APT Client - Caerphilly Council
Client – Pont Joe Calzaghe Bridge, Caerphilly County Borough Council
Project – Oil Spill Clean UpJet Washing Cleaning, Graffiti Removal, Algae Removal  for a Commercial Railway Bridge

What did the client need?

Caerphilly Council faced an emergency situation when an oil tanker spilled diesel along a significant section of the A465 dual carriageway road. The spill left behind oil contaminants, posing a danger to oncoming traffic. The client required an immediate response from a specialist company capable of operating outside regular working hours to address the oil spill clean up effectively.

How did we approach the emergency oil spill clean-up?

To tackle the challenge of the large-scale oil spill, APT-ICC deployed an emergency response team with expertise in oil spill clean up. We carefully planned and coordinated our response to ensure a swift and efficient cleaning process. Key steps taken included:

  1. Out-of-Hours Response: Recognising the urgency of the situation, we deployed our experienced teams to attend the major spill outside regular working hours. We worked closely with Caerphilly Borough Council’s highways department to organise full traffic management for the oil spill clean up. By coning off sections of the highway while maintaining a flow of traffic in one lane, we ensured the safety of the public and our team during the oil spill clean up task.

  2. High-Pressure Water Jetting: APT-ICC utilised high pressure water jetting, a highly effective method for removing oil contaminants from surfaces. We employed our specialist industrial degreaser, manufactured by our sister company, APT Commercial Chemicals. Ultramax 2020 is known for its environmental friendliness and ability to penetrate concrete and lift oil to the surface. Our teams agitated Ultramax 2020 into the surface, effectively removing the oil using industrial super pressure washers.

  3. Road Sweeping: After removing the oil contaminants, we utilised APT’s industrial road sweepers to thoroughly clean the road surface and suction up any remaining fluids. This step ensured that the road was left clean and safe for traffic.

What was the solution?

APT-ICC’s quick response and expertise in emergency oil spill clean-up successfully contained and cleaned up the spill on the A465 dual carriageway road. Our specialist teams worked diligently to ensure the efficient removal of oil contaminants, minimising any potential harm to the environment, human health, and safety. The use of high-pressure water jetting, coupled with our environmentally friendly industrial degreaser and industrial road sweepers, proved to be an effective solution for restoring the road’s safety and functionality.

What was the outcome of Oil Spillage response?

Thanks to APT-ICC’s prompt response and effective cleaning efforts, the emergency oil spill on the A465 dual carriageway road was successfully contained and cleaned up. The road surface was restored to a safe and clean condition, ensuring the smooth flow of traffic and mitigating potential hazards. Our team’s dedication and expertise contributed to minimising any negative impact on the environment, public safety, and business operations.

This case study highlights the importance of a quick and effective response to emergency oil spills. It emphasizes the value of working with experienced professionals equipped with specialized tools such as high-pressure water jetting and industrial degreasers. APT-ICC’s 30 years of experience in emergency oil spill clean-up, coupled with our ability to work closely with local councils and businesses, positions us as a trusted provider of professional spill clean-up services.

Client Testimonial

“Another great job completed on the Joe Calzaghe Bridge, it looks as good as new! Thank you to all the team in managing the job with this very difficult structure.”

Veronica Tsak – Structures and Highways, Caerphilly Borough Council

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