Professional Local Pest Control Within 50-miles of Cardiff

Keeping your business clean and pest-free is paramount. Clean buildings will save you money in the long run by helping you minimise damage caused by neglect and pest infestations. 

You’ll be focussed on the day-to-day running of your business, so let us deal with your local pest control. If you’re looking for local pest control, then look no further. APT provides local pest control for Cardiff, Swansea, Hereford, Bristol and everywhere in between.

As a reliable local pest control company, we can save you searching for local pest control services near me. Many pest control companies have limited capabilities. That’s where we differ. We are a dedicated pest exterminator who also fumigates houses and businesses alike. 

To learn more about our local pest control services, speak with one of our experts today at 0800 0723 773.

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What Local Pest Control Service do you provide?

At APT, we provide all sorts of pest control services locally. Our local pest control service operates from our Gwent base, supporting clients across Wales, the Midlands and South West of England. Our local pest control and pest exterminator service comprises the following:


Thorough inspection of the premises to identify pest infestations, entry points, and conducive conditions.


Determining the specific type of pests present, such as rodents, insects, termites, bed bugs, or wildlife.


Sealing off entry points and implementing preventive measures to keep pests from entering the premises.

Trapping & Removal 

Setting up traps and safely removing pests, such as mice, rats, or squirrels, from the premises.

Insecticide Application 

Applying targeted insecticides to eliminate or control insects like ants, cockroaches, mosquitoes, or fleas.

Rodent control & removal 

Implementing measures to control and eliminate rodent populations, including baiting, trapping, and sealing off access points.

Termite & Wasp Control 

Employing specialiSed techniques to detect, eliminate, and prevent termite infestations, such as using bait stations or applying termiticides.

Bed Bug Treatment 

Conducting thorough inspections, heat treatments, chemical treatments, or a combination of methods to eradicate bed bug infestations.

Wildlife Management 

Safely and humanely removing and relocating wildlife species like raccoons, squirrels, or birds that have become a nuisance.

Preventative Maintenance 

Regularly scheduled visits to monitor and prevent future pest infestations through proactive measures.

Consultation & Advice 

Providing guidance on sanitation, structural repairs, and effective pest prevention practices for long-term pest control.

For more information on our local pest control service, reach out to our specialist pest control team for advice on your specific situation. Call us on 0800 0723 773.

As a business based just outside Cardiff, we’re committed to helping local businesses and residents keep their spaces clean and compliant. Regardless of the type of extreme cleaning services you’re requiring, our local pest control teams can help.

Established in Gwent 30 years ago, we have been providing fumigation services and local pest control to businesses and residences for decades. We’re client-focussed and meticulous with details, so we’ll ensure we fumigate your house or property, leaving no stone unturned. Need some more convincing?

Here are what some of our local clients think about our service:

“APT are no ordinary industrial cleaning company, they reacted immediately to our emergency. They think outside of the box and provide both long- and short-term solutions. It is very apparent when you speak to them that their wealth of knowledge within the business is to be credited. We are very grateful for the help APT provided.”

Brain Clements – Corus Steel Works

“We had a tank that urgently needed cleaning to remove 2 tonnes of semi-solid waste. APT were able to carry out the confined space entry and arrange a survey the following day. On the same day, they supplied us with a method statement and risk assessment. Due to the urgency, the team arrived the following day and remove the waste from the tank, cleaning to a high standard allowing us to return the tank to service. The staff were a credit to APT, hard working and left no mess behind. They arrived on site on time and abided by the health and safety regulations. They left no mess after two days and were a pleasure to have on site.”

John Thomas – Finishing Manager – Abingdon Flooring 

“I would like to thank APT for their excellent work and assistance on the Barclays project, they delivered the project and additional works on time and without issue. I would like to thank Andrew and his team for all the extra effort they went to.”

Graham Lewis – Project Manager – Overbury

Ebbw Vale multi-storey car park - Blaenau Gwent CBC
High Pressure Jetting – Car Park – South Wales

APT’s solution was to provide a car park cleaning cleaning and graffiti removal service, followed by the application of an anti-graffiti coating to prevent future damage. We also installed new lighting and CCTV systems to deter anti-social behavior.

