Client - Blaenau Gwent County Borough Council
Client – Blaenau Gwent CouncilEbbw Vale, Gwent
Project – Graffiti Removal & Algae Remover & Algae Cleaner

What did the client need?

The local council in Blaenau Gwent had received several complaints from residents about the severe amount of graffiti, debris, and algae present in a heavily used subway connecting the town to the resident’s area. This made the walk through the underpass unpleasant and unsafe, as it was the main route to a local superstore.

The council reached out to us to provide a quote for graffiti removal and algae cleaner, along with removing the build-up of waste and debris. The overarching aim of this was to improve the appearance and safety of the underpass for the community.

Our Approach for Algae Cleaner & Graffiti Removal?

As a leading graffiti removal company with over 30 years of experience of removing graffiti and expert algae cleaners, APT was approached by the council to provide a solution. We approached the issue by discussing several options with the council, including the best products for removing graffiti and algae cleaner and how much it would cost to get the job done. We also demonstrated each process on site to help the council decide which graffiti removal service and algae cleaners were most suitable for their needs.

What was the solution?

APT’s highly experienced and accredited graffiti removal team used Graffiti Remover products on the brick and render surfaces, combined with a pressure washer to remove the graffiti quickly and effectively. Our algae cleaners and removal teams also used our specially formulated algae cleaner and algae removal product, Algae Free. This is a specialist product from our sister company for algae remover.

Algae free is used to remove years of algae growth from the underpass walls and surfaces. We then cleaned the path thoroughly to remove all waste debris, algae cleaner and removal and improve the safety of the area.

What was the outcome?

The outcome of our services was a complete algae cleaner, removal and transformation of the underpass. The graffiti was removed, the algae cleaned away, algae remover, and the path jetted off and all debris removed. The council, its wardens, and the residents were amazed by the results and felt safe to use the underpass once again. Brian Chambers of Blaenau Gwent County Borough Council expressed his satisfaction with the work done, stating that the graffiti removal and algae remover and cleaning were the best he had seen.

APT’s services are available for those seeking solutions for graffiti and algae removal in various areas of South Wales and West and South West England. We are committed to providing fast, cost-effective, and high-quality services to our clients and helping them improve the appearance and safety of their spaces.

Client Testimonial

“It goes without saying, the graffiti removal and algae cleaning was the best I have seen. We are all more than happy with the result.”

Brian Chambers – Blaenau Gwent County Borough Council

Work with us

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