Client - Gwynedd Council
Client – Gwynedd Council – Penrallt Council
Project – Monument Restoration, Soda Blasting

What did the client need?

The restoration of historic monuments holds great significance as it preserves the memory of past events and pays tribute to those who sacrificed their lives for our freedom. In the town of Penrallt, a remarkable endeavor was undertaken to revitalise the war memorials, including the iconic Penrallt Column, commemorating the brave souls who fought in the First World War. The restoration project aimed to breathe new life into these cherished monuments and honor the memories of the fallen heroes.

The client, the town of Penrallt, recognised the importance of preserving their war memorials and ensuring they stand as enduring symbols of remembrance and respect. The war memorials, including the Penrallt Column, were showing signs of aging and weathering, with grime and dirt accumulating over the years. The need of the hour was a comprehensive restoration and cleaning solution to rejuvenate these historical landmarks and bring back their original splendor.

How did we approach it?

APT, with its expertise in monument restoration and war memorial cleaning, undertook the task with utmost dedication. Understanding the historical significance of the monuments, we meticulously planned the cleaning process, considering the delicacy of the structures and the materials they were constructed from. Our specialised team of monument restoration experts carefully assessed each war memorial, including the Penrallt Column, to devise a tailored approach for each site.

What was the solution?

Our monument restoration process commenced with a gentle yet effective cleaning procedure to remove years of accumulated grime, dirt, and pollutants. We employed environmentally-friendly cleaning agents specifically designed for delicate surfaces, ensuring no damage to the historical structures. The Penrallt Column, standing tall and proud, underwent a meticulous cleaning process that unveiled its true beauty. 

Soda blasting is one of the most sensitive, yet effective ways to clean all surfaces. We have been using bicarbonate of soda for the past 30 years to effectively clean and restore all sorts of surfaces. Using advanced cleaning techniques, we brought back the original shine and luster of the war memorials. The cleaning process successfully eradicated the dirt and contaminants, revitalizing the monuments while preserving their historical integrity.

What was the outcome?

The outcome of the monument restoration and war memorial cleaning project was nothing short of remarkable. The Penrallt Column, which had stood tall for generations, was restored to its former glory, with the war memorial gleaming brightly in the sunlight. The town of Penrallt, its residents, and visitors were awestruck by the transformation, with many expressing their appreciation and gratitude.

The restored war memorials served as a poignant reminder of the sacrifices made by the brave soldiers, inspiring a sense of unity and reverence among the community. The successful restoration and cleaning efforts garnered praise from locals and officials alike, reinforcing the importance of preserving these historical landmarks for future generations.

Client Testimonial

“We have been receiving an overwhelming number of positive comments about the war memorial cleaning. Yesterday, during the small ceremony at the Penrallt column on the 1st World War anniversary, many expressed their appreciation for how splendid the memorial looks after the cleaning. We anticipate sharing photos on the internet page later this week. Additionally, we have shared your details with another person who serves as the clerk to two other local councils. Thank you once again for the exceptional work.”

Janice Davies

Work with us

At APT, we take immense pride in our expertise in monument restoration and war memorial cleaning. Our commitment to preserving history and honoring the memory of our heroes drives us to deliver exceptional services. Whether it’s removing years of dirt and grime or carefully restoring the intricate details of a monument, our team is dedicated to ensuring these cherished landmarks stand tall for generations to come.

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