 0723 773.

commercial waste disposal

What Commercial Waste Disposal Services do you provide?

At APT, disposing of commercial waste is something we have done for over 30 years. We provide a wide range of commercial waste disposal services for local businesses to assist them in disposing of waste whether you’re based in Cardiff, Swansea, Ross-on-Wye, Hereford, Coventry or Bristol. We operate within a 5-miles radius of the A465 road.

Here’s a comprehensive list of the commercial waste disposal and domestic waste disposal services we provide within 50-miles of South Wales:

Building Waste Disposal

Our commercial waste disposal service understands the challenges of building waste disposal and management. Whether it’s construction debris, demolition materials, or excess building supplies, we have the expertise and resources to handle it all.

Bulk Waste Collection & Disposal

Our commercial waste disposal service caters to the removal of large quantities of waste, such as during office cleanouts, renovations, or event cleanups. We have the resources and expertise to efficiently handle bulk waste collection and disposal. 

Business Waste Disposal

Streamline your business waste disposal management with our commercial waste disposal service tailored to meet the unique needs of your business. We efficiently handle various waste types, ensuring legal compliance, environmental responsibility, and cost-effective solutions.

Chemical Waste Disposal & Oil Spills

We specialise in the safe disposal of chemical waste and handling oil spills and chemical spills. We adhere to stringent regulations, providing reliable containment, cleanup, and proper disposal of hazardous waste to protect the environment and prevent contamination.

Confidential Waste Disposal

Our commercial waste disposal service recognises the importance of data privacy. We offer secure confidential disposal of documents and sensitive information, guaranteeing confidentiality through shredding, destruction, and proper disposal in compliance with GDPR.

Domestic Waste Disposal

Our comprehensive commercial waste disposal service extends to domestic waste disposal. From household junk to furniture and appliances, we handle it all.

Electrical Waste Disposal & Electronic Waste Disposal

Our commercial waste disposal service specialises in the responsible management of electrical and electronic waste (e-waste). We use certified recycling facilities to ensure that e-waste is processed in an eco-friendly manner.

Garden Waste Disposal

Our commercial waste disposal service efficiently handles garden waste, including branches, leaves, and grass clippings. We ensure eco-friendly disposal methods to promote sustainability and maintain a clean environment.

Hazardous Waste Disposal

Our expert team is equipped to handle the proper disposal of hazardous waste materials, such as chemicals, solvents, and asbestos. With extensive knowledge of safety protocols and regulatory requirements, we ensure the safe and environmentally responsible removal and disposal of hazardous waste.

Medical Waste Disposal

Our commercial waste disposal service specialises in the safe and compliant medical waste disposal. Our team follows stringent protocols and regulatory guidelines to ensure the proper containment, collection, and disposal of clinical waste.

Trade Waste Disposal

Our commercial waste disposal service provides trade waste disposal for all industries. We manage and dispose of trade waste, including packaging materials, construction debris, and commercial byproducts, with a focus on sustainable practices.

Our Cardiff waste disposal to Hereford waste disposal operators are available fast, at short notice and 24/7 to manage the demands of your local business. Our local waste disposal teams operate within 50-miles of South Wales, including the Midlands and Southwest of England.

As a local business, we’re based in Gwent and committed to helping local companies and authorities keep their spaces clean and compliant. Whether you’re seeking regular commercial cleaning services, waste collection or one-off commercial waste disposal, our local waste disposal teams can help.

Established 30 years ago near Cardiff, we have been helping businesses with commercial waste disposal for decades. Our expert knowledge and flexible, fast-acting approach means we’re now one of the best local waste disposal companies in South Wales, the Midlands & Southwest of England. We’re back by lots of reviews:

Here are what some of our local clients think about our service:

“We cannot thank APT enough for their professionalism and expertise again.  Not only did we save thousands of pounds but APT managed the traffic flow. We have called on APT previously and they always think outside of the box, providing solutions and sound advice… very pleased.”

