APT Client - Permali
Client – Permali
Project – Extreme CleaningTank Cleaning – Machinery Cleaning

What did the client need?

Permali faced an emergency situation requiring the emptying of two water jet cutting tanks that were filled with garnet sediment. The client, Permali, urgently needed assistance with emptying two water jet cutting tanks that were filled with garnet sediment. The presence of the sediment was causing blockages and hindering the proper functioning of the machine. The client required immediate action to resolve the issue and restore the machine’s operational efficiency.

Permali is a company that specializes in the manufacturing of composite materials and solutions. They provide a wide range of products and services, including composite laminates, insulation materials, and composite structures. Permali serves various industries, including aerospace, defense, automotive, rail, and marine sectors. With their expertise in composite materials, Permali offers innovative solutions to meet the specific needs of their clients.

This case study highlights our approach to the extreme cleaning job, the solution implemented using our crew and a mini digger, and the successful outcome achieved for Permali.

How did we approach it?

Upon receiving the urgent enquiry from Permali, we quickly mobilized our team to assess the situation and understand the scope of the problem. We recognized the critical nature of the issue and the potential impact on Permali’s operations if immediate action was not taken. Understanding the urgency, we prioritized the client’s needs and the need for a swift solution.

Our experienced team promptly conducted a thorough assessment of the water jet cutting tanks and the extent of the garnet sediment buildup. We analyzed the potential risks and challenges involved in removing such a large quantity of sediment within a limited timeframe. This assessment allowed us to devise an effective plan and determine the necessary resources for the extreme cleaning job.

Realizing the urgency and the need to minimize any disruption to Permali’s operations, we made it a priority to initiate the extreme cleaning job promptly. Within 24 hours of the initial enquiry, we assembled a dedicated team of skilled technicians who were experienced in handling such challenging cleaning tasks. These professionals were equipped with the knowledge and expertise needed to execute the cleaning process efficiently and effectively.

The immediate action taken by our team demonstrated our commitment to providing timely solutions to our clients. We understood the importance of minimizing downtime for Permali and ensuring the water jet cutting machine could resume its operations as soon as possible. By issuing a dedicated team to commence the extreme cleaning job promptly, we aimed to alleviate any potential production delays and help Permali get back on track swiftly.

Our proactive approach in mobilizing a dedicated team within 24 hours showcased our commitment to delivering exceptional service and meeting our clients’ urgent needs. By recognizing the critical nature of the problem and taking immediate action, we demonstrated our ability to respond swiftly to emergency situations and provide effective solutions.

What was the solution?

To address the client’s needs and effectively remove the garnet sediment, we deployed our experienced crew and leveraged the mechanical aid of a mini digger. Our crew meticulously worked to physically remove the approximately 5 tonnes of sediment from the water jet cutting tanks. This required careful coordination, precise execution, and adherence to safety protocols.

The mini digger was instrumental in expediting the sediment removal process. It provided the necessary mechanical force to assist in emptying the tanks efficiently. Our team operated the mini digger skillfully, ensuring the sediment was extracted thoroughly and the tanks were cleared for further use.

What was the outcome?

The extreme cleaning efforts we implemented yielded a highly successful outcome for Permali. By removing the 5 tonnes of garnet sediment from the water jet cutting tanks, we eliminated the blockages that were hindering the machine’s performance. This enabled the machine to freely flow its cooling liquid and unblock the filter, allowing Permali to utilise the machinery correctly and effectively once again.

The outcome of our extreme cleaning job not only resolved the immediate issue but also ensured the uninterrupted operation of the water jet cutting machine. Permali was pleased with the swift response and efficient execution of the sediment removal, as it allowed them to resume their production processes without further delay.

In an emergency situation, we provided Permali with an effective solution for the extreme cleaning of their water jet cutting tanks. By deploying our experienced crew and utilizing a mini digger, we successfully removed approximately 5 tonnes of garnet sediment. The outcome of our efforts ensured the machine’s functionality, allowing Permali to continue their operations smoothly.

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