Client - Moira Furnace Museum & Country Park
Client – Moira Furnace Museum
Project – Boat Cleaning – Bird Foul Removal – Soda Blasting

What did the client need?

Moira Furnace Museum, known for preserving historical artifacts and showcasing the rich industrial heritage of the region, sought APT’s expertise for a unique project. The task at hand involved the delicate process of narrow boat cleaning and the removal of unsightly bird foul from the boat’s exterior. Ensuring the preservation of the boat’s substrate material while effectively removing the bird fouling presented a challenging yet vital aspect of the project.

Moira Furnace Museum required specialised boat cleaning services to address the issue of bird foul accumulated on the narrow boat hull. The exterior of the boat had become an unfortunate target for bird droppings, tarnishing its appearance and posing potential damage risks to the substrate material. The client sought a meticulous and eco-friendly solution to restore the boat’s exterior to its former glory, preserving its historical significance.

How did we approach it?

Understanding the delicate nature of the boat’s surface, APT carefully formulated a solution to tackle the bird foul without causing any harm to the substrate material. To ensure comprehensive protection, we meticulously installed protective covers around the boat’s surroundings and on the ground, preventing any potential contamination during the cleaning process.

APT employed an environmentally-friendly soda blasting technique to remove all traces of bird foul from the boat hull. This technique allowed for precise and efficient removal without compromising the integrity of the boat’s substrate. Following the soda blasting, we utilised a compressor house to thoroughly eliminate any remaining residue, leaving the boat surface clean and ready for restoration.

What was the solution?

APT’s solution for the narrow boat cleaning was a true testament to our dedication to excellence and environmental consciousness. Understanding the delicate nature of the boat’s surface, we carefully crafted a tailored approach that would address the issue of bird foul effectively while ensuring utmost protection for the substrate material. By utilising specially formulated chemicals, our cleaning process struck the perfect balance between gentleness and efficiency. The boat’s surface was treated with utmost care, leaving it unharmed and ready for restoration.

The eco-friendly soda blasting technique emerged as the ideal choice for this unique project, showcasing our commitment to sustainable practices. This innovative approach delivered outstanding results, removing all traces of bird foul without leaving any undesirable marks or damage behind. As we meticulously installed protective covers, we demonstrated our determination to safeguard not only the boat but also the surrounding areas and the broader environment, reaffirming our pledge to environmental preservation.

What was the outcome?

The outcome of APT’s meticulous boat cleaning was met with genuine admiration and satisfaction. The transformation was nothing short of remarkable, as all traces of bird foul were efficiently eradicated from the narrow boat hull without causing any harm to the delicate substrate material. The boat’s exterior now gleamed with a pristine finish, reminiscent of its former glory, leaving the client thoroughly delighted.

Moira Furnace Museum was particularly enthralled with APT’s eco-friendly soda blasting technique, which aligns perfectly with the museum’s core values of environmental conservation and historical preservation. This gentle yet highly effective cleaning