Our Client - Blaenau Gwent County Borough Council
Client – Blaenau Gwent Council, Ebbw Vale Town Centre
Project – Remove Chewing Gum using Super-Heated Steam Cleaning & Commercial Cleaning Chemicals

What did the client need?

Blaenau Gwent Council, dedicated to enhancing the appeal of their communities, embarked on a mission to eradicate the unsightly problem of chewing gum staining in their borough. This challenge to remove chewing gum extended across three key towns, with the chewing gum primarily defacing bus stops, car parks, and pavements in the town centres.

To restore the visual charm of these areas, Blaenau Gwent Council sought the expertise of APT, a well-known name in cleaning and restoration services (known for their expertise – remove chewing gum!). This case study unveils the systematic process through which APT successfully remove chewing gum and gum stains, underlining their commitment to rejuvenating public spaces.

Blaenau Gwent Council secured a grant aimed at eliminating the pervasive issue to remove chewing gum and remaining staining within their borough’s three main towns. The problem was prevalent in critical areas such as bus stops, car parks, and town center pavements. The client’s objective was clear: to restore the cleanliness and visual appeal of these public spaces.

How did we approach it?

APT kicked off the project by taking a methodical approach, beginning with a site meeting meticulously designed to strategically plan the chewing gum removal process. This planning session ensured that every step was executed with precision and efficiency, ultimately leading to the successful restoration of these public areas.

In Ebbw Vale’s Town Centre, Bethcar Street, the scope of work extended from the bustling Wetherspoons establishment to the iconic dragon statue, covering a significant portion of this vibrant area. APT’s planning included a detailed assessment of this stretch to ensure that no chewing gum stain was left untouched.

Additionally, in Ebbw Vale, specific attention was directed towards the Bus Station and Shelters located on A4046. To minimise inconvenience to the public, the cleaning process was thoughtfully divided into several sections, each targeted methodically. This approach was instrumental in not only achieving the desired outcome but also in ensuring that the public’s daily routines remained largely uninterrupted.

What was the solution?

The solution to remove chewing gum centred on a systematic approach that combined specialised equipment and effective cleaning chemicals. The key steps included:

  • Cordoning Off Public Areas: To ensure a systematic and efficient cleaning process, public areas were cordoned off one section at a time.

  • Utilising a Variety of Cleaning Equipment: we employed a range of equipment, including jetting equipment, steamers, lances, and scrapers, to effectively remove chewing gum stains.

  • Chemical Cleaning: In collaboration with our sister company, which provides commercial cleaning chemicals nationwide, we sought expert advice to select the most suitable products for this industrial and commercial cleaning task. We used Citra Cleanse and Ultramax 2020 when needed, but the primary method was a steam cleaning process to loosen and remove chewing gum, followed by meticulous scraping.

What was the outcome?

The outcome of APT’s chewing gum removal efforts was highly successful. The areas were meticulously cleaned and restored, eradicating the chewing gum staining that had marred the public spaces. Blaenau Gwent Council expressed their satisfaction with the results, and even local shop owners commented on the visible difference. Such was the success of the project that shop owners even extended further cleaning work opportunities to APT, highlighting the positive impact of their work to remove chewing gum across Blaenau Gwent. 

Work with us

For businesses and local councils committed to enhancing the visual appeal of their public spaces, APT offers expertise in professional cleaning and restoration. Their meticulous approach and dedication to exceeding cleanliness standards guarantee a more attractive and inviting environment for residents and visitors alike. If you’re ready to restore the charm of your public spaces, connect with APT today. Allow them to partner with you on the journey to eliminating eyesores and rejuvenating your community’s surroundings.

In conclusion, the partnership between APT and Blaenau Gwent Council exemplifies the systematic process of removing chewing gum stains, showcasing APT’s dedication to professionalism and cleanliness in the realm of commercial cleaning. This case study underscores APT’s expertise in delivering tangible results that enhance the visual appeal of public spaces.

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