APT Client - Borough Theatre, Abergavenny / Y Fenni
Client – Abergavenny Theatre
Project – Commercial CleaningBuilding RestorationHigh Level Cleaning

What did the client need?

Abergavenny Theatre, a prominent cultural venue in the heart of the town, faced a pressing need for comprehensive and efficient professional cleaning services. With the beams, baffles, and 10-metre-high ceilings accumulating dust, the theatre required expert assistance in dusting and general cleaning over a weekend, ensuring a fresh and inviting space for patrons by Monday. To address this challenge, APT emerged as the trusted partner, delivering a tailored approach with our expert professional cleaning solutions to meet the theatre’s unique requirements.

How did we approach it?

Abergavenny Theatre sought an effective and thorough professional cleaning solution for their beams, baffles, and challenging-to-access high ceilings. With the weekend presenting a golden opportunity for cleaning without disrupting regular operations, the theatre needed a team of experts to conduct dusting and a general clean throughout the entire auditorium. The objective was to create a pristine environment for patrons, enhancing their experience and maintaining the theatre’s reputation as a welcoming cultural hub.

In response to Abergavenny Theatre’s cleaning needs, APT designed a meticulous plan of action to achieve comprehensive results. Collaborating closely with the theatre management, we agreed to remove all settled dust from beams, baffles, and reachable air conditioning units. The staging area and the back of the staging area were thoroughly cleaned to ensure dust-free spaces.

Employing our specialized lift equipment and expertise, we efficiently accessed the high ceilings to conduct a thorough cleaning of the beams and baffles. Additionally, the auditorium underwent a comprehensive clean, including the professional cleaning and wiping of walls, floors, skirts, doors, and cills. To ensure optimal sanitation, we utilised our sister company, APT Commercial Chemicals powerful professional cleaning agents, Ultramax 2020 and Dekon 50, to effectively deodorise and sanitise the entire space, leaving it fresh and hygienic.

What was the solution?

To meet the theatre’s cleaning requirements, APT assembled a team of highly trained technicians, equipped with specialised lift access tools. Our dedicated team worked tirelessly, ensuring every aspect of the theatre was meticulously and professionally cleaned. The cleaning process was completed diligently, with the team staying on-site until the job was entirely accomplished.

What was the outcome?

APT’s expert professional cleaning solutions proved to be the ideal choice for Abergavenny Theatre, meeting and exceeding their expectations. The theatre’s beams and baffles were rendered dust-free, the high ceilings were immaculately cleaned, and reachable air conditioning units received thorough attention. As a result of our comprehensive and professional approach, the auditorium boasted a refreshed appearance, with walls, floors, skirts, doors, and cills sparkling with cleanliness.

Theatre managers were delighted with the outcome, as the theatre was ready for patrons on Monday, offering an inviting and hygienic space for all. The success of our tailored and professional cleaning solution reaffirmed APT’s position as a reliable partner in maintaining cultural venues and public spaces at the highest standard of cleanliness. Abergavenny Theatre continues to entrust APT with their professional cleaning needs, confident in our expertise and dedication to elevating hygiene and efficiency in their cherished cultural space.

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