APT Client - Caerphilly Council
Client – Caerphilly County Borough Council
Project – Graffiti Cleaners, Algae Removal, Moss Removal, Bridge Cleaning

What did the client need?

Caerphilly Borough Council faced a significant challenge with the White Rose Railway Foot Bridge in Rhymney, South Wales. The bridge, constructed over two decades ago, had succumbed to heavy contamination from algae, moss, and graffiti. The once-stunning structure had lost its charm and had become an eyesore, affecting the safety of local residents and school children who used the footway. The presence of unsightly green algae and slippery surfaces jeopardised the safe passage of pedestrians, and the excessive graffiti defaced the historic bridge’s beauty.

How did we approach it?

As specialists in industrial and commercial cleaning, APT recognised the unique requirements of this listed bridge restoration project. With 30 years of experience in high-level bridge cleaning, APT devised a meticulous cleaning program tailored to address the contamination and graffiti challenges while ensuring the safety and environmental sensitivity of the task. The project had its complexities due to difficult access over a busy railway line. However, APT’s skilled team was adept at overcoming such obstacles and implementing innovative solutions.

What was the solution?

To restore the White Railway Foot Bridge, APT’s Graffiti Cleaner Specialists recommended a multi-faceted approach. They utilised their expertise in graffiti removal and algae and moss cleaning, employing specialised high-level cleaning teams and advanced cleaning equipment. APT’s Graffiti Cleaner Specialists were equipped with safe graffiti removal products, algae removers, and commercial-grade cleaning chemicals suitable for high and low-pressure super-heated steam cleaning. Our toolkit also included soda blasting systems to effectively remove moss and algae buildup without causing any damage to the underlying structure.

APT collaborated closely with the conservation architect from Caerphilly Borough Council to ensure strict adherence to environmental policies and safety measures. They meticulously planned the cleaning process, considering busy periods, safe pedestrian management, and accessibility to the bridge. Their emphasis on eco-friendly chemicals, responsible waste disposal, and efficient cleaning techniques underscored their commitment to sustainability and preserving the bridge’s historic value.

What was the outcome?

The results of APT’s cleaning efforts were nothing short of remarkable. In less than half the time it would have taken with standard paint strippers or conventional cleaning methods, the Graffiti Cleaner Specialists at APT completely removed all traces of graffiti and algae from the bridge. Notably, the finish was smooth, providing an excellent surface for any necessary repainting. By utilizing soda blasting and other specialized cleaning methods, APT ensured that the bridge’s wooden elements were restored without any damage, preserving the original architecture.

The successful completion of the project exceeded the council’s expectations. Not only did APT’s Graffiti Cleaner Specialists deliver exceptional results, but they also managed the project within the allocated budget. The council was relieved that the bridge did not require repainting, leading to significant cost savings. Moreover, the renewed appearance of the White Railway Foot Bridge garnered praise from local residents, who appreciated the enhanced safety and revived beauty of the historic structure.

Client Testimonial

“We recently instructed APT-ICC to carry out high-level render cleaning works, to treat and clean off severe algae staining from the exterior of the Mirage Building in Bristol. The building size and restrictive access was very problematic, and we found it difficult to source a contractor with the capabilities to carry out the work and coordinate safe access for the public and the residents. APT provided a very detailed survey and full H&S plan to manage the project. The works were carried out as prescribed and to our complete satisfaction, all at the Mirage are delighted with the result. Thank you to all at APT for giving us a new look Mirage!”

Derrick Hitchins – Consultant Project Manager & Board Member at Mirage

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