APT Client - Rainbow International
Client – Rainbow International Restoration
Project – Fire Damage Cleanup – Soda Blasting

What did the client need?

Rainbow Restoration International was approached by an insurance company to address fire damage on the exterior faces of a house in Gloucester. The client required a professional and effective cleaning solution to remove the soot and contaminants left behind by the fire.

The client, an insurance company, sought our expertise to address fire damage on the outside surfaces of a residential property. The primary objective was to restore the affected areas to their pre-fire condition, eliminating any visible traces of the fire and associated soot. The client desired a comprehensive cleanup solution that would ensure the property’s aesthetic appeal and maintain its value.

Rainbow then contacted us at APT as we have been providing fire damage cleanup and restorations services for over 30 years nationwide. This case study highlights our approach to the sodablasting job, the successful outcome achieved, and the complete eradication of the fire damage.

How did we approach it?

To effectively address the fire damage cleanup, we utilised our advanced sodablasting equipment. This technique involves using compressed air to propel sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) particles onto the affected surfaces. The sodablasting process is gentle yet highly effective in removing soot, contaminants, and other residues without damaging the underlying materials.

To access the total fire-damaged area, we employed a cherry picker, allowing our team to work safely and efficiently. This equipment enabled us to reach high and challenging areas, ensuring a thorough cleaning process across the entire exterior of the house.

What was the solution?

To address the fire damage on the exterior of the house in Gloucester, we implemented a comprehensive cleaning solution using sodablasting. Sodablasting is a highly effective method that involves propelling sodium bicarbonate particles onto the affected surfaces using compressed air. This gentle yet powerful technique is particularly suitable for fire damage cleanup as it removes soot, contaminants, and residues without causing any further damage to the underlying materials.

By utilising our advanced sodablasting equipment, we ensured a thorough and efficient cleaning process. The equipment allowed us to precisely control the flow and pressure of the soda particles, enabling us to achieve optimal results while preserving the integrity of the exterior surfaces.

To access the total fire-damaged area and ensure no section was left untreated, we employed a cherry picker. This elevated platform provided safe and convenient access to high and challenging areas of the house. Our trained and experienced team operated the cherry picker with expertise, allowing us to perform a comprehensive cleaning across the entire exterior of the house.

The combination of sodablasting and the use of a cherry picker ensured that every surface affected by the fire was thoroughly cleaned, leaving no trace of the fire damage behind. Our solution not only restored the aesthetic appeal of the property but also provided peace of mind to the insurance company and the homeowner.

Throughout the process, we maintained a strong focus on safety and environmental responsibility. Sodablasting is a non-toxic and environmentally friendly cleaning method, making it a suitable choice for fire damage cleanup. We adhered to all necessary safety protocols and ensured the proper disposal of any waste materials generated during the cleaning process.

What was the outcome?

Through our meticulous approach and the utilisation of sodablasting techniques, we achieved remarkable results. The outcome of the fire damage cleanup surpassed the client’s expectations. No evidence of the fire damage was left on the previously affected areas.

The sodablasting process effectively removed the soot, contaminants, and residues caused by the fire, leaving the exterior surfaces of the house restored to their pre-fire condition. The cleaned areas showcased their original beauty and contributed to the overall appeal of the property.

The client was extremely satisfied with the outcome of the sodablasting job. The successful removal of the fire damage ensured the property’s value was preserved, and the insurance company could confidently proceed with the necessary repairs and restoration.

The soda blasting job conducted by APT for an insurance company’s fire damage cleanup on the exterior of a house in Gloucester resulted in a highly successful outcome. By employing advanced sodablasting equipment and accessing the affected areas with a cherry picker, we were able to completely eliminate any evidence of the fire damage.

Our commitment to meticulous cleaning techniques ensured that the exterior faces of the house were restored to their pre-fire condition. The client’s satisfaction and the preservation of the property’s value demonstrated the effectiveness of our sodablasting approach.

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