APT Client - Monmouthshire County Council - Commercial Building Maintenance
Client – Abergavenny Market Hall, Monmouthshire County Council, Abergavenny, Monmouthshire
Project – Commercial Building Maintenance – High Level Cleaning

What did the client need?

Abergavenny Market Hall in Monmouthshire was selected as the venue for the prestigious National Welsh Eisteddfod in 2016. The commercial building maintenance project preparation required urgent high-level cleaning to bring the market hall up to standard for the grand event. The commercial building maintenance project’s scope encompassed over 8000 square metres of stone wall cleaning, high-level ceiling cleaning, glass cleaning, high-level gutter cleaning, window cleaning, and intricate steelwork cleaning.

Additionally, commercial cleaning and painting services were needed for the lower ground floor areas, while specialist cleaning of over 1000 metres of wood ceiling panels in high-level areas was necessary. Ensuring the protection and security of the stalls was also a vital part of this commercial building maintenance project.

How did we approach it?

APT-ICC’s quick response to the urgent commercial building maintenance and high-level cleaning project at Abergavenny Market Hall demonstrated our agility and readiness to take on challenging tasks. When called upon with only three days’ notice, our team immediately sprang into action, recognising the significance of preparing the venue for the esteemed National Welsh Eisteddfod event. Despite facing site congestion and restricted access due to the ongoing building work, we remained undeterred and focused on efficiently organising and assessing the scope of the commercial building maintenance project.

With meticulous planning and a proactive approach, we swiftly gathered the necessary resources, equipment, and personnel required to tackle the extensive commercial building maintenance and high-level cleaning tasks. Our experienced team worked diligently to create a detailed plan, ensuring every aspect of the project was accounted for within the tight timeframe. By efficiently coordinating our operations and leveraging our expertise in commercial building maintenance and high-level cleaning techniques, we were determined to deliver exceptional results that would elevate the market hall’s appearance and set the stage for a successful event.

What was the solution?

To tackle the complex challenges presented by the high-level cleaning project at Abergavenny Market Hall, APT demonstrated its commitment to collaboration and thorough planning. We worked closely with the client’s building managers and safety officers to gain a comprehensive understanding of the property and site conditions. Conducting a meticulous survey allowed us to identify critical areas that required attention and devise a tailored cleaning program and health and safety plan, ensuring a systematic and organized approach to the project.

The multifaceted obstacles posed by the undertaking demanded creative solutions and unwavering determination. The stringent three-day deadline necessitated a swift and efficient execution, leaving no room for delays. Additionally, the market hall’s internal shape and height presented logistical challenges, while the limited weight loading capacity of the floor called for specialized lift access to ensure the safety and integrity of the structure during the high-level cleaning process.

To achieve seamless coordination and maximum efficiency, APT’s specialized high cleaning team rose to the occasion, working tirelessly around the clock. Operating in continuous 12-hour shifts, our skilled workforce remained on-site at all times, ensuring that progress never faltered and the project moved forward with the utmost precision.

The dedication and expertise of our team allowed us to overcome these hurdles successfully, providing Abergavenny Market Hall with a meticulous and top-notch high-level cleaning service in record time. As we tackled each challenge head-on, our commitment to excellence shone through, leaving a lasting impression on the venue’s appearance and functionality. The market hall was transformed into a pristine and inviting space, prepared to host the esteemed National Welsh Eisteddfod event with the grandeur it deserved.

What was the outcome?

The transformation of Abergavenny Market Hall was nothing short of astounding. The once oppressive and gloomy environment was rejuvenated into a bright and inviting space, impressing the local authority, market stall holders, and delegates alike.

One of the standout achievements was the specialized commercial deep cleaning of the ceiling panels and steel structures, which exposed the paintwork in excellent condition. This discovery rendered the initially planned extensive painting, which could have cost tens of thousands of pounds, unnecessary. The client was delighted with the substantial cost savings achieved through APT’s meticulous and efficient cleaning approach.

Client Testimonial

“I would like to thank you on behalf of Monmouthshire County Council for the outstanding work that you and your company carried out last weekend. The reports I have received from the client, traders and our Estates Manager are glowing to say the least. Your workforce behaviour, safety and performance were exemplar.
Can you please pass on our thanks to your workforce for all their hard work in what were very difficult conditions.”

Phil Kenney – Maintenance Manager – Monmouthshire County Council

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