Edwin Hanley – Head of Maintenance & Repairs at Rhondda Cynon Taf Council

“We had a tank that urgently needed cleaning to remove 2 tonnes of semi-solid waste. APT were able to carry out the confined space entry and arrange a survey the following day. On the same day, they supplied us with a method statement and risk assessment. Due to the urgency, the team arrived the following day and remove the waste from the tank, cleaning to a high standard allowing us to return the tank to service. The staff were a credit to APT, hard working and left no mess behind. They arrived on site on time and abided by the health and safety regulations. They left no mess after two days and were a pleasure to have on site.”

John Thomas – Finishing Manager – Abingdon Flooring 

“I would like to thank APT for their excellent work and assistance on the Barclays project, they delivered the project and additional works on time and without issue. I would like to thank Andrew and his team for all the extra effort they went to.”

Graham Lewis – Project Manager – Overbury

Graffiti Removal Company
Expert Graffiti Removal Company – Blaenau Gwent Council, Sirhowy Bridge

APT are an Expert Graffiti Removal Company, Blaenau Gwent Council needed our helped to clean a local bridge. Our Graffiti Cleaning achieved great results…

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Newport City Homes - Graffiti Removal - Case Study
Graffiti Removal Service South Wales – Newport City Homes

APT was called to remove graffiti, soda blast, restore property, and clean bricks for Newport City Homes in Newport, Wales. Our expert team tackled the job with success.

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Nexperia - Commercial Deep Cleaning - Case Study
High Level Cleaning & Pest Exterminator Newport – Nexperia

Clean and efficient semiconductor manufacturing! APT’s expert high-level and deep cleaning services transform Nexperia’s Newport site, ensuring optimal productivity and inspection-readiness.

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chewing gum remover
Reviving Streets: APT’s Chewing Gum Remover in Tredegar – Blaenau Gwent Council

APT once again helped Blaenau Gwent Council with Chewing Gum Remover Services. Commercial Facade Cleaning using Doff Cleaning methods & Cleaning Chemicals…

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fire damage restoration
Fire Damage Cleanup Gloucester – Rainbow International

Rainbow International called on APT to provide Fire Damage Cleanup on a house in Gloucester. We used Soda Blasting for Fire Damage Restoration on this occasion so as to sustain the building’s materials.

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Blaenau Gwent - Graffiti Removal & Algae Removal - Case Study
Expert Graffiti & Algae Cleaners & Remover Ebbw Vale – Blaenau Gwent Council

The Blaenau Gwent council responded to community complaints about a heavily graffitied and debris-filled subway. APT was called in to quickly and cost-effectively restore safety and aesthetics to the heavily used thoroughfare.

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Pest Control Service
Pest Control Service, Internal Roof Cleaning & Sanitisation – AJ Quinn

APT responded to a weekend emergency call-out to remove rat droppings and sanitise St George School in Pontypool. High-level cleaning and UltraClean MB ensured success.

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Chewing Gum Remover in Blaenau Gwent
Safely Remove Chewing Gum in Ebbw Vale – Blaenau Gwent Council

Looking to safety remove Chewing Gum? Here’s how we helped our Local Council in Wales with Chewing Gum Removal on Bus Shelters & Town Centre…

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Blasting Soda
Blasting Soda for Graffiti Removal – Neath & Port Talbot Council

We supported Neath & Port Talbot Council and Welsh Heritage remove Graffiti using sympathetic and surface-safe Soda Blasting. Riverside Works heritage site based in Neath, South Wales is now free from graffiti thanks to APT’s expert team of soda blasters.

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Commercial Bridge Cleaning - Wales - Case Study
Oil Spill Clean Up & High Pressure Water Jetting South Wales – Caerphilly Council

Caerphilly Council trusts our expert team for high-pressure jetting services in Caerphilly. Our precision cleaning solutions at Pont Joe Calzaghe Bridge ensure a safe and well-maintained environment for all.

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Amazon UK - Emergency Response & Bitumen Spill - Case Study
Emergency Cleaning Services Swansea – Amazon

APT responded to an emergency call-out from Amazon in Swansea after a bitumen spill on the parcel conveyor line caused severe downtime to the business.

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Abingdon's Flooring - Emergency Cleaning Services - Case Study
Emergency Cleaning Services South Wales – Abingdon

When spills strike, professional clean-up is crucial to avoid damage, revenue loss, and environmental harm. APT delivered a successful emergency clean-up for Abingdon Flooring in Wales.

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What Areas Do We Cover?

