Our Client - BUNZL
Client – BUNZL
Project – Professional Warehouse Floor Cleaners & Industrial Floor Cleaning

What did the client need?

Bunzl, a leading supplier of packaging, disposable supplies, and cleaning products, faced a pressing challenge as they prepared to move machinery and equipment into their newly acquired factory. The state of the warehouse floor was far from suitable for their operational needs, demanding a quick and effective solution with professional warehouse floor cleaners. APT-ICC’s warehouse floor cleaners stepped in to provide the expertise and specialised tools required for the task at hand.

Bunzl needed their warehouse floor to be thoroughly cleaned before the machinery and fitting equipment could be relocated to the new factory. The floor was marred by loose debris, stubborn oil spills, and unsightly tire marks. Time was of the essence due to the impending relocation, and Bunzl required a cleaning solution that could be executed promptly without compromising on quality.

How did we approach it?

When Bunzl urgently needed their warehouse floor prepared for the relocation of machinery and equipment, APT-ICC’s team of warehouse floor cleaners sprang into action with a well-thought-out plan. Leveraging our deep expertise in warehouse floor cleaner solutions, coupled with top-tier warehouse floor cleaner supplies, APT-ICC tackled the challenge head-on. Our approach was all about using state-of-the-art warehouse floor cleaners, scrubber driers and our specialised warehouse floor cleaner formula, Ultramax APC.

The concept was simple but effective. By combining modern equipment with a powerful cleaning agent, APT-ICC ensured the floor’s debris, oil spills, and tire marks were eradicated efficiently. Ultramax APC, crafted by APT Commercial Chemicals, proved to be the perfect match for the job, delivering thorough results while upholding environmental considerations at this warehouse floor cleaner project.

This proactive warehouse floor cleaner strategy aligned perfectly with Bunzl’s tight schedule. APT-ICC’s proficient execution, rooted in their comprehensive understanding of warehouse floor cleaning, guaranteed a clean and ready floor within the designated time. This successful partnership between APT-ICC and Ultramax APC showcased their commitment to solving real-world challenges swiftly and effectively.

What was the solution?

Recogniaing the paramount importance of adhering to Bunzl’s time-sensitive demands on this warehouse floor cleaner project, APT-ICC adeptly harnessed the capabilities of cutting-edge floor scrubber driers to address the multifaceted challenges posed by the warehouse floor.

For this task, the choice of cleaning agent was crucial, and Ultramax APC from APT Commercial Chemicals emerged as the ideal solution. Chosen for its remarkable versatility and potent cleaning properties, Ultramax APC not only delivered exceptional cleaning outcomes but also resonated with APT-ICC’s unwavering dedication to environmentally conscious practices.

This amalgamation of advanced warehouse floor cleaner equipment and effective cleaning agents led to a comprehensive and swift warehouse floor cleaner solutions, aligning perfectly with Bunzl’s requisites.

What was the outcome?

The implementation of APT-ICC’s well-crafted strategy yielded exceptional results. The warehouse floor was meticulously cleaned, ridding it of debris, oil spills, and tire marks. The swift and efficient execution of the cleaning process met Bunzl’s strict timeline, ensuring that the floor was primed for the subsequent machinery move-in. The collaboration with APT Commercial Chemicals, our sister company, further bolstered the outcome. Ultramax APC, an eco-friendly industrial and commercial cleaning chemical, proved its efficacy in delivering the desired level of cleanliness.

Work with us

When it comes to warehouse floor cleaning, APT-ICC stands as a reliable partner. Our expertise, coupled with our commitment to utilizing superior cleaning products like Ultramax APC, ensures that your industrial space receives the meticulous attention it deserves. Contact APT-ICC today for tailored solutions that align with your time-sensitive requirements and environmental considerations.

In conclusion, the collaborative effort between APT-ICC and APT Commercial Chemicals successfully restored Bunzl’s warehouse floor, making it fit for their impending machinery move-in. The utilization of advanced cleaning tools and effective products underscored APT-ICC’s dedication to delivering remarkable results in a timely manner.