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Amazon UK - Emergency Response & Bitumen Spill - Case Study
Emergency Cleaning Services Swansea – Amazon

APT responded to an emergency call-out from Amazon in Swansea after a bitumen spill on the parcel conveyor line caused severe downtime to the business.

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UHW Cleaning
Commercial Floor Cleaners & Hospital Cleaning – University Hospital of Wales

APT were called on by University Hospital Wales to assist with an emergency Sewerage Spill Cleanup. Our Commercial Floor Cleaners acted quickly to resolve…

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Extreme Cleaning - Permali
Extreme Cleaning, Tank Emptying Gloucester – Permali

Permali asked us to assist with an Extreme Cleaning task at their Gloucester facility. Our professional team had to act quickly to respond to the Emergency Job, emptying an Industrial Tank.

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Blaenau Gwent - Graffiti Removal & Algae Removal - Case Study
Expert Graffiti & Algae Cleaners & Remover Ebbw Vale – Blaenau Gwent Council

The Blaenau Gwent council responded to community complaints about a heavily graffitied and debris-filled subway. APT was called in to quickly and cost-effectively restore safety and aesthetics to the heavily used thoroughfare.

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Blaenavon Iron Works
Reviving History Through Historic Building Conservation – Iron Works Blaenavon

APT’s proudly partnered with CADW for Heritage Building Restoration at Blaenavon Iron Works to be used by the BBC. Using Soda Blasting & Eco-friendly techniques.

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chewing gum removal
Clean Towns: Gum Removal in Abertillery – Blaenau Gwent Council

After 2 successful projects, Blaenau Gwent Council relied on APT for their Gum Removal Services. Using Steam Cleaning we cleaned up Gwent & Wales.

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Abingdon's Flooring - Emergency Cleaning Services - Case Study
Emergency Cleaning Services South Wales – Abingdon

When spills strike, professional clean-up is crucial to avoid damage, revenue loss, and environmental harm. APT delivered a successful emergency clean-up for Abingdon Flooring in Wales.

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Commercial Bridge Cleaning - Wales - Case Study
Oil Spill Clean Up & High Pressure Water Jetting South Wales – Caerphilly Council

Caerphilly Council trusts our expert team for high-pressure jetting services in Caerphilly. Our precision cleaning solutions at Pont Joe Calzaghe Bridge ensure a safe and well-maintained environment for all.

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Chewing Gum Remover in Blaenau Gwent
Safely Remove Chewing Gum in Ebbw Vale – Blaenau Gwent Council

Looking to safety remove Chewing Gum? Here’s how we helped our Local Council in Wales with Chewing Gum Removal on Bus Shelters & Town Centre…

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fire damage restoration
Fire Damage Cleanup Gloucester – Rainbow International

Rainbow International called on APT to provide Fire Damage Cleanup on a house in Gloucester. We used Soda Blasting for Fire Damage Restoration on this occasion so as to sustain the building’s materials.

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Blasting Soda
Blasting Soda for Graffiti Removal – Neath & Port Talbot Council

We supported Neath & Port Talbot Council and Welsh Heritage remove Graffiti using sympathetic and surface-safe Soda Blasting. Riverside Works heritage site based in Neath, South Wales is now free from graffiti thanks to APT’s expert team of soda blasters.

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What Areas Do We Cover?

Here at APT-ICC, we’re one of South Wales’ leading, accredited local pest control, pest extermination and fumigation services. Working with large enterprises and small businesses alike, we’re on hand to ensure your business is always inspection-ready. If you’re looking for a local pest control company, our pest control service covers:

If you’re looking for a reliable, certified pest exterminator or local pest control company operating in and around South Wales, we can help. For a free, no-obligation consultation and site survey, call us direct on 0800 0723 773 or get in touch in just a few clicks using our simple online contact form.

Why Choose APT ICC for Commercial Cleaning in South Wales?

Our attention to detail, decades of experience and commitment to exceptional customer service makes us the ideal commercial cleaning partner for all local pest control projects within 50-miles of Cardiff.

Unlike other cleaning companies, we don’t use typical products. At APT Commercial Chemicals (our sister company), we use our very own eco-friendly, powerful products that we’ve developed in-house using years of experience in the trade.

Save yourself the hassle searching local pest control service near me, here’s the reasons why our customers choose us for their pest exterminator services locally.

