APT Client - Jones Food Company
Client – Jones Food Company
Project – After Builders Cleaning Services, Dilapidations, BRC Audit Cleaning, Warehouse Cleaning

What did the client need?

When it comes to maintaining the highest standards of hygiene, food manufacturers stand on the frontlines. The Jones Food Company, a prominent player in the industry, recognised the critical importance of a spotless environment. As they prepared for a BRC audit in their newly built warehouse, they turned to APT, a trusted name in industrial cleaning solutions.

The Jones Food Company‘s newly constructed warehouse was nearly ready to kickstart its operations, but the aftermath of the construction work left a trail of dust and debris. The client needed a thorough and efficient after builders cleaning to ensure that every nook and cranny was free from dust, dirt, and any potential contaminants. With a looming BRC audit, there was no margin for compromise on cleanliness.

How did we approach it?

APT, armed with years of experience in industrial cleaning, immediately formulated a detailed plan. Given the sensitive nature of the client’s business – food production – we understood that the cleaning had to meet the highest standards of hygiene, in compliance with the Food Standards Agency. We began by conducting a comprehensive assessment of the warehouse, identifying areas that required special attention and devising a step-by-step cleaning strategy.

What was the solution?

Our approach revolved around the utilisation of our expertise in “after builders cleaning.” To efficiently tackle the dust and debris that had accumulated, we employed industrial-grade hoovers, ensuring a meticulous cleaning process from floor to ceiling. Understanding the diverse surfaces in the warehouse, we utilised our own product, Ultramax APC, which not only cleans but also disinfects and degreases, meeting the stringent hygiene requirements of the food industry.

The cleaning process extended to the high-level beams and cladding panels, ensuring a comprehensive cleaning coverage. Here, the use of Mobile Elevated Work Platforms (MEWPs) enabled us to access even the most hard-to-reach areas, leaving no corner untouched.

What was the outcome?

The outcome was nothing short of remarkable. APT’s meticulous approach and dedication to quality resulted in a warehouse that went from post-construction chaos to pristine cleanliness. Every surface, every corner, and every crevice had been thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. The warehouse was now ready to undergo the stringent scrutiny of a BRC audit, meeting the exacting standards of hygiene that the food industry demands.

The Jones Food Company expressed their satisfaction and relief at the transformation. With the audit on the horizon, they could rest assured that their facility was impeccably clean, ensuring the safety of their products and the integrity of their production process.

Work with us

When it comes to “after builders cleaning,” APT is your trusted partner. Our expertise, combined with industry-leading products like Ultramax APC, guarantees a thorough and effective cleaning process that meets the highest hygiene standards. Whether you’re preparing for an audit or simply aiming for a pristine environment, contact APT today to ensure the cleanliness your facility deserves. Your success is our commitment.

As the Jones Food Company experienced firsthand, the right cleaning partner can make all the difference. Contact APT and let us elevate your hygiene standards to new heights.