Emergency Chemical & Oil Spill Response within 50-miles of Cardiff

Responding quickly and efficiently to chemical and oil spillages is paramount to ensure your business, staff and wider community are safe. We understand the importance of emergency chemical spill and oil spill response, no matter where you’re located in Wales, the Midlands or South West of England. 

As a trusted provider in emergency response, our chemical spill and oil spill experts operate within Cardiff, Swansea, Hereford, Bristol. If you’re seeking emergency oil spill clean up, look no further and call on APT’s oil spill experts. 

As a reliable commercial cleaning business started in South Wales, we’ve been helping local businesses and local authorities within 50-miles of Cardiff for over 30 years. Our chemical spill and oil spill response service operates fast, with a 24/7 service that responds to emergency oil spillages as they arise. 

If you’re seeking chemical spill and oil spill response by dedicated oil spill experts, call our expert team today on 0800 0723 773.

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What Chemical Spill & Oil Spill Response Services do you provide?

The severity and environmental impact of chemical and oil spill can vary massively, based on several factors including, the type and volume of chemical and oil released, location, weather conditions and response effects. As dedicated chemical spill and oil spill experts, our chemical spill and oil spill clean up teams operate 24/7 within 50-miles of Gwent, Wales. Our chemical and oil spill response service extends to:

Types of Oil Spillages we respond to:

Marine & Coastal Oil Spills

Oil spills in oceans, seas, or other bodies of water result from accidents involving oil tankers, offshore drilling platforms, or maritime vessels. Coastal oil spills affect beaches, shorelines, and estuaries and can be caused by pipeline leaks, refinery accidents, or ship grounding.

Inland Oil Spills

Oil spills that happen in inland water bodies like rivers, lakes, or reservoirs. These are caused by accidents involving oil pipelines, storage tanks, or industrial facilities located near waterways.

Industrial Oil Spills

Oil spills that occur within industrial facilities, such as refineries, petrochemical plants, or storage depots. We also provide diesel spill clean up services.

Pipeline Oil Spills

Oil spills that happen due to ruptures, leaks, or breaches in oil pipelines. Diesel spills are also very common, our oil spill experts and proficient in managing diesel spill clean ups. These spills can occur during transportation or distribution of oil over long distances.

Accidental Oil Spills

Oil spills that occur as a result of accidents, such as collisions, grounding, or equipment failure, during oil exploration, production, transportation, or storage activities.

Natural Oil Seepage

Oil spills caused by natural processes, where oil seeps out of the ground or ocean floor due to geological formations. While not caused by human activities, they can impact the environment.

Bitumen Spills

Bitumen spills are common in many industries and can have significant environmental and ecological consequences. Bitumen spills need to responded to quickly and using the right products so as to not cause further damage.

Types of Chemical Spills we respond to:

Flammable Chemicals

Spills involving flammable substances like gasoline, diesel, solvents, or alcohol can pose a significant fire or explosion hazard. These spills require immediate attention and proper containment measures.

Corrosive Chemicals

Corrosive substances such as acids or alkalis can cause severe damage to skin, eyes, and other materials upon contact. Cleaning up spills involving corrosive chemicals requires careful handling and appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE).

Toxic Chemicals

Spills of toxic substances, including pesticides, certain industrial chemicals, or hazardous gases, can pose health risks if inhaled, ingested, or absorbed through the skin. Prompt action is necessary to minimise exposure and mitigate potential harm.

Reactive Chemicals

Reactive chemicals are substances that can undergo potentially hazardous reactions when exposed to specific conditions or other substances. Spills involving reactive chemicals require specialised knowledge and precautions to prevent further reactions or dangerous interactions.

Hazardous Waste

Spills of hazardous waste materials, such as those generated by industrial processes or laboratory operations, can contain a combination of harmful substances. These spills may require specialised handling and disposal methods due to the nature of the waste.

Radioactive Materials

Spills involving radioactive materials, such as those used in medical or research settings, require immediate attention to limit exposure and ensure proper containment. Specialised procedures and protocols are necessary for cleaning up and managing these spills.

We operate from our HQ based in Gwent and we’re passionate about helping local businesses and local authorities with their chemical and oil spill cleanup. If you’re seeking emergency support for your chemical and oil spillages, APT are here to help. Our chemical and oil spill experts team operate in Cardiff, Swansea, Hereford, Bristol and nearby places.

We’ve been helping businesses with commercial cleaning and chemical spill and oil spill response services for decades. Our client-centric approach paired with our meticulous attention to detail and flexible schedule means we’re now one of the top commercial cleaning companies in South Wales. Our reputation is backed up by lots of positive reviews.