At APT, we’re one of Wales’ leading, licensed waste disposal services. Working with organisations and local authorities of all sizes, save yourself searching waste disposal near me and trust APT. Our team of local waste disposal operators, provide services in the following areas:

If you’re seeking general waste disposal, business waste disposal or even domestic waste disposal (or any other type of waste disposal!), contact our knowledgable team today on 0800 0723 773 or via our online contact form.

Why Choose APT ICC for Local Waste Disposal & Waste Collection within 50-miles of Cardiff?

Our 30 years gives us an advantage over other commercial waste disposal services. We have the knowledge and on-site experience (visit our case studies hub) of managing all sorts of commercial waste disposal.

Unlike other cleaning companies, we use our own, specialist, eco-friendly and powerful commercial cleaning products that have been developed by consultant chemists with our on-site experts to ensure fast results every time.

Based in Gwent, we know it can be difficult to find a reliable company for your commercial cleaning and commercial waste disposal. Our local waste disposal service operates in South Wales, the Midlands, South West of England and anywhere in between. 

Here are just some other reasons why we’re one of the best waste disposal companies near Cardiff:

Comprehensive Services: Our wide range of commercial waste disposal services including, garden waste disposal, domestic waste disposal, chemical waste disposal & oil spill cleanup, confidential waste disposal, business waste disposal, trade waste disposal, medical waste disposal, electronic waste disposal, hazardous waste disposal, construction waste disposal, food waste disposal, and recycling services.

Regulatory Compliance: We are well-versed in the latest regulations and guidelines governing waste disposal. We ensure that all waste types, including clinical waste and electronic waste, are disposed of in strict compliance with relevant regulations, ensuring legal and environmental responsibility.

Expertise and Experience: With years of experience in the industry, we have developed the expertise and knowledge necessary to handle diverse waste streams efficiently. Our team is trained in the proper handling, containment, and disposal of various waste types.

Eco-Friendly Practices: We prioritise sustainability and environmental protection in our waste disposal processes. From recycling and composting to responsible disposal methods, we strive to minimise the impact on the environment and promote resource recovery when possible.

Safety and Security: We understand the importance of safety and security, especially when it comes to confidential waste disposal and clinical waste disposal. 

Tailored Solutions: Our commercial waste disposal services are customisable to meet your specific needs. We work with you to develop tailored waste management solutions that are efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally conscious.

Reliable and Timely Service: We pride ourselves on delivering reliable and timely (14/7) waste disposal services. Our team is dedicated to meeting deadlines, ensuring prompt collection, and providing efficient solutions to keep your premises clean and compliant.

Contact APT for your commercial waste disposal needs and experience professional, efficient, and environmentally responsible waste management solutions for a wide range of waste types, including garden waste, domestic waste, chemical waste, confidential waste, trade waste, medical waste, electronic waste, and more.

commercial waste disposal

Commercial Waste Disposal FAQs

Waste disposal refers to the process of managing and disposing of various types of waste materials in a responsible and environmentally friendly manner. It involves the collection, transportation, treatment, and proper disposal of waste to prevent pollution, protect public health, and promote sustainability.

Commercial waste disposal specifically focuses on the management of waste generated by businesses and commercial establishments. This includes a wide range of waste types such as general waste, recyclables, hazardous materials, electronic waste, and more. Professional waste disposal services ensure that commercial waste is handled efficiently and in compliance with local regulations.

If you’re looking for waste disposal services near you, searching for “waste disposal near me” will help you find local providers who offer waste management solutions tailored to your area. They can assist with the collection and disposal of general waste, recycling services, and specialized waste management needs specific to your location.

In summary, waste disposal involves the proper handling and disposal of waste materials, including commercial waste, to maintain a clean and sustainable environment. Local waste disposal services can help you manage general waste and offer specific solutions to meet your waste management requirements.

We offer a hassle-free commercial waste collection and commercial waste disposal that is affordable and meets all relevant health and safety regulations. We can offer commercial waste removal and trade waste disposal from any location on the premises and with minimum disruption to your activities. 

If you are unsure about what commercial waste disposal services you require, our friendly team of experts will help you create a waste management plan to suit your needs.

