APT Client - UCB - Green Algae Remover
Client – UCB
Project – Green Algae Remover

What did the client need?

UCB, an esteemed educational institution, proudly operates its campus in Stoke-on-Trent, offering a diverse range of courses and programs to students seeking quality education and professional development. Johnson Towers, a prominent commercial building, faced an issue with unsightly green algae growth on its exterior surfaces. Seeking a reliable solution, UCB turned to APT for their expertise in exterior cleaning and green algae remover.

The client, UCB in Stoke-on-Trent, had a pressing need for a comprehensive solution to address the green algae infestation on the external surfaces of Johnson Towers. Desiring a lasting and effective treatment, they sought professional assistance to not only remove the green algae but also to prevent its regrowth. The primary goal was to restore the building’s aesthetics, ensuring it exuded a pristine appearance befitting its stature. APT’s expertise in exterior cleaning and the application of a powerful green algae remover proved instrumental in achieving outstanding results, leaving the client delighted with the transformation.

How did we approach it?

Upon assessing the project, APT formulated a specialised approach to tackle the green algae growth. Drawing from our 30 years of experience in exterior cleaning, we used specifically formulated green algae remover designed to effectively eliminate even the toughest algae and staining. Our in-house team produced high-quality cleaning chemicals through our sister company, APT Commercial Chemicals. Utilising the powerful Green Algae Remover product, we set out to eradicate all green algae, ensuring a lasting effect to prevent future growth.

What was the solution?

APT’s solution involved a two-fold approach to achieve optimal results. Firstly, we applied the specially formulated Green Algae Remover product to eliminate all traces of green algae from the exterior surfaces of Johnson Towers. The chemical’s effectiveness ensured a thorough removal of the organic growth, restoring the building’s appearance.

Secondly, we employed low-pressure super-heated steam cleaning to target any additional staining present on the external cladding. This thorough cleaning method, along with the use of Green Algae Remover, effectively removed stubborn stains, leaving the surfaces looking fresh and revitalized.

What was the outcome?

The professional application of the green algae remover proved to be an outstanding solution in restoring the exterior surfaces of Johnson Towers to their original splendor. Not a trace of green algae or any unsightly staining could be found, leaving the clients overjoyed with the transformation. The building now emanates a renewed aura of cleanliness and elegance, reflecting the high standards upheld by the Johnson Towers management.

The successful results of the green algae removal service exemplify APT’s commitment to excellence and proficiency in exterior cleaning, leaving clients satisfied and their properties revitalised. Our expertise in tackling green algae infestations has garnered trust from clients like UCB in Stoke-on-Trent, who value our ability to deliver impeccable results and maintain the pristine appearance of their buildings.

Work with us

For professional green algae remover services that deliver outstanding results, trust APT’s expertise. With years of experience in exterior cleaning and green algae removal, we have perfected our methods to ensure a pristine and algae-free finish. Our specially formulated green algae remover is highly effective in eliminating algae infestations and preventing regrowth, leaving your building’s exterior looking rejuvenated and well-maintained.

At APT, we take pride in our commitment to excellence and proficiency, ensuring that your property receives the utmost care and attention it deserves. Whether you need green algae removal for a commercial building, residential property, or any other structure, our skilled technicians are equipped to handle the task efficiently and professionally.

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