Client - Gov Wales
Client – CADW, Welsh Heritage, Newport Castle, Wales
Project – Property Restoration, Soda Blasting, Graffiti Removal & Sandstone Cleaning

What did the client need?

Cadw, a Welsh heritage organisation, needed a specialist cleaning service and sympathetic sandstone cleaning to remove graffiti from Newport Castle without causing damage to the fragile substrate and surface of the stone. The castle had been attacked by graffiti in several areas, including the Kings Chamber, and required a solution urgently to prevent further vandalism and restore the building’s former appearance.

Cadw had previously worked with APT, as we specialise in building restoration, repairs, and sandstone cleaning, using soda blasting, and turned to them for their 30 years of knowledge and expertise.

How did APT approach the soda blasting in Newport?

APT’s surveyor met with Richard Turner, the senior conservation officer of Cadw, to discuss their proposal and methodology for removing the graffiti and sandstone cleaning. They conducted a full assessment of the natural stonework, analysing the vulnerabilities of the façade, as some of the stonework was fragile with areas of limewash crumbling away. It was crucial to remove the graffiti without harming the substrate material, and soda blasting was the chosen method.

Our specialist soda blasting service presented an unusual challenge when removing graffiti from the cellars, as the estuary would often rise and cause the cellar to flood. The team had to protect the blasting pot, ensuring it remained dry from moisture when cleaning Indian sandstone.

What was the solution for Graffiti Removal?

APT used their innovative, specialist soda blasting system and industry-trained, accredited technicians to remove the offensive graffiti sensitively and also conduct the sandstone cleaning. The soda blasting method effectively removed the graffiti without causing damage to the sandstone substrate. We never use harsh chemicals, cleaning products, pressure (power) washing, acid based chemicals and bleach solutions for cleaning natural stone. It’s essential that we do not pressure washer surfaces which could damage the surfaces whether it be a sandstone patio or sandstone paving.

What was the outcome of Soda Blasting at Newport Castle?

The outcome of the graffiti removal and sandstone cleaners at Newport Castle was successful, with us safely removing all graffiti from the façades without causing any damage to the fragile substrate. The result was impressive, with Richard Turner and his team at Cadw so impressed with our capabilities that they granted the company authority to be used on Cadw sites throughout Wales as and when required.

Client Testimonial

Opus international consultants, who were the Cadw consultants, sent a memorandum to all its offices to confirm inclusion in any job specification drawn on behalf of their client Cadw where surface cleaning was recommended or required. Richard Turner and his team were delighted with the outcome of the work and pleased with the quality of service provided by APT.

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