Our Client - Isle of Anglesey Concil
Client – Isle of Anglesey Council
Project – Historic Property Restoration, Monument Cleaning Restoration, Soda Blasting

What did the client need?

In the heart of the scenic Isle of Anglesey, North Wales, lies a testament to the past—a magnificent stone monument that embodies the region’s rich history. However, the ravages of time and the elements had taken their toll, leaving the monument covered in decades of pollutants, grime, weathered staining, and unfortunate graffiti. The Isle of Anglesey Council recognised the importance of preserving this historic property and turned to APT, a trusted name in historic property restoration and cleaning works. This case study sheds light on how APT’s expertise breathed new life into the stone monument, exemplifying their commitment to historic property restoration.

The Isle of Anglesey Council faced a pressing need to restore a cherished stone monument to its former glory. This iconic piece of history had endured years of neglect, accumulating layers of pollutants, grime, and staining that concealed its intricate details. Moreover, the monument’s significance was marred by graffiti that detracted from its visual appeal and historical value. The client required a comprehensive solution of historic property restoration that would cleanse the monument’s surfaces, remove the graffiti, and unveil its timeless beauty.

How did we approach it?

APT’s approach to historic property restoration is grounded in collaboration, innovation, and a commitment to excellence. To begin, we engaged in open dialogue with the client management, highways team, and conservation authorities to understand the project’s scope and challenges. This collaboration allowed us to formulate an effective plan for the historic property restoration while minimising disruptions to the public and traffic flow. Throughout the historic property restoration project, we maintained close communication with the local authority, ensuring seamless coordination for access and work processes.

What was the solution?

Our history property restoration solution embraced a holistic strategy that addressed the monument’s unique needs. To commence, we delivered a comprehensive project plan and a fixed cost proposal, providing transparency and clarity to the Isle of Anglesey Council. We recognized the importance of minimising inconvenience to the public, and thus, scheduled the restoration works over weekends and during off-peak hours. To access the monument safely and efficiently, we enlisted specialised lift access equipment from local sources.

APT’s signature soda blast cleaning media played a pivotal role in removing heavy staining and restoring the stone surfaces. This gentle yet effective method breathed new life into the monument’s intricate details while respecting its historical integrity. To combat the growth of algae and moss, which had plagued the pathways and surfaces, we employed APT’s algae remover chemical product. This proactive measure not only enhanced the monument’s aesthetic but also ensured its long-term preservation.

Our sister company, APT Commercial Chemicals have been supporting us with specialist products for over 30 years. Graffiti Removal Gel – Wipeout Gel is used to erase the unsightly graffiti that marred the monument’s beauty, we harnessed the power of APT’s graffiti gel. This specialised solution effectively removed the graffiti while safeguarding the monument’s delicate surface.

What was the outcome?

The collaborative efforts between APT and the Isle of Anglesey Council yielded a transformation that resonated with history enthusiasts and locals alike. Decades of pollutants, grime, and weathered staining were successfully removed, revealing the monument’s intricate features and historical significance. The restoration also succeeded in eliminating the graffiti, allowing the monument’s visual appeal to shine through once more. Pathways and surfaces, once obscured by algae and moss, were revitalized, adding to the overall charm of the Isle of Anglesey.

Client Testimonial

“Many thanks for carrying out the cleaning work on Llangefni town clock monument over the weekend – what a difference it’s made.

Sara Fon Evans – Regeneration Development Officer

Work with us

For those who hold history close to their hearts, APT stands ready to restore the essence of the past. Our passion for historic property restoration, coupled with cutting-edge techniques, ensures that treasures of yesteryears remain vibrant and captivating for generations to come. If you have a historic property in need of revival, contact APT today. Let us partner with you to breathe new life into the legacy of the past.

In closing, the collaboration between APT and the Isle of Anglesey Council exemplifies the power of restoration in reviving the beauty of historic properties. This case study underscores APT’s unwavering commitment to preserving history while showcasing their prowess in meticulous planning, innovative methods, and impeccable execution of historic property restoration.