APT Client - Amazon
Client – Amazon UKSwansea, Wales
Project – Extreme Cleaning Services – Emergency Clean Up

What did the client need?

APT received an emergency cleaning call-out from Amazon, Swansea, South Wales which required an urgent response due to an emergency spill of bitumen on the parcel conveyor line. Amazon is an online retailer and web service provider. The 800,000sqft warehouse in Swansea is the second largest Amazon fulfilment centre in Britain. It opened in April 2008, with capacity for over 1000 employees.

How did we approach it?

It was found that bitumen had escaped from parcels moving along the conveyor line, affecting over 100 metres of the conveyor belt at the Swansea distribution centre. The entire line had to be stopped immediately with the consequence of parcels being stopped from being assembled ready for delivery. This caused severe downtime to the business, with the line and coils requiring emergency cleaning.

Amazon’s urgent requirement meant that APT had to make an emergency trip to Swansea ensure that factory cleaning happened to the highest of standard. Ensuring that the bitumen was removed, cleaned safely and effectively, putting the factory line back to its original standard as quickly as possible was a priority for this emergency clean.

What was the solution?

Our first port of call was to organise a video call with the production line manager and Health & Safety Officer, this allowed us to assess the issues and damage being caused. It was imperative that we acted quickly to avoid further disruption to Amazon distribution process. We wanted to evaluate the problem and immediately send our emergency cleaning teams fully armed with all the necessary equipment, cleaning products and PPE.

Our specialist technician and project manager carried out a satellite connection site-survey to understand the extent of the spillage and factory cleaning requirements. Our chemist advised us on the appropriate environmentally friendly chemicals suitable for the project, in-keeping with Amazon’s (Swansea, South Wales) requirements. 

It was also essential that the emergency cleaning products were safe to use on the assembly line and rollers and that no residue of chemical proceeded to enter the line after cleaning. Once all assessments had been made our teams of fully accredited emergency spill and clean specialists arrived at 1:00 am and committed working through the early hours to ensure that the assembly line was cleaned and fully operational that morning. This was essential to reduce the downtime for Amazon whilst helping  to avoid further financial loss at the Swansea depot.

What was the outcome?

With three decades as an industrial machinery cleaning company, we understand the requirements when things do not go to plan in a business such as this. We are well equipped to deal with cleaning emergency spills and often find industrial facilities and commercial buildings face these challenges.

Amazon were more than happy with the outcome of the factory cleaning; they were overwhelmed that we were able to urgently attend the factory and provide the correct specialist cleaning.

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