Here are what some of our local clients think about our service:

“We cannot thank APT enough for their professionalism and expertise again.  Not only did we save thousands of pounds but APT managed the traffic flow. We have called on APT previously and they always think outside of the box, providing solutions and sound advice… very pleased.”

Edwin Hanley – Head of Maintenance & Repairs at Rhondda Cynon Taf Council

“We had a tank that urgently needed cleaning to remove 2 tonnes of semi-solid waste. APT were able to carry out the confined space entry and arrange a survey the following day. On the same day, they supplied us with a method statement and risk assessment. Due to the urgency, the team arrived the following day and remove the waste from the tank, cleaning to a high standard allowing us to return the tank to service.”

John Thomas – Finishing Manager – Abingdon Flooring


“APT are no ordinary industrial cleaning company, they reacted immediately to our emergency. They think outside of the box and provide both long- and short-term solutions. It is very apparent when you speak to them that their wealth of knowledge within the business is to be credited. We are very grateful for the help APT provided.”

Brian Clements – Corus Steel Works

We have supported numerous local businesses with oil spill clean up projects, find out more at our case studies hub.
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Expert Graffiti Removal Company – Blaenau Gwent Council, Sirhowy Bridge

APT are an Expert Graffiti Removal Company, Blaenau Gwent Council needed our helped to clean a local bridge. Our Graffiti Cleaning achieved great results…

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The Blaenau Gwent council responded to community complaints about a heavily graffitied and debris-filled subway. APT was called in to quickly and cost-effectively restore safety and aesthetics to the heavily used thoroughfare.

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Abingdon's Flooring - Emergency Cleaning Services - Case Study
Emergency Cleaning Services South Wales – Abingdon

When spills strike, professional clean-up is crucial to avoid damage, revenue loss, and environmental harm. APT delivered a successful emergency clean-up for Abingdon Flooring in Wales.

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Oil Spill Clean Up & High Pressure Water Jetting South Wales – Caerphilly Council

Caerphilly Council trusts our expert team for high-pressure jetting services in Caerphilly. Our precision cleaning solutions at Pont Joe Calzaghe Bridge ensure a safe and well-maintained environment for all.

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Clean and efficient semiconductor manufacturing! APT’s expert high-level and deep cleaning services transform Nexperia’s Newport site, ensuring optimal productivity and inspection-readiness.

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Blasting Soda for Graffiti Removal – Neath & Port Talbot Council

We supported Neath & Port Talbot Council and Welsh Heritage remove Graffiti using sympathetic and surface-safe Soda Blasting. Riverside Works heritage site based in Neath, South Wales is now free from graffiti thanks to APT’s expert team of soda blasters.

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Permali asked us to assist with an Extreme Cleaning task at their Gloucester facility. Our professional team had to act quickly to respond to the Emergency Job, emptying an Industrial Tank.

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Clean Towns: Gum Removal in Abertillery – Blaenau Gwent Council

After 2 successful projects, Blaenau Gwent Council relied on APT for their Gum Removal Services. Using Steam Cleaning we cleaned up Gwent & Wales.

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APT was called to remove graffiti, soda blast, restore property, and clean bricks for Newport City Homes in Newport, Wales. Our expert team tackled the job with success.

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Amazon UK - Emergency Response & Bitumen Spill - Case Study
Emergency Cleaning Services Swansea – Amazon

APT responded to an emergency call-out from Amazon in Swansea after a bitumen spill on the parcel conveyor line caused severe downtime to the business.

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UHW Cleaning
Commercial Floor Cleaners & Hospital Cleaning – University Hospital of Wales

APT were called on by University Hospital Wales to assist with an emergency Sewerage Spill Cleanup. Our Commercial Floor Cleaners acted quickly to resolve…

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Ebbw Vale multi-storey car park - Blaenau Gwent CBC
High Pressure Jetting – Car Park – South Wales

APT’s solution was to provide a car park cleaning cleaning and graffiti removal service, followed by the application of an anti-graffiti coating to prevent future damage. We also installed new lighting and CCTV systems to deter anti-social behavior.

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What Areas Do We Cover?

Here at APT-ICC, we’re one of South Wales’ leading, accredited chemical and oil spill cleaners. We support organisations and local authorities of all sizes with chemical and oil spillages. 

Working with large enterprises and small businesses alike, we’re on hand to ensure your business is always inspection-ready. If you’re looking for a local commercial cleaning company, our commercial cleaning service covers:

If you’re looking for a reliable, certified chemical and oil spill response company in South Wales, we can help. For a free, no-obligation consultation and site survey, call us direct on 0800 0723 773 or get in touch in just a few clicks using our simple online contact form.

