Our Client - White Tower Energy
Client – White Tower Energy
Project – Oil Spill Cleanup – Turbine Cleaning – Machinery Cleaning

What did the client need?

White Tower Energy contacted us with a specific requirement for turbine area cleaning and oil sump emptying at their facility in Birmingham. The client needed a comprehensive cleaning solution to degrease the turbine room and control room, enabling them to locate any potential leaks from the turbine and its ancillaries.

The client, White Tower Energy, required thorough cleaning services for their turbine room and control room. They needed the areas to be degreased in order to identify any leaks originating from the turbine and its ancillaries. The client sought a solution that would ensure the cleanliness of the floor areas and allow for effective leak detection.

This case study outlines our approach to the cleaning project, the solution implemented using electric suction pumps and Ultramax 2020 degreaser, and the successful outcome achieved at White Tower Energy.

How did we approach it?

To address the client’s cleaning needs, we conducted a thorough survey of the turbine area to gather crucial information. This survey enabled us to determine the appropriate equipment choices and hazard precautions required to safely work in the area. Our focus was on ensuring the safety of our team and the successful completion of the cleaning project.

What was the solution?

Based on the survey findings, we implemented a solution that involved the use of electric suction pumps and our specialised product, Ultramax 2020 for oil spill cleanup. The electric suction pumps were utilized to safely and efficiently transfer the excess oil from the turbine area. This method allowed us to remove the oil sump deposits without causing any further contamination or damage.

To effectively degrease the heavily soiled areas, we applied Ultramax 2020, a powerful degreaser specifically designed to tackle piled grease and grime and provide sufficient oil spill cleanup. This product ensured a thorough and effective cleaning process, breaking down the tough deposits and leaving surfaces clean and ready for inspection.

Our products have been manufactured by our sister company APT Commercial Chemicals for over 30 years. The products are eco-friendly, safe to use on most surfaces and approved to the British Standards. This technical product knowledge allows us to use the right product every time.

What was the outcome?

The outcome of our oil spill cleanup and deep cleaning efforts at White Tower Energy exceeded expectations. The highly contaminated floor areas were left completely clean and free from grease and oil deposits. The use of Ultramax 2020 effectively degreased the surfaces, restoring them to their optimal condition.

By implementing our solutions for oil spill cleanup, we were able to locate the leaks without even having to turn the turbine back on. The clean environment allowed for clear visibility and facilitated the identification of any potential issues. This successful outcome provided White Tower Energy with valuable insights into the condition of the turbine and its ancillaries, enabling them to take appropriate measures for maintenance and repairs.

hrough the use of electric suction pumps and Ultramax 2020 degreaser, we successfully addressed the turbine area cleaning and oil sump emptying needs at White Tower Energy in Birmingham. Our dedicated approach to surveying the area, selecting the appropriate equipment, and utilising specialised cleaning products ensured a thorough and efficient cleaning process for oil spill cleanup.

The outcome of our cleaning efforts resulted in a clean and grease-free environment, facilitating the identification of leaks and allowing for timely maintenance actions. By providing a solution that met the client’s requirements, we demonstrated our commitment to delivering exceptional service and exceeding expectations.

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