Our Client - Nicholson McLaren - Cladding Restoration
Client – Nicolson McLarenBerkshire, England
Project – Cladding Cleaning & Cladding Restoration – Cladding Commercial Painting – Warehouse Floor Cleaning

What did the client need?

Nicholson McLaren, a precision engineering and manufacturing company in Berkshire, needed cladding cleaning, cladding restoration and commercial painting services for their building. McLarens were established in 1972; a famous name that is synonymous with motorsport and aviation.

The exterior of the Mclaren Berkshire building required deep cleaning to remove algae and environmental pollutants from the cladding surface. During this process we needed to remove any flaking paint in readiness for priming and painting. High-level cleaning access equipment and associated trained teams from APT were needed for the project. Our internal cleaning teams were required to clean, remove grease and debris from the warehouse floor.

How did we approach the Cladding Cleaning & Cladding Restoration?

We started by sending a surveyor to assess the building and provide a full property evaluation for cladding cleaning, cladding restoration and painting of the cladding. We discussed our findings with the management team and provided various options for the project. A working schedule was then put in place to meet client schedules. We also needed to overcome obstacles regarding weather conditions and a busy production schedule. Working around the McLarens teams was essential when we were conducting our cladding cleaning and cladding restoration.

What was the solution?

Algae is unsightly and can also degrade a buildings substrate. It is aesthetically displeasing and can affect staff morale as well as client impact.  At APT we  advise clients of the importance of removing and cleaning algae from cladding and as soon they can to avoid what can be costly repairs.

Our team used APT’s approved British Standard approved Algae Free, a professional, concentrated algae cleaner that kills spores on contact, to clean the cladding surface and for cladding restoration. It’s by far one of safest and most effective cleaning solutions for cladding. Our specialist super-heated steam cleaning system was used with reach extensions to remove algae and environmental pollutants.

We then stripped and removed any remaining paint coating from the steel cladding, treated the surface with anti-rust primers, and repainted the cladding using the specified company pantone colours.

Our internal cleaning teams attended to the warehouse floor cleaning and removed grease using an industrial floor scrubber along with Ultramax 2020. We then re-coated the floors in recommended paint coatings. We often use pressure washing systems to pressure washers the surfaces and remove unwanted debris for effective cleaning and restoration.

What was the outcome?

The project was completed successfully, with Nicholson McLaren Berkshire being impressed with the results. According to their testimonial below.

At APT, we have over 30 years of experience in commercial painting, cladding cleaning, cladding restoration and high-level cleaning in Berkshire, Wokingham, and surrounding areas, including Reading and Bracknell in the south of England and nationwide.

Client Testimonial

“APT were engaged to carry out a very demanding programme of commercial re painting works to our building cladding and internal production floors areas. They have delivered excellent results for us. APT clearly demonstrate their competence in this field, we will continue to use their services to support our ongoing operations.”

Work with us

APT provide cladding cleaning, cladding restoration services, commercial painting and other services in Wokingham and surrounding areas including Reading and Bracknell in South of England and Nationwide.

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