Why Choose APT ICC for Chemical & Oil Spllages in South Wales?

With decades of experience, combined with a 24/7 emergency response service, we’re the ideal choice as your chemical spill and oil spill cleaners. Within a 50-mile radius, we can be at your chemical and oil spill within minutes, minimising the environmental and business impact.

Distinguishing ourselves from other cleaning companies, we stand apart by offering a unique approach. Instead of relying on conventional products, we have developed our own range of powerful, eco-friendly cleaning solutions.

These products have been crafted in-house, drawing on our extensive experience in the industry. and are complaint with The Regulation of Oil Spill Treatment Products in the UK legislation and requirements for Emergency Response & Spill Control. With a commitment to sustainability and effectiveness, we provide cleaning services that are truly tailored to meet your needs.

Based in Gwent ourselves, we realised how difficult it was to find a reliable and fast-acting oil spill response service in South Wales, the Midlands or South West of England. As a local company, our oil spill experts will response quickly to manage our oil spillages in Cardiff, South Wales and beyond.

Here’s some other reasons why choose APT for your emergency oil spill clean up:

Expertise: Our team possesses extensive expertise in emergency chemical and oil spill response, with specialised training and experience in handling various types of chemical and oil spills.

Rapid Response: We prioritise prompt action, ensuring a swift response to chemical and oil spill emergencies to minimise environmental impact and mitigate further spread.

State-of-the-Art Equipment: We are equipped with advanced and specialised equipment designed for effective chemical and oil spill containment, recovery, and cleanup.

Experienced Personnel: Our personnel are highly skilled in implementing emergency response strategies, utilising proven techniques to mitigate the effects of chemical and oil spills.

Regulatory Compliance: We are well-versed in relevant environmental regulations and guidelines (Prevention of Oil Pollution Act 1971), ensuring our response efforts align with legal requirements and industry best practices.

Safety Focus: Safety is paramount in our operations. We adhere to strict safety protocols to protect our personnel, the environment, and affected communities during oil spill response activities.

Environmental Stewardship: We prioritise minimising the environmental impact of chemical and oil spills and aim to restore affected areas to their original condition as much as possible.

Collaborative Approach: We work closely with relevant authorities, stakeholders, and local communities to ensure a coordinated and effective response, promoting transparency and communication throughout the process.

24/7 Availability: Our emergency chemical and oil spill response services are available round-the-clock, providing reassurance that we are ready to assist during critical situations.

Reputation: We have built a strong reputation in the industry, earning the trust of clients and stakeholders through our reliable and effective emergency chemical and oil spill response services.

For more information on our chemical and oil spill response and chemical and oil spill cleanup services, reach out to our expert team now via our online contact form.

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Chemical & Oil Spill Clean Up in Cardiff and South Wales FAQs

As an emergency chemical and oil spill response company, we’re based in Gwent. You’ll find us at Crown Business Park in Tredegar, along the A465 Heads of the Valleys Road.

You can easily reach us from Cardiff, Swansea, Hereford & Bristol. 

As one of the UK’s trusted chemical and oil spill response companies, we support all types of organisations, including local authorities when it comes to oil spillages. 

Oil and Gas Industry: Chemical and oil spill response companies play a crucial role in supporting oil and gas exploration, production, and transportation activities. They help mitigate the risks associated with oil spills during drilling, pipeline operations, offshore platforms, and oil tankers.

Shipping and Maritime Industry: Companies involved in shipping and maritime activities, including commercial vessels, cargo ships, cruise liners, and ports, rely on chemical and oil spill response services to effectively respond to potential spills and prevent environmental damage.

Industrial Facilities: Various industrial facilities, such as refineries, petrochemical plants, storage terminals, and manufacturing sites, require chemical and oil spill response services to address and prevent potential spills resulting from equipment failure, leaks, or accidents.

Transportation and Logistics: Transportation companies, including trucking, rail, and aviation, can benefit from chemical and oil spill response services to manage the risks associated with fuel transportation and prevent spills in case of accidents or incidents.

Coastal and Marine Businesses: Businesses located near coastlines, including fishing and aquaculture, tourism, marinas, and beach resorts, rely on chemical and oil spill response companies to protect their operations, habitats, and ecosystems in the event of a spill.

Environmental Agencies and Organisations: Chemical and oil spill response companies collaborate with environmental agencies and organisations to develop contingency plans, conduct drills and training exercises, and provide technical expertise in responding to oil spills.

