Client - Newport City Homes
Client – Newport City Homes, Newport, Wales
Project – Graffiti Removal ServiceSoda BlastingProperty RestorationBrick Cleaning – Limescale Removal

What did the client need?

Newport City Homes, a leading housing association committed to enhancing the lives of residents in Newport, sought our expertise to address a pressing concern. With a growing prevalence of graffiti defacing walls across various properties in their housing portfolio, Newport City Homes recognized the urgency to find a reliable and efficient solution. Determined to uphold the aesthetic appeal and safety of their communities, they sought out APT’s specialized Graffiti Removal Service to restore the pristine appearance of walls with varied surface materials.

Newport City Homes faced a significant challenge as numerous walls within their housing estates fell victim to graffiti vandalism. The graffiti not only marred the aesthetic beauty of the surroundings but also raised concerns about the safety and well-being of residents. The diverse surface materials, ranging from brick walls to other delicate surfaces, required careful consideration to ensure an effective and safe graffiti removal process.

The client sought a proven method that would effectively eliminate graffiti without causing any damage or compromise to the underlying substrate. Moreover, Newport City Homes required a cost-effective solution to accommodate their budgetary constraints while delivering lasting results.

How did we approach it?

As an industry-leading expert in graffiti removal services, APT was quick to respond to Newport City Homes’ call for assistance. We proposed a customised approach, combining both water feed and standard dry feed soda blast cleaning. This dual-method strategy offered numerous advantages, including cost-effectiveness, safe and gentle removal of graffiti from brick surfaces, and safeguarding the integrity of delicate materials.

To demonstrate the efficacy of soda blasting, we conducted meticulous trials on selected areas of brick walls. This allowed Newport City Homes to witness the impressive results firsthand and gain confidence in the proposed cleaning process.

What was the solution?

APT’s comprehensive plan for graffiti removal took into account the unique challenges presented by busy shopping areas and school walkways. We carefully scheduled the cleaning operations to minimize disruptions during peak hours, ensuring the safety and convenience of residents.

Executing the solution, APT expertly utilized both dry and wet soda blast systems as specified. When required, our specialized Graffiti Removal service products were applied to further enhance the cleaning process, ensuring optimal outcomes while adhering to budgetary considerations.

What was the outcome?

Newport City Homes was delighted with the remarkable outcome of our Graffiti Removal Service. Walls that were once marred by graffiti were restored to their original state, elevating the aesthetic appeal and safety of the housing estates. The successful removal of graffiti demonstrated the efficiency and effectiveness of APT’s soda blasting method, leaving the brick surfaces undamaged and free from defacement. 

Throughout the project, APT’s unwavering commitment to providing seamless and top-tier graffiti removal services resonated with Newport City Homes, reinforcing our position as a trusted partner in maintaining the integrity and beauty of their communities.

Client Testimonial

“I would like to again thank to APT for carrying out the recent graffiti removal programme to meet our Keep Wales Tidy audit. We received excellent feedback from the residents and the areas look much improved.”

Newport City Homes

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