APT Client - Nexperia
Client – Nexperia, Newport
Project – High Level Cleaning – Cladding CleaningPest Exterminator & Pest ControlCommercial Waste Disposal

What did the client need?

Nexperia, a leading semiconductor manufacturer based in Newport, contacted APT for their expertise in high level cleaning and deep cleaning services. Nexperia required an immediate high level cleaning service as well as a regular cleaning and maintenance programme for their buildings to bring them back to a workable clean condition ready for inspection by their owners.

The project at their Newport site involved cleaning specific areas as instructed by the client, which included the high-level cladding cleaning, pest exterminator, commercial waste removal, cladding re-sealing, effluent and extraction plant cleaning, cleaning of large metal tubes and canopies to the exterior of the plant.

Some of the cleaning and pest exterminator services required by Nexperia were complex and required APT’s expertise to find the most cost and time-effective solution for their plant in Newport. However, this was not a problem for our surveyors who have 30 years of experience working on national complex contracts such as Amazon, Hovis, Graphic Packaging and Nicholson MacLaren Engineering.

The first thing our surveyor did was to provide a comprehensive assessment of the building, checking the heights at which our teams would work at, so that an accurate RAMS and Health & Safety process could be implemented when on site. The deep cleaning programme was created to meet the client’s service requirements.

How did we approach the Pest Exterminator & High Level Cleaning?

The first phase of work entailed the rolling tubes contract, general deep cleaning tasks. Our teams used specialist industrial chemicals such as UltraClean MB, Algae Free, and UltraMax 2020 to ensure a fast and effective cleaning process.

We co-ordinated with our partners in specialist lift access to hire in 32-foot articulated boom access equipment. Checks were made to ensure the equipment could suitability fit into the tight areas to be cleaned and pest exterminator carried out. 

As the work was completed in phases, our teams then moved on to specific areas and cleaned them as directed by the client. The ongoing maintenance and deep cleaning programme are still ongoing, ensuring that Nexperia’s building remains in a clean aesthetically pleasing and safe condition.

What was the outcome?

Nexperia was completely satisfied with the high level, commercial deep cleaning works carried out by APT. The building was brought back to a clean condition, and specific areas were successfully cleaned as directed by the client. 

APT’s use of appropriate British Standard, ISO approved cleaning chemicals ensured that the job was done effectively without causing any harm to the environment. At the same helping Nexperia stay within budget on this very complex cleaning programme.

What was the outcome?

APT’s expertise in specialist high level cleaning services enabled them to meet the ongoing maintenance and deep cleaning requirements of Nexperia, Newport. The client’s satisfaction with the work done by APT is a testament to their ability to deliver high-quality cleaning services.

At APT, we pride ourselves on providing a tailored service to our clients. We work closely with our clients to identify their specific needs and requirements and develop a cleaning programme that best suits them. Our teams are highly trained and experienced in using specialist equipment and chemicals, ensuring that our clients receive the best possible service.

Client Testimonial

The client was pleased with the works 

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