  • Expertise: Our team consists of experienced professionals with extensive knowledge in pest control techniques and strategies.
  • Customised Solutions: We provide tailored pest control solutions that address your specific pest issues and unique requirements.
  • Safe and Effective Methods: We employ safe and environmentally-friendly methods to control pests while ensuring the well-being of your premises, occupants, and the surrounding environment.
  • Integrated Pest Management (IPM): We follow an integrated approach that combines various pest control methods, including preventive measures, monitoring, and targeted treatments, to achieve long-term pest management.
  • Timely and Responsive: We understand the urgency of pest issues and strive to provide prompt and responsive service to address your concerns promptly.
  • Professional and Licensed: Our technicians are licensed and trained professionals who adhere to industry standards and best practices in pest control.
  • Quality Assurance: We prioritise quality in our services, ensuring thorough inspections, effective treatments, and follow-up measures to achieve optimal results.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Our focus is on customer satisfaction, and we aim to exceed your expectations by delivering reliable, efficient, and satisfactory pest control services.
  • Competitive Pricing: We offer competitive pricing for our pest control services, providing value for your investment in professional pest management.
  • Ongoing Support: We provide ongoing support, including maintenance programs, preventive tips, and advice to help you maintain a pest-free environment.

Choose our company for reliable, effective, and customer-centric pest control services. Contact us to discuss your pest control needs and schedule an appointment with our specialist project management team via phone.

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Local Pest Control within 50-miles of Wales FAQs

Located in Gwent, our local cleaning company operates right at the heart of Ebbw Vale Town Centre. You can conveniently find us at Crown Business Park, situated just south of the A465 Heads of the Valleys Road.

Our strategic location allows easy access from Merthyr, Abergavenny, and even the Midlands. Whether you’re coming from nearby areas or a bit farther, reaching us is hassle-free.

Feel free to visit our premises or contact us to discuss your cleaning needs. We look forward to serving you in the Gwent region and beyond.

As a trusted and reliable local pest control company,  we have lots of experience helping businesses of all types, including local authorities. 

Just some of the businesses we help include:

  • Commercial kitchens
  • Factories
  • Councils
  • Listed buildings and churches
  • Hospitals
  • Transportation businesses
  • Property management businesses

We provide the following services:

  • rodent control 
  • wasp control 
  • fumigation services 
  • bird dropping remover


Save yourself searching for the following, flea exterminator near me, mice control near me and trust apt for all your local pest control near me services. 

As experts in extreme cleaning, we provide a wide range of local pest control services. Our local pest control service comprises of the following:

  • Pest control (wasp control, rodent control, mice control)
  • Pest exterminator
  • Fumigation services
  • Bird dropping remover 


Types of local pest control:

  • Flea extermination 
  • Fly infestation 
  • Ant infestation 
  • Bed bug infestation 
  • Rat infestation 
  • House fly infestation 
  • Mice infestation 
  • Infestation of flies 
  • Woodlice infestation 

To learn more about the different types of local pest control we offer at APT, get in touch.

As a local pest control business business based in South Wales, we’re committed to serving businesses in the local area.

Just some reasons why our clients prefer our services over national chains include:

  • We care – We’ve been supporting businesses in South Wales for decades. We truly care about each of our clients, which means we’re dedicated to the very best service and faultless results. We take the time to make sure all your requests are listened to and taken care of.
  • We’re insured and vet all our specialists – Although larger companies have cleaners under a large brand name, that doesn’t always mean they’re properly trained or insured. All our staff are properly vetted, trained and insured so that we can handle all matters of cleaning jobs with ease and professionalism.
  • We’re affordable – Unlike national chains that charge a premium, we believe in competitive cleaning prices.

Discover Our Resources for Local Pest Control Services within 50-miles of Cardiff

Our sister company, APT Commercial Chemicals is a trusted UK-based manufacturer and supplier of specialist cleaning chemicals with over 30 years of experience, serving some of the UK’s largest businesses including the NHS, BAE systems, Tata Steel, the BBC and more.

Invest in Commercial Cleaning in South Wales

Pest infestations that affect your business need to be dealt with quickly and effectively and always by specialist commercial pest control companies. Failure to do so can cause health hazards as well as damaging building fabric such as the severing of electrical wires. We can help.

To learn more about our local pest control in South Wales, the Midlands and South West of England, get in touch. One of our local experts will be on hand to answer any questions you may have.