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When it’s time to reclaim your property, whether residential, commercial, or industrial, trust APT’s comprehensive property clearance services. 

We specialise in property clearance, home clearance, house clearing, and household clearance, ensuring your space is cleared efficiently and ready for its next purpose. We have supported local authorities and clients like, Mayphil, Custom Extrusions, the NHS & many more.

Our specialist property clearance teams act quickly to ensure your downtime is minimised. We’ll work with you to understand your intended outcomes and provide tailored solutions to obtain the best results. 

We offer a full consultancy support package, saving many clients thousands of pounds. We have helped clients like Tata Steel save over £250,000 from one project alone.

Dilapidations - Industrial - Warehouse

What Property Clearance Services do you provide?

  • Adherence to UK Waste Disposal Regulations
  • Commercial Clearance
  • Complete Rubbish Clearance
  • Garden Clearance
  • Graffiti Removal
  • House Clearance
  • Industrial Property Clearance
  • Interior and Exterior Void Property Clearing
  • Junk Clearance
  • Renovation and Refurbishment Stripping Out
  • Residential Property Clearance
  • Sharps Removal
  • Waste Clearance

Our Work In Action - Commercial Property Clearance Services

Property clearance can often mean a number of things. That’s why our property clearance service offers a vast range of services to cover all bases. Our property clearance service extends to commercial properties, residential buildings and industrial settings.

We clean from top to bottom, including ceilings, walls, floors and everything in-between. Property clearance is vital to maintaining and restoring the cleanliness and hygiene within all settings and is highly effective. 

Here’s how we helped Custom Extrusions with their end-of-lease cleaning:

“We have worked with APT for many years and have always been impressed by their transparency and their desire to genuinely make a difference to our business. They work with a sense of pride when handing over any job.

I can’t thank them enough for their proficiency in helping and consulting with us in the hand over which went smoothly with no charges levied. I highly recommend them, Andrew’s skill is in finding a more efficient way, it’s a credit to him and APT.”

Dean Thomas – Custom Extrusions

Commercial Building Cleaning, Machinery Cleaning, Dilapidations
Commercial Property Dilapidation South Wales – Custom Extrusions

Transform your property with our expert commercial cleaning services in South Wales. Custom Extrusions relies on our team for precision machinery cleaning and thorough property cleaning solutions, ensuring a spotless and professional environment.

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Industrial Floor Cleaning
After Builders Cleaning – Jones Food Company

APT supported well-known Jones Food Company with After Builders Cleaning Services and Warehouse Cleaning. Prepared for their BRC Audit. Find out how…

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Mayphil UK - Property Dilapidations & Refurbishment - Case Study
Property Dilapidations & Refurbishment Wales – Mayphil

From paint stripping to rust removal, this factory’s transformation was a true makeover. APT’s expert team ensured a pristine finish, inside and out.

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Why Property Clearance Matters?

Property clearance is more than just removing waste and debris; it’s about ensuring safety, hygiene, and a fresh start. It plays a pivotal role in:

  • Safety: Property clearance rids the space of potential hazards and ensures a safe environment for the next occupants. Hazardous materials left behind can pose significant health and safety risks.

  • Hygiene: Waste and debris left unchecked can attract vermin and pests, leading to property damage and health hazards. Property clearance eliminates these risks.

  • Appearance: An unkempt property can deter potential buyers or tenants. Clearing waste and debris enhances the property’s appearance, making it more attractive to prospective occupants.

  • Property Value: Cleared and ready-for-occupation properties are often more valuable than those needing extensive work. Property clearance can boost your property’s value.

Why APT for Property Clearance?

APT provides property clearance services for residential, commercial, and industrial clients. Our offerings include complete rubbish clearance, stripping out entire properties or buildings for renovation and refurbishment.

Our expert void property clearance solutions encompass both interior and exterior areas. We handle everything from garden rubbish removal and junk clearance to waste clearance, sharps removal, and graffiti removal. 

Our experienced teams work diligently, meeting strict deadlines to ensure efficient property clearance tailored to each client’s unique needs.

