APT Client - Carillion & Swansea University
Client – Swansea University & Carillion Plc
Project – Commercial Kitchen Deep Cleaning Services

What did the client need?

Swansea University and Carillion Plc, the company in charge of the university’s facilities management, needed a deep cleaning service for their commercial kitchens, reducing the risk of contamination. They had been let down by their previous commercial kitchen cleaning service company and required a new provider to complete the task within a two-week period. The job involved cleaning seven large commercial kitchens and five additional food serving areas, including all kitchen areas, large cooker hoods, ovens, internal and external ductwork, aluminium filters, walls, floors, cupboards, utensils, crockery, and copper pans.

How did we approach it the Commercial Kitchen Deep Cleaning?

APT, a specialist professional kitchen hygiene division of kitchen and extraction deep cleaners, were contacted to undertake the task. Upon receiving the request, an APT hygiene surveyor visited the site the next day to conduct a thorough analysis of the kitchens and establish the severity of the clean required. The surveyor also answered several questions the Swansea University Services Manager had regarding deep cleaning a kitchen and how often commercial kitchens should be deep cleaned. The surveyor provided wall charts so that the staff could measure and assess the levels of cleaning on a regular basis.

What was the solution for Swansea University?

APT’s specialist food hygiene team, equipped with high-quality cleaning equipment and products, took up the task of the commercial kitchen deep cleaning and high-level duct work. The team implemented long working shifts and out of hours working to accommodate the tight schedule. 

APT’s deep cleaning team used Metasoak Safe Aluminium Cleaner, a specialist kitchen cleaning product, to clean the aluminium cooker filters, copper pots, pans, and remove baked-on carbon and grease from deep fat fryers. This product is safe to use and will not affect surfaces and in-keeping with food safety regulations to keep surfaces clean and hygienic and in-line with food safety regulations. APT also used Ultraclean MB, a specialist cleaner and sanitiser, to clean stainless steel, all hard surfaces, and the commercial ovens. The team also unblocked the drains and cleared the grease traps with Destroy II fat and grease digester.

What was the outcome?

The commercial kitchen deep cleaning of the commercial kitchens was completed on time and to a high standard. Swansea University Services Manager Mark Duthy, who was in charge of the kitchen deep clean, gave APT great feedback and praised the quality of the cleaning. Swansea University achieved the highest accreditation for their annual hygiene inspection and passed with flying colours. 

The TR19 certificate was achieved, this is a compliance report that proves your ducts and extract cleaning systems are safe to use and have been cleaned, sanitised and degreased to hygienic standard, thus avoiding fire risks and hazards.

Client Testimonial

“APT was recommended to us and was called at last minute to clean the kitchens and food outlets. We had been let down by our previous provider. I have to say that the kitchens and utensils have never looked so good, I was honestly blown away, the pans were as good as new. APT got us out of a real hole. I recommend APT to everyone.”

Matthew Emmanuel – Carillion Services Manager

Work with us

APT provides commercial kitchen deep cleaning, kitchen duct cleaning, and other deep cleaning services in Swansea, Neath Port-Talbot, West Wales, and the surrounding areas. The company also offers services, South Wales & Nationwide. If you are looking for professional commercial kitchen deep cleaning near me, and you need to achieve your TR19 certificate, call APT a South Wales based company of 30 years. 


APT provided a high-quality deep cleaning service to Swansea University and Carillion Plc. The company’s team of specialists utilised their expertise and high-quality products to ensure the kitchens were thoroughly cleaned to the highest possible standard. This resulted in the client receiving a high rating in their annual hygiene inspection. APT’s commitment to delivering excellent results under challenging time constraints demonstrates their dedication to providing exceptional customer service.