No matter how much waste you need to dispose of, we will help you find a cost effective and environmentally responsible method of industrial waste disposal. Seeking waste disposal near me? Contact us today.

As a local cleaning company, we’re based in Gwent.

Right in the heart of Ebbw Vale Town Centre, you can find us at Crown Business Park, just south of the A465 Heads of the Valleys Road.

You can easily reach us from Merthyr, Abergavenny, the Midlands and Bristol.

As a local waste disposal company, we provide disposal of commercial waste for all size of organisations and local authorities in Gwent, Monmouthshire, Gloucester, Herefordshire, Worcestershire and South West of England. 

Here’s the usual types of business we support with commercial waste disposal:

  • Retail businesses
  • Offices and corporate buildings
  • Restaurants and food establishments
  • Hotels and hospitality industry
  • Construction and demolition sites
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Manufacturing and industrial sectors
  • Educational institutions
  • Government and municipal organizations
  • Event venues and entertainment facilities
  • Automotive and transportation industry
  • Warehouses and distribution centers
  • Recreational and sports facilities
  • Agricultural and farming operations

No matter the industry or sector, we provide comprehensive commercial waste disposal solutions to meet the unique needs of businesses across various sectors.

When it comes to disposing of garden waste, APT is your trusted local partner. Our garden waste disposal and garden waste collection services ensure a hassle-free and eco-friendly solution for your green debris.

Here’s how to dispose of garden waste with APT:

  1. Garden Waste Collection: Schedule a garden waste collection with us. Our team will arrive at your location promptly, equipped with the necessary tools and containers to collect your garden waste efficiently.

  2. Green Waste Sorting: Once collected, we meticulously sort the garden waste to separate organic materials, such as branches, leaves, and grass clippings, from non-organic items like plastic pots or bags. This allows for proper recycling and disposal methods.

  3. Eco-Friendly Disposal: APT prioritises eco-friendly practices. We ensure that the garden waste is disposed of responsibly, using methods such as composting or mulching to promote sustainability and minimize environmental impact.

  4. Local Expertise: As a local garden waste disposal company, we understand the unique challenges and regulations specific to your area. Our team has extensive knowledge of local waste management practices, ensuring compliance with relevant guidelines.

  5. Convenient Service: We strive to make garden waste disposal as convenient as possible for our clients. With flexible scheduling options and efficient collection services, we aim to accommodate your specific needs and provide a seamless experience.

Partner with APT, your trusted local garden waste disposal and collection company, for a reliable and sustainable solution. Let us handle your garden waste responsibly while maintaining the beauty of your surroundings. Contact us today to schedule your garden waste collection.

At APT, we have been providing local waste disposal services for over 30 years. Our experience has meant we have collected and disposed of huge varieties of commercial waste. Here’s just some of the commercial waste disposal services we offer:
  • Bulk waste collection
  • Building waste disposal
  • Business waste disposal
  • Chemical spill waste disposal
  • li>Confidential waste disposal
  • Construction waste disposal
  • Commercial waste disposal
  • Domestic waste disposal
  • Electrical & electronic waste disposal
  • Garden waste disposal & garden waste collection
  • Hazardous waste disposal
  • Household waste collection
  • Trade waste disposal
  • Medical waste disposal
  • Nuclear waste disposal
  • Oil spill waste disposal

We have a waste disposal license that allows us to support local businesses. Our teams will travel within 50-miles of South Wales and provide commercial waste disposal 24/7 to minimise your business impact. If you’re looking for ‘waste disposal near me’ or ‘trade waste disposal near me’ or even ‘confidential waste disposal near me’, contact us today.

Booking our commercial waste disposal services is easy. With a network of specialist waste disposal experts covering various areas from Cardiff to Caerphilly, booking is simple.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Contact us to book a free site survey. We’ll schedule a visit to your premises to inspect your waste disposal needs and discuss what you’re looking to achieve.

  2. We’ll provide you with a competitive quotation based on the site survey. The decision to proceed is entirely up to you. We believe in transparent pricing and don’t engage in pushy sales tactics.

  3. If you choose to proceed, we’ll start managing your commercial waste disposal efficiently. We’ll also create a customized waste disposal plan to help you stay on top of your waste management needs.