Compliance with waste disposal regulations is paramount. We adhere to UK waste management laws, including the Environmental Protection Act 1990, The Control of Pollution (Amendment) Act 1989, and The Waste Management Licensing Regulations 2011. We dispose of waste responsibly and environmentally.

Our extensive range of clearance services extends to house clearance, garden clearance, and commercial clearance. We serve various sectors, including estate management, factories, warehouses, offices, nursing homes, pubs, restaurants, and retail outlets.



The cost of house clearance can vary widely depending on several factors, including:

  1. Size of the Property: Larger properties with more rooms and possessions will generally cost more to clear than smaller ones.

  2. Amount of Items: The volume of items that need to be removed will affect the cost. A property with a lot of furniture and belongings will be more expensive to clear.

  3. Type of Items: The nature of the items also matters. Hazardous materials or specialized disposal requirements can increase costs.

  4. Accessibility: If the property is easy to access, the clearance may be more straightforward and less expensive compared to a property with limited access.

  5. Location: Regional differences in labor and disposal costs can impact the overall price.

  6. Additional Services: Some clearances may require additional services like cleaning, disposal of hazardous waste, or specialized removal of certain items, which can add to the cost.

As mentioned, APT provides a full quotation to assess the extent of the work and determine the specific cost for your house clearance needs. This allows for a more accurate estimate based on the unique circumstances of the clearance.

House clearance typically involves the systematic removal of all items and debris from a property to prepare it for a new tenant or owner. Here’s how it generally works:

  1. Assessment: A professional house clearance service, like APT, begins with an assessment of the property. This assessment determines the scope of the clearance, including the size of the property, the volume and type of items to be removed, and any special requirements.

  2. Quotation: Based on the assessment, the house clearance service provides a detailed quotation outlining the estimated cost and the specific services to be provided.

  3. Scheduling: Once the quotation is accepted, a schedule is arranged for the clearance. This includes setting a date and time for the work to begin.

  4. Clearance Process: On the scheduled day, the clearance team arrives at the property. They use specialized cleaning products, cleaning solutions, and equipment to systematically clear the property. This includes removing furniture, appliances, personal belongings, and any other items.

  5. Sorting: During the clearance, items are typically sorted into categories. Some items may be suitable for reuse or recycling, while others may require disposal.

  6. Disposal: Items that are no longer needed or cannot be reused are disposed of properly. This includes ensuring that hazardous materials are handled and disposed of in accordance with regulations.

  7. Cleaning: Once the property is cleared of all items, it is thoroughly cleaned to prepare it for the next occupant. This may include deep cleaning, sanitization, and removal of any remaining debris.

  8. Final Inspection: A final inspection is conducted to ensure that the property meets the required standards and is ready for occupation.

  9. Handover: The property is then ready to be handed over to the new tenant or owner.

House clearance services are often used in situations such as end-of-tenancy clearances, preparing a property for sale, or addressing issues like dilapidations. Professional house clearance services have the expertise, equipment, and resources to efficiently and safely carry out these tasks.

“Dilapidations” refers to the breaches of the repairing and maintenance obligations of a lease on a property. In the context of property management and lease agreements, dilapidations typically involve the condition of the property at the end of a lease term.

If a tenant fails to properly maintain or repair the property as per the terms of the lease, they may be liable for the cost of rectifying these issues, which are known as dilapidations.

These costs can include repairs, refurbishments, or even a financial settlement to the landlord to compensate for the property’s diminished value. Dilapidations can be a subject of dispute between landlords and tenants, and they are often addressed through negotiation, arbitration, or legal proceedings.

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As a registered property clearance company, APT stands out for its professionalism and attention to detail. Our highly trained teams utilize the latest equipment and techniques to ensure swift and efficient property clearance. We work closely with clients to meet their specific requirements, understanding that each property is unique.

At APT, we recognise the importance of clearing your property promptly. We operate on strict deadlines to ensure your needs are met efficiently. Trust APT for a reliable partner in property clearance, making your space safe, clean, and ready for its next chapter. Contact us today!