Maintain Your Building’s Exterior with Professional Exterior Cleaning Services in Bristol

Buildings in Bristol and across the UK that are built from components such as brick, glass, wood, stone or any type of cladding require regular exterior cleaning services in order to avoid any kind of decay to the substrate. Many businesses don’t pay enough attention to the outside of their building until it’s too late. Neither do they realise that constant exposure to carbon emissions from passing traffic for example, can cause debris and dirt to build up over time.

If the exterior building cleaning isn’t cleaned regularly, then it can have a huge impact on its overall appearance as well as making the exterior cleaning services process harder in the long run.

Nature can also impact on the outside of your property. Rain, wind and snow will cause damage and deterioration, whilst wind staining in particular can create a grubby and grimey look, particularly on very high buildings which are the most susceptible to strong winds. In addition to the exterior cleaning services to the walls, you should also get your roof and gutters checked in case they get blocked or cause leaks, then the related flow of water and debris (such as leaves) will also cause stains to the outside of your building.

To address these issues, it is advisable to hire professional exterior cleaning services in order to maintain the longevity and look of your building. If every one of these areas are cleaned regularly then you will protect your property and avoid costly repairs caused by deterioration. And don’t forget, it’s far less costly to take care of your building on an ongoing basis, rather than having to spend £0000’s on extensive cleaning!

Why Regular Exterior Cleaning Services is important

Whether you own a building yourself or you are a managing agent, regular exterior cleaning services and facade cleaning is one of the key tasks that should be included in your cleaning and maintenance schedule. The aim of exterior cleaning services is to prevent the build up of dirt and debris, which will then require a major deep clean and the associated additional costs.

Requirements differ from building to building and a skilled cleaning company will be able to advise and guide you on the best solution for your particular substrates. These recommendations can vary from high pressure jet washing to specialised blasting techniques which will give a deep and efficient clean.

Most importantly, you don’t want to create further damage to your building exterior by adopting the wrong cleaning techniques which, in the long run, can deteriorate further, turning your property into a real eyesore.

The first thing a reliable and highly skilled exterior cleaning services firm will recommend is complete review of the building to assess the work required. They will check the state of the building’s roof in case they need to use a suspended work platform, as well as what the prevailing weather conditions may be. No-one should carry out high level cleaning works if high winds are expected for example. It is also essential that they complete a building and site safety survey before they begin work. From your point of view, you should also check if their equipment (i.e. cradles, belts and platforms) is all safety tagged.

Experience over Cost

It is also important to note that exterior cleaning tends not to be a recognised trade like plumbing or carpentry. So you need to be cautious about employing unskilled operatives for exterior cleaning services who don’t have the knowledge or experience to complete the work satisfactorily or safely.

Many commercial cleaning projects require high level cleaning elements to clean the whole building. There are many dangers involved with high level cleaning works and you don’t want to put anyone in jeopardy by employing inexperienced workers. Our team are accredited to Work at Height, with IRATA & IPAF accreditations. You could run the risk of being subject to an insurance claim as well as a fine from the Health and Safety board.

So before you enter into any type of contract with an industrial cleaning company, it is advisable to put together a list of what needs doing and then do your research to find organisations that have a track record in delivering external, high level cleaning services.

If they have the right experience and endorsements from satisfied customers, then they are probably the firm for you. In some instances, you may need to employ more than one contractor for different jobs (e.g. stone cleaning or window cleaning). Although it’s much easier to manage if you only employ one company, it will save you money in the long run as the work will have been completed by specialists not generalists.

It may be a good idea to employ one company as the main contractor who can then subcontract the specialist work to other contractors. APT-ICC is experienced in project management for all types of outside, high level cleaning across the Bristol area. To find out more, call APT-ICC on 0800 0723 773 today.

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