Government Entities and Regulatory Authorities: National and local government entities, as well as regulatory authorities responsible for overseeing environmental protection and response, often collaborate with oil spill response companies to ensure effective management of chemical spill and oil spill incidents.

Our chemical and oil spill response for oil spillages within 50-miles of Cardiff & Swansea. We cover the above industries in general, however, if you’re a different type of company, please reach out to us and we will be more than happy to provide emergency cleaning services for your chemical spill and oil spill clean up. Our chemical and oil spill response services are designed to provide support and expertise to minimise the environmental impact and effectively manage oil spill incidents across a wide range of sectors.

To initiate chemical spill and oil spill cleanup or response services, the process is straightforward. We have a network of specialist professionals covering Cardiff to Caerphilly, ensuring convenient booking. Here’s how it works:

  1. Request a Free Site Survey: Contact us to book a free site survey. Our team will visit your location to assess the situation, inspect the affected area, and discuss your specific oil spill clean-up or response needs.

  2. Competitive Quotation: After the site survey, we will provide you with a competitive quotation based on the scope of work discussed. We believe in transparent pricing, allowing you to make an informed decision without any pushy sales tactics.

  3. Decision and Proceeding: It’s up to you to decide whether to proceed with our oil spill clean-up or response services. We respect your choice and understand the importance of making a decision that aligns with your needs.

  4. Professional Clean-Up: If you choose to move forward, our dedicated team will initiate the oil spill clean-up or response process promptly. We’ll utilise our expertise, specialised equipment, and eco-friendly products to ensure effective and efficient cleaning of the affected area.

  5. Bespoke Cleaning Plan: Along with the clean-up, we’ll work with you to develop a bespoke cleaning plan. This plan will help you maintain cleanliness and prevent future oil spill incidents, ensuring ongoing cleanliness and compliance.

To start the process, please contact us at 0800 0723 773. We are eager to assist you and initiate the chemical spill and oil spill clean-up or response services you require. If you have any further inquiries, feel free to reach out.

As a South Wales-based commercial cleaning business, we are dedicated to serving local businesses with fast and reliable chemical and oil spill response and chemical spill and oil spill cleanup services.

Here’s why our clients prefer our services over national chains:

  • Rapid Response: We understand the urgency of chemical and oil spill incidents and the need for swift action. Our team is equipped to provide fast response times, ensuring that we promptly address and mitigate oil spills to minimise environmental impact.

  • Expertise and Care: With decades of experience supporting businesses in South Wales, we prioritise delivering exceptional service and faultless results. We genuinely care about each client and take the time to listen to your specific needs. Our dedicated team ensures that all your requests are thoroughly addressed and taken care of during the oil spill response and cleanup process.

  • Insured and Vetted Specialists: Unlike larger companies that rely on brand recognition alone, we prioritise the proper training and insurance of our staff. Our specialists undergo rigorous vetting, extensive training, and are fully insured. This ensures that we can handle all aspects of oil spill response and cleanup with ease, professionalism, and the highest standards of safety.

  • Competitive Pricing: We believe in providing affordable pricing for our services. Unlike national chains that often charge a premium, we offer competitive rates without compromising the quality of our work. Our focus is on delivering value and cost-effectiveness to our clients while ensuring efficient and thorough chemical and oil spill response and cleanup.

When it comes to chemical spill and oil spillages, trust our local expertise, fast response times, attention to detail, and commitment to excellence. Contact us today to discuss your specific oil spill response and cleanup needs, and let us provide you with reliable, efficient, and competitively priced services.

When it comes to cleaning oil, APT provides expert services to efficiently and effectively handle the task. Here’s a general approach to cleaning oil:

  1. Safety First: Prioritise safety by wearing appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) such as gloves, goggles, and protective clothing. Ensure good ventilation in the cleaning area.
  2. Contain the Spill: If dealing with an oil spill, contain the spread of oil using absorbent materials like booms, absorbent pads, or socks. These materials help prevent further contamination and make the cleaning process more manageable.
  3. Assess the Surface: Evaluate the type of surface affected by the oil spill. Different surfaces require specific cleaning methods and products. For porous surfaces like concrete or soil, additional steps may be necessary to remove deeply embedded oil.
  4. Select the Right Cleaner: APT’s expert services can provide customised, eco-friendly cleaning solutions designed to effectively remove oil. These powerful products have been developed in-house using years of experience and are tailored to various surfaces and types of oil.
  5. Apply the Cleaner: Follow the instructions provided by APT or the manufacturer when applying the chosen cleaner. Use appropriate tools like brushes, mops, or pressure washers to apply the cleaner and agitate the surface for optimal oil removal.
  6. Rinse and Repeat: After allowing the cleaner to penetrate and loosen the oil, rinse the surface thoroughly with water. In some cases, multiple cleaning cycles may be necessary for complete removal, particularly for heavy or stubborn oil stains.
  7. Proper Disposal: Dispose of the cleaning materials, wastewater, and any absorbed oil in accordance with local regulations and environmental guidelines. Improper disposal can lead to further pollution and environmental harm.

