APT Client - Renold Couplings - Cleaning Factory
Client – Renold CouplingsCardiff, Wales
Project – Cleaning Factory’s – Industrial Cleaning, Machinery Cleaning, Factory Cleaning and Warehouse Cleaning

What did the client need?

Renold Couplings is a large factory in Cardiff that delivers technical capability, precision, quality, and long-term value through engineering prowess. They have been driving industry forward through innovation since 1879. Renold Couplings is known for connecting machines together through stock solutions and custom-crafted connections, all handmade in their high-tech engineering factories.

APT was invited to provide a schedule of works, advice and prices for a complete factory clean at the Cardiff plant. The client needed a reputable and experienced industrial cleaning company that could demonstrate their capabilities through certifications and qualifications in cleaning factory’s and the training of the applicable team.

The Cardiff plant had factory inspections pending, and health and safety standards to meet. APT provided a comprehensive industrial cleaning solution and cleaning factory’s for entire factories, which included warehouse cleaning, factory floor cleaning, machinery cleaning, high-level cleaning, and cladding cleaning.

How do we approach cleaning factory's?

A full cleaning factory survey was conducted by APT’s accredited site surveyor to assess the extent of the cleaning required. The findings were reported to the project manager and health and safety officer, who then developed a detailed plan for the cleaning factory’s at Cardiff. A proposal and prices were provided for the entire industrial factory cleaning operation, which was accepted by Renold Couplings.

What was the solution?

It was necessary to put together a detailed plan for the cleaning factory at Cardiff, outlining the objectives for the factory floor cleaning. One of APT’s key roles was to ensure that they did not cause any disruption to the daily working schedules within the factory or warehouse. The industrial machinery and plant were in constant use and had not been cleaned for many years.

The build-up had spread throughout the floors and required immediate attention to reduce the build-up and achieve health and safety standards that were maintainable. All of this was to be included when cleaning factory. As a specialist cleaning chemical provided, we APT advised Renold Cardiff that they couldn’t underestimate the use of precision chemicals for industrial cleaning. Using incorrect, inferior products can cause thousands of pounds of damage to machinery, and inconvenience and disruption to the business.

As APT started its life as a specialist chemical company over 30 years ago, they were well equipped to provide specialist advice on the industrial products to use. APT introduced the use of their specialised degreaser Powermax 2020 and Citrus RTU for cleaning factory’s, supplied through their group of specialist chemical companies. These products are environmentally safe, biodegradable, and specifically engineered for industrial cleaning to clean the plant and machinery.

Both products are formulated to quickly break down and emulsify the surface grease, oils, and other surface contaminants to allow for washing and wiping off. The UltraMax 2020 degreaser was also used for the industrial floor cleaning and warehouse cleaning through a scrubber dryer.

APT used high-level access lifts for cleaning factory’s, cladding cleaning and floor scrubbers to speed up the factory floor cleaning process. The cleaning was completed on time and to exacting specified standards, and the plant manager gave APT a 5* rating for their efficient and competent programme of factory cleaning works.

What was the outcome?

APT provided a comprehensive industrial cleaning solution for Renold Cardiff’s factory, which included warehouse cleaning, factory floor cleaning, machinery cleaning, high-level cleaning, and cladding cleaning.

Client Testimonial

“The trust that I put into APT to deliver a high standard of work paid off for us. APT worked with complete competence to deliver the challenging industrial cleaning tasks around our team. From the first meeting, I knew I had got the right company on board. I couldn’t recommend them highly enough.”

Gary Henley – Operations Manager

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