To get the ball rolling, simply reach out to us at 0800 0723 773. We’re here to assist you with your commercial waste disposal requirements.

As a licensed and trusted commercial waste disposal company serving South Wales, the Midlands and South West of England, we prioritise local businesses and provide exceptional service that sets us apart from national chains.

Here’s why our clients prefer our local waste disposal services:

  1. Personalised Care: With decades of experience supporting businesses in South Wales, we genuinely care about each client. We are dedicated to delivering the best service and flawless results. We take the time to listen to your requests and ensure they are handled with utmost care and attention.

  2. Insured and Vetted Specialists: While larger companies may have cleaners under a well-known brand name, it doesn’t guarantee proper training or insurance. At APT, all our staff members undergo thorough vetting, training, and are fully insured. This ensures that we can handle any cleaning job with ease and professionalism, providing peace of mind for our clients.

  3. Competitive Pricing: Unlike national chains that often charge premium prices, we believe in offering competitive cleaning prices. We strive to provide affordable rates without compromising on the quality of our services. Our goal is to deliver value for your investment in our cleaning services.

  4. Fast-Action: Based locally, we can operator on short notice and quickly to ensure waste disposal and spills do not spread causing contamination and further damage. Our local waste disposal teams operate 24/7 and around you to minimise disruption to your business. 


Choose our waste disposal services for a local and dedicated approach, backed by a team of insured and trained specialists, all at competitive prices. Experience the difference in service and quality that comes with a business that truly cares about meeting your cleaning needs.

When it comes to disposing of hazardous waste, APT is your trusted local partner. Our hazardous waste disposal services ensure a safe and compliant solution for the proper handling and disposal of hazardous materials.

Here’s how to dispose of hazardous waste with APT:

  1. Consultation and Assessment: Contact us to discuss your specific hazardous waste disposal needs. We will provide expert guidance and conduct a thorough assessment to determine the nature of the waste and the appropriate disposal methods.

  2. Specialized Collection: APT’s trained professionals will handle the collection of your hazardous waste using specialized equipment and containers. We prioritize safety and ensure that all necessary precautions are taken during the collection process.

  3. Compliance and Documentation: We strictly adhere to regulations and guidelines for hazardous waste disposal. Our team will handle all necessary permits, paperwork, and documentation to ensure full compliance with legal requirements.

  4. Secure Transport and Disposal: APT utilizes secure transport methods to safely transfer the hazardous waste to licensed disposal facilities. We work with trusted partners who specialize in the proper treatment and disposal of hazardous materials, ensuring environmental protection and public safety.

  5. Reporting and Accountability: APT maintains a transparent and accountable approach to hazardous waste disposal. We provide comprehensive reports and documentation to track the entire disposal process, ensuring proper record-keeping and compliance with regulatory standards.

Partner with APT, your trusted local hazardous waste disposal company, for a reliable and responsible solution. Our expertise, adherence to regulations, and commitment to safety and sustainability make us the ideal choice for hazardous waste management. Contact us today to discuss your hazardous waste disposal needs and let us handle the process with professionalism and care.

APT are licenced waste carriers therefore we offer commercial waste disposal, trade waste disposal and commercial waste collection as part of our services.

As a waste disposal company we can provide general waste disposal and hazardous waste disposal. We will re-cycle all recyclable materials at designated waste disposal sites and ensure hazardous waste is disposed of in the correct way according to up to date hazardous waste regulations.

We will collect waste from anywhere within 50-miles of Cardiff, no matter how big or small. APT is licensed by the Environment Agency.

Discover Our Resources for Commercial Waste Disposal within 50-miles of South Wales

Our sister company, APT Commercial Chemicals is a trusted UK-based manufacturer and supplier of specialist cleaning chemicals with over 30 years of experience, serving some of the UK’s largest businesses including the NHS, BAE systems, Tata Steel, the BBC and more.

Invest in Commercial Cleaning in South Wales

If you’re seeking waste disposal near me, commercial waste disposal, trade waste disposal near me, confidential waste disposal near me, general waste disposal, garden waste disposal, domestic waste disposal or hazardous waste disposal, speak to us today.

We’re committed to supporting local businesses with licensed commercial waste disposal. Get in touch with our specialist commercial waste disposal team today to discuss your requirements.