Our Client - Titan Steel Wheels
Client – Titan Steel Wheels
Project – Fire Damage Clean Up & Fire Damage Restoration

What did the client need?

In the wake of a devastating fire incident, Titan Steel Wheels found themselves grappling with the aftermath of fire damage. As a leading manufacturer of steel wheels, the company’s operations were severely disrupted by the destruction caused by the fire. 

Seeking a comprehensive fire damage clean-up solution, Titan Steel Wheels turned to APT, a trusted name in fire damage clean up and fire damage restoration. APT’s reputation for delivering efficient and effective fire damage clean up and restoration services made them the ideal choice for restoring Titan Steel Wheels’ operations to full capacity.

Titan Steel Wheels faced a critical situation that demanded immediate attention: the aftermath of a fire had left their manufacturing facility in a state of disarray. The company urgently required a thorough fire damage clean up to salvage what they could and restore their operations as swiftly as possible. The challenge was daunting, as the fire had left behind soot, ash, and residue that not only tarnished the machinery and equipment but also posed health and safety risks.

How did we approach it?

APT’s approach to this fire damage clean up task was marked by urgency, precision, and a thorough understanding of the unique challenges presented by fire damage. Our team of experts was equipped with an array of specialised tools and equipment designed to address different aspects of fire damage restoration.

Our first step was to assess the extent of the damage and the areas affected. Once we had a clear understanding, we employed an arsenal of specialised tools for thorough cleaning. Given that fire damage clean up requires precision and a focus on avoiding further damage, we utilised a combination of dry cleaning techniques, including the use of industrial hoovers and dust removing tools.

What was the solution?

APT’s solution to the fire damage clean up for Titan Steel Wheels was a multi-faceted approach that prioritised efficiency, safety, and restoration. The pre-installed access ladders at the facility proved invaluable in gaining access to elevated areas that required cleaning. By using these access points, we ensured that no area was left unattended.

Utilising industrial hoovers and specialised dust removing tools, we meticulously removed soot, ash, and residue from the affected machinery and equipment. This dry cleaning method was chosen to prevent the introduction of moisture, which could exacerbate the damage caused by the fire. Extensions on the hoovers allowed us to reach even the most challenging corners and crevices, ensuring a comprehensive clean-up process.

What was the outcome?

The results of APT’s fire damage clean-up efforts were exceptional. The machinery and equipment at Titan Steel Wheels’ facility were thoroughly cleaned and restored, free from the soot and ash that had accumulated due to the fire. Our meticulous approach not only ensured the removal of visible residue but also contributed to mitigating potential health and safety risks posed by the lingering aftermath of the fire.

The client, Titan Steel Wheels, expressed their satisfaction with the outcome of the fire damage clean-up. The facility was back in operation swiftly, and the company’s operations were able to resume without prolonged disruptions. APT’s dedication to effective restoration and cleaning had played a pivotal role in helping Titan Steel Wheels recover from the fire’s impact.

Work with us

If your business has been affected by fire damage and you’re in need of swift and effective restoration, APT is here to assist. Our expertise in fire damage clean-up ensures that your premises are restored to a safe and operational state as quickly as possible. Contact APT today to experience the peace of mind that comes with professional fire damage restoration services.

In conclusion, Titan Steel Wheels’ collaboration with APT highlights the importance of professional fire damage clean-up in swiftly recovering from a devastating incident.

Our specialised tools, precision in execution, and commitment to excellence ensure that fire-damaged facilities are restored to operational status efficiently. If you’re seeking a reliable partner for fire damage restoration, APT stands ready to provide tailored solutions that prioritise your business’s recovery.