APT Client - NHS (National Health Service)
Client – Stoke Mandeville Hospital
Project – Professional Kitchen CleanersHospital Cleaning

What did the client need?

Stoke Mandeville Hospital’s catering department faced challenges with cleaning and hygiene that only APT’s professional kitchen cleaners could help with. Confusion among staff using various cleaning products resulted in safety issues and inadequate standards. APT was approached to address these concerns and introduce a streamlined and safer cleaning process.

Stoke Mandeville Hospital required a solution to improve commercial cleaning and hygiene in the catering department and they reached out to APT’s professional kitchen cleaners. The goal was to reduce the number of cleaning products, enhance cleaning efficiency, and introduce a staff training program. Cost reduction, minimising accidents, and improving cleanliness were primary objectives for the hospital.

How did we approach it?

After thorough research, APT developed Ultraclean MB, a specialised product designed to meet the hospital’s unique requirements. The product was trialed extensively throughout the department and on all surfaces, ensuring its efficacy and safety. A comprehensive kitchen cleaning program was introduced, accompanied by a staff training and certification initiative to ensure proper product usage and cleaning protocols. Our commercial kitchen cleaning service complies with British Standards and Food Standards Agency Guidelines.

Ultraclean MB proved highly effective, providing a complete, one-product solution for all cleaning and sanitising needs in the kitchen environment, from floors and walls to appliances and equipment. Its versatility and cost-effectiveness resulted in reduced storage needs and order frequency, saving time and resources for the hospital.

The introduction of this innovative product significantly improved cleanliness and hygiene standards, reducing complaints and safety issues while achieving budget savings and better ordering control. The hospital administration commended APT for their professional approach and outstanding results in maintaining the highest standards of cleanliness and appearance. Trust APT and Ultraclean MB for top-notch professional kitchen cleaners and exceptional cleaning results.

Count on APT and Ultraclean MB to meet your kitchen cleaning needs with efficacy and safety. Rely on APT’s professional kitchen cleaners and Ultraclean MB for a hygienic and welcoming kitchen environment.

What was the solution?

Ultraclean MB proved highly effective and well-accepted by the catering department staff. Its safety in use was a significant advantage as it replaced multiple cleaning products, covering all cleaning and hygiene tasks in the department, from surfaces to utensils. The concentrated nature of Ultraclean MB reduced the need for storage space and lowered the frequency of ordering, resulting in substantial cost savings for the hospital.

The product delivered excellent cleaning results and guaranteed bactericidal kill, exceeding British Standards, and ensuring a safe and hygienic environment in the catering department. Staff quickly adapted to the streamlined cleaning process, leading to increased efficiency and reduced working time. Moreover, the use of a single product minimized the risk of future mistakes or safety issues for the operators.

Additionally, the versatility of Ultraclean MB allowed it to be employed in dining and restaurant areas for overall sanitizing purposes. The hospital’s dining room and restaurant areas benefited from the same high standard of cleaning and hygiene, enhancing the overall customer experience. Trust APT and Ultraclean MB for your professional kitchen cleaning needs, and experience the benefits firsthand.

Rely on APT’s professional kitchen cleaners and Ultraclean MB for exceptional cleaning results and a safer environment. Count on APT and Ultraclean MB for top-notch professional kitchen cleaning, ensuring a hygienic and welcoming environment for all.

What was the outcome?

The implementation of Ultraclean MB and APT’s comprehensive cleaning program brought remarkable improvements to Stoke Mandeville Hospital’s catering department. The safety and efficiency of the cleaning process improved, resulting in a higher level of cleanliness and appearance. Complaints from staff regarding the cleaning process reduced significantly, and safety issues decreased, contributing to a more positive and conducive work environment. Achieving better budget control was another positive outcome, as reduced spending on multiple cleaning products resulted in significant cost savings for the hospital.

By ensuring the staff used the correct product for each specific cleaning task, APT’s professional, accredited kitchen cleaners’ solution saved time and resources. The streamlined cleaning process allowed the catering department staff to focus more on proactive customer care instead of reactive health and safety issues.

Moreover, the introduction of Ultraclean MB in the dining and restaurant areas ensured the same high standards of cleanliness and hygiene throughout the hospital’s catering facilities, promoting a sense of trust and confidence among visitors and patients. Trust APT as your go-to professional kitchen cleaners to experience exceptional cleaning results and cost-efficiency.

Client Testimonial

“I would like to thank apt for their professional approach to the cleaning operation within the catering department. We had some previous difficulties in maintaining the standards required, confusion with staff using several different cleaning products. After introducing Ultraclean MB and the apt cleaning programme we have reduced complaints from staff and safety issues , achieve a higher level of cleanliness and appearance, reduced budget spend with better ordering control.”

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