APT Client - Abingdon Flooring
Client – Abingdon FlooringSouth Wales
Project – Emergency Cleaning Services – Chemical Spill Containment & Product Recovery
Chemical spills can happen unexpectedly in any industry or business, leading to significant damage to property, loss of revenue, and even harm to people and the environment. When such emergencies arise, it’s crucial to have a professional emergency cleaning services company that can respond promptly and provide effective solutions to the problem.

Here’s a case study of how APT was able to provide a successful emergency spill clean-up for Abingdon’s Flooring at their Wales depot. Abingdon are a regular client of APT and have worked with us for over 20 years.

What did the client need?

Abingdon’s Flooring contacted APT for their emergency cleaning services job to manage an emergency spill clean-up at Division Blaina. A spill of limestone powder had blocked dispatch doors and was located under the silo, posing a risk of product loss.
Abingdon's Flooring - Emergency Cleaning Services - Case Study

How did we approach it?

Abingdon’s Flooring contacted APT for an emergency spill clean-up at Division Blaina, South Wales. The spill had blocked dispatch doors and was located under the silo, posing a risk of product loss. The client needed a specialist emergency cleaning services company that could provide quick and efficient spill containment and product recovery services.

What was the solution?

APT deployed a disab, which is a vacuum truck that uses compressed air to contain and recover spilled materials, to the site to contain and save the product. The disab was used to vacuum up the spilled limestone powder and move it to a more suitable location. Our team of experienced professionals handled the situation with care and efficiency, ensuring no harm was done to staff or the environment.

What was the outcome?

We were able to respond quickly to the emergency spill call-out from Abingdon’s Flooring and provide effective spill containment and product recovery services. The use of appropriate equipment, such as the disab, helped to ensure that the job was completed safely and efficiently. The client was pleased with the work carried out by us. They were able to contain and save the spilled product, which helped to reduce the potential for significant loss. The product was successfully moved to a more suitable location and reclaimed, resulting in a successful outcome for Abingdon’s Flooring South Wales.

In conclusion, spills can occur at any time, causing damage and disruption to businesses. However, with the right emergency cleaning services response team, spills can be contained and recovered effectively. Our prompt response, use of appropriate equipment, and experienced professionals were able to provide Abingdon’s Flooring with the necessary emergency spill clean-up services.

Client Testimonial

“We had a tank that urgently needed cleaning to remove 2 tonnes of semi-solid waste. APT were able to carry out the confined space entry and arrange a survey the following day. On the same day, they supplied us with a method statement and risk assessment. Due to the urgency, the team arrived the following day and remove the waste from the tank, cleaning to a high standard allowing us to return the tank to service. 

We have also used APT to blast and clean two large external hoppers – another job completed safely and to a high standard. The staff were a credit to APT, hard working and left no mess behind. They arrived on site on time and abided by the health and safety regulations. They left no mess after two days and were a pleasure to have on site.”

John Thomas – Finishing Manager

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