Our Client - Future Inn, Cardiff, Wales
Client – Future Inn, Cardiff
Project –  TR19 Certificate supplied after a Commercial Kitchen Deep Clean

What did the client need?

Future Inn, located on Hemingway Road in Cardiff (CF10 4AU), is a prominent establishment known for its commitment to providing a comfortable and welcoming environment for its guests. Maintaining high standards of cleanliness is paramount to ensure the well-being of its patrons and staff. Seeking to achieve and showcase compliance with TR19 standards, Future Inn partnered with APT, a trusted name in cleaning and restoration works. This case study unveils the systematic process through which APT achieved a TR19 certificate, showcasing their expertise in professional cleaning for commercial establishments.

Future Inn required a comprehensive cleaning solution that adhered to TR19 standards as required by the Food Standards Agency focusing on the cleanliness of their canopy and cooker hood. The primary objective was to ensure a safe and hygienic environment for the guests and staff. This endeavor included setting up secure and safe working areas and the protection of the client’s equipment, accomplished through the use of poly sheeting covers. The client aimed to obtain a TR19 certificate, a testament to their commitment to maintaining high cleanliness standards.

How did we approach it?

APT’s approach to achieving a TR19 certificate is grounded in meticulous planning, thorough inspections, and the use of appropriate commercial cleaning chemicals and equipment. The process began with the establishment of secure working areas, safeguarding both the cleaning team and the client’s equipment. Poly sheeting covers were used to protect vital components.

To initiate the cleaning process, measurements of the thickness of residue were taken, and the layout of the ducting system was sketched. Before photos were captured to serve as a visual record for the certification process. Our own brand (APT Commercial Chemicals) chemical degreaser products were used, including a mixture of Ultramax 2020, Sodakleen, and Metasoak, were carefully selected based on the level of contamination. These products were applied to effectively break down and remove grease and residue.

The cleaning process involved the use of cleaning cloths, brushes, scrapers, and mechanical washers where applicable. After thorough cleaning, Ultramax MB sanitiser product was applied to ensure a hygienic environment. Subsequently, all surfaces were rinsed to remove any remaining residue. An inspection of the ducting system followed, and measurements of the thickness of residue were re-taken. Any problem areas were highlighted on a diagram, which would be included in the TR19 report.

What was the solution?

The solution lay in adhering to TR19 standards and ensuring that the cleanliness of the canopy and cooker hood met the prescribed criteria. This involved meticulous measurement, inspection, and the application of appropriate chemical degreaser products. The systematic cleaning process aimed to remove all traces of residue and grease, creating a safe and hygienic environment for Future Inn’s operations.

What was the outcome?

Through a dedicated and systematic approach, APT achieved the TR19 standard of cleanliness as required by Future Inn. The comprehensive cleaning process ensured that all residue and grease were effectively removed, meeting the strict criteria set by TR19 standards. Following the successful cleaning, APT issued the TR19 certificate, a tangible testament to Future Inn’s commitment to maintaining a high standard of cleanliness in their establishment.

Work with us

For businesses and establishments seeking to achieve and showcase compliance with TR19 standards, APT offers expertise in professional cleaning and certification. Our meticulous approach and dedication to meeting and exceeding cleanliness standards ensure a safe and hygienic environment for your operations. If you’re ready to obtain a TR19 certificate and demonstrate your commitment to cleanliness, connect with APT today. Let us partner with you on the path to achieving and maintaining impeccable standards.

In conclusion, the partnership between APT and Future Inn exemplifies the meticulous process of achieving a TR19 certificate, showcasing APT’s commitment to professionalism and cleanliness in commercial cleaning. This case study underscores APT’s expertise in adhering to industry standards and ensuring the safety and well-being of clients and their establishments.