Let us help you reduce your cleaning chemical stock

Many of our clients share a common problem – too much cleaning chemical stock! Prior to making the shift to using APT’s highly effective products, they’ve been stuck with using ready to use, ineffective and single-use cleaning products. At first, buying many products, each specifically designed for their own use. However, when it comes to reducing your cleaning chemical stock, this is counterproductive. Not only it is more expensive to buy one product for every single part of the facility (e.g. you could be sold 5-6 different products just to clean your bathroom!), it can also take up huge amounts of space in your stock room. 

Buying multi-purpose products is not only practical and cost-effective, it just makes sense. Many chemicals that are sold to you are actually made up of the exact same chemical components, they may just have different scents or very small difference, which doesn’t change its functionality. Since many products are made up of the same ingredients, it’s more of a con than anything else!

To help you, we have put together our Top 5 Ways To Reduce Your Cleaning Chemical Stock.

  1. Use Highly Concentrated Products

Many cleaning products are sold ready to use, meaning that their main ingredient is water (just check the ingredients on the back of the bottle)hm gvc  . APT specialise in the sale of highly concentrated cleaning chemicals which are designed to be diluted on site, which means you’re not paying us to ship water to you!

Concentrated cleaning chemicals will always provide HUGE cost savings over buying ready to use products. Although at first the initial cost may seem higher, remember that you’ll be watering it down. For example:

Ultraclean MB – 1 Litre = 50 Litres (when diluted) = £0.05p per litre

Another benefit of using highly concentrated cleaning chemicals means that you’ll have reduced packaging needs, the average 5L container can be the equivalent of 500 individual ready to use bottles. Buying concentrated products means one product lasts longer, reducing the stock in your storeroom, you’ll also benefit from not having to order as often. Maximise the space of your premises by not having to store hundreds of litres of products that mostly made up of water. 

  1. Use One Product For Several Tasks

APT are known throughout the UK for providing multipurpose products. Our multipurpose products have several products capabilities combined, they clean and disinfect at the same time. Not only does this help to simplify cleaning routines for your staff members, but it also saves labour time and money.

As a buyer, you will no longer have to spend time choosing different products for different tasks and your budgets will benefit since you’ll only be purchasing one product. All this drives efficiency, which drives another benefit to your business, sustainability. With multipurpose product, you don’t have as many bottles of product to order, ship or dispose of. Having to purchase less products can help you stay within budget.

  1. Refillable Cleaning Products

Our products are transported and delivered in reusable containers. In the current financial and environmental climate, having refillable products is not only cost effective, but also environmentally friendly. Our products also benefit from being eco-friendly, planet-safe and biodegradable. This is a huge benefit to many clients as our products can enter their effluent plant without issue. 

Having refillable products means that you’ll have less products to store in your stockroom and that you’ll just have to refill sprayable bottles when you need them. Alongside this, we also provide reusable janitorial supplies for your organisation to keep in line with our aim to reduce our carbon footprint and help our clients reduce theirs too!

  1. Manual And Automatic Dispensers

Rather than putting the responsibility of decanting cleaning products on your staff members which can cause confusion we recommend using our automatic dispensers. Many of our larger clients have benefited from using automated decanters to reduce the number of products required and potential confusion! This makes diluting products easy and fast. 

  1. Use The Correct Product For The Job

Using the correct product for the job can help your staff to be more efficient in cleaning, helping them to save time, meaning higher productivity for each individual and lower labour costs. Using the right product first time means your team won’t have to waste time in trying several products.

Working with an in-house, specialist team can help you find the right product for the task at hand. This can help you to reduce your cleaning chemical stock and improve overall efficiency for your business. 

To conclude, reducing your cleaning chemical stock can produce significant cost savings and environmental benefits. By using highly concentrated products that can be used for several tasks, manual and automatic dispensers and using the right product for the job, you can significantly reduce your cleaning chemical stock and improve business efficiency. 

Our sister company, APT Commercial Chemicals provide expert advice to some of the most well known organisations in the UK. They support clients such as the NHS, BAE Systems, BMW, ITV and more. Our in-house specialist team can assist you in finding the right product for the task at hand. We often work with companies to understand what they currently have in their storerooms and how to reduce them. For more information on reducing your stock or to seek specific advice from our team, please reach out to us.