Client – AJ Quinn
Project – Graffiti Cleaning & Graffiti Removal, Car Park Cleaning

What did the client need?

In urban environments, the scourge of graffiti can mar the aesthetics and reputation of public spaces. One such challenge was faced by APT when approached by AJ Quinn, a local authority seeking professional graffiti cleaning solutions for their multi-story car park. The project not only aimed to remove the unsightly graffiti but also to restore the car park’s visual appeal and maintain its reputation as a safe and pleasant facility.

AJ Quinn required efficient graffiti removal from their public multi-story car park’s brick surfaces. The vandalized areas needed thorough cleaning to eradicate both the paint and the ghosting shadows left by the graffiti, ensuring that the car park would regain its pristine appearance.

How did we approach it?

APT’s approach to graffiti cleaning is grounded in effective methodologies and quality products. The key to our success lies in the careful selection of appropriate cleaning agents and techniques. Our sister company, APT Commercial Chemicals supplies organisations and our commercial cleaners with eco-friendly and effective cleaning products. For this project, we combined our powerful graffiti remover products with advanced steam cleaning equipment. This tandem approach promised optimal results by breaking down the paint’s adhesion to surfaces.

We used the following product to assist with the graffiti cleaning for this car park cleaning project. Graffiti Removal Gel – Wipeout Gel is a highly advanced, professional gel formula graffiti remover. This is out best graffiti removal predicts for graffiti cleaning for use on all stone and masonry surfaces. 

Upon arriving at the car park, our team meticulously inspected the vandalized areas. With our graffiti remover gel in hand, we carefully applied it to the contaminated surfaces and used brushes to ensure thorough coverage. The gel’s chemical action was allowed to work for approximately 20 minutes, effectively loosening the grip of the graffiti paint.

What was the solution?

The next phase involved employing steam cleaning equipment to execute the actual removal. Our high-pressure steam cleaning method provides the necessary force to dislodge the loosened paint from the surfaces. The combination of heat, pressure, and the cleaning agents in the gel worked together to lift away the graffiti paint effectively.

However, graffiti removal isn’t just about eliminating the visible paint. Ghosting shadows, the faint outlines left behind after removing the paint, can still tarnish the surface. To address this, we introduced our specialised product, aptly named Ghost Buster. This product is designed to specifically target and eliminate these shadows, ensuring that no traces of the graffiti remain.

After applying Ghost Buster, we allowed it to work its magic, effectively erasing the shadows. Following this, a final round of steam cleaning was performed to ensure that the area was left spotless. This comprehensive approach guaranteed that the car park’s brickwork was not only free from the graffiti but also restored to its original state.

What was the outcome?

The results of our graffiti cleaning were nothing short of exceptional. The vandalised brickwork that had once been marred by graffiti paint was now fully restored, devoid of any remnants of the paint or ghosting shadows. The visual transformation of the car park was astonishing, demonstrating our ability to effectively clean and restore surfaces to their former glory.

AJ Quinn was not only pleased with the final outcome of the graffiti cleaning project, but also impressed by the efficiency of the entire process. Our swift response, coupled with our effective graffiti cleaning techniques and superior products, showcased APT’s commitment to delivering optimal results.

Work with us

The AJ Quinn multi-story car park graffiti cleaning project exemplifies APT’s expertise in graffiti removal and surface restoration. Our tailored approach, utilising advanced techniques and specialized cleaning products, ensured that the car park regained its clean and inviting appearance.

If you’re facing similar challenges of graffiti or other cleaning needs, trust APT’s professional expertise to rejuvenate your spaces. Contact us today to discuss your requirements and experience the transformative power of our services.