For professional and efficient oil cleaning, rely on APT’s expert services. Our tailored cleaning solutions, developed through years of experience, ensure effective oil removal while prioritising environmental safety.

Contact us to benefit from our specialised expertise and eco-friendly products for your oil cleaning needs.

Cleaning up oil spills requires a fast and systematic approach to contain, recover, and remediate the spilled oil. Here’s a simplified guide on how to clean up oil spills:

  1. Safety First: Wear appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) and prevent further spread of the oil. Use absorbent materials like booms or pads to contain the spill and create a barrier.

  2. Contain and Recover: Deploy absorbent materials to soak up the spilled oil. Carefully collect and remove the absorbent materials, placing them in proper containers. Dispose of them following local regulations.

  3. Clean the Area: Use suitable cleaning methods for the affected surface. Use detergents or degreasers with scrub brushes or pressure washers for hard surfaces. Consider specialised techniques for soil or porous surfaces.

  4. Remediate and Restore: Assess the environmental impact and develop a plan for remediation if necessary. This may involve soil testing, ecological monitoring, and implementing measures to restore the affected area.

Note that the specific approach may vary depending on the spill size, type of oil, and environmental considerations. For larger or complex spills, it is recommended to involve professional oil spill response companies like APT, or environmental experts. 

If you’re seeking advice on whether you require an oil spill response company, reach out to us via our contact us form. 

Cleaning a chemical spill requires careful handling and adherence to safety protocols. Here’s a general guide on how to clean a chemical spill:

  1. Assess the Situation: Quickly evaluate the spill, considering factors like the type of chemical, quantity, toxicity level, and potential hazards. Ensure that you are aware of any specific risks associated with the spilled chemical.

  2. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): Put on appropriate personal protective equipment, including gloves, goggles, a lab coat or protective clothing, and respiratory protection if necessary. Ensure that you have access to an emergency eyewash station and safety shower.

  3. Contain the Spill: If possible, contain the spill to prevent it from spreading further. Use spill containment kits, absorbent materials, or barriers to limit the area affected by the spill. Avoid direct contact with the spilled substance.

  4. Ventilation: Ensure proper ventilation in the area to reduce the concentration of fumes or vapors. Open windows, doors, or use fans to improve airflow, if safe to do so.

  5. Neutralisation: If you are trained and it is safe to do so, consider neutralising the spilled chemical following the manufacturer’s instructions or established protocols. Use appropriate neutralising agents or absorbents specifically recommended for the chemical involved.

  6. Clean-Up: Carefully clean up the spill using suitable absorbents, such as spill kits or absorbent pads, to soak up the spilled material. Use proper containment and disposal methods as specified for the specific chemical or consult with local authorities.

  7. Decontamination: Thoroughly decontaminate the affected area using appropriate cleaning agents. Follow established decontamination procedures and dispose of contaminated cleaning materials as hazardous waste.

  8. Reporting and Documentation: Report the spill to the appropriate authorities or your company’s designated personnel, and document the incident following established procedures.

It’s important to note that the specific procedures for cleaning a chemical spill may vary depending on the type and quantity of the spilled chemical, local regulations, and safety guidelines. In cases of large or hazardous spills, it is advisable to contact specialized hazardous material response teams like APT, or authorities for assistance.

Discover Our Resources for Chemical & Oil Spill Response in South Wales

Our sister company, APT Commercial Chemicals is a trusted UK-based manufacturer and supplier of specialist cleaning chemicals with over 30 years of experience, serving some of the UK’s largest businesses including the NHS, BAE systems, Tata Steel, the BBC and more.

Safe & Efficient Chemical & Oil Spill Response within 50-miles of Cardiff

We’re committed to helping businesses in South Wales, the Midlands and Southwest of England when they’re seeking help for chemical and oil spill clean up. If you’re requiring emergency cleaning services with regards to oil spill clean up or chemical spill response, we’re here to help.

For a fast and efficient chemical and oil spill response by oil spill experts, call our team on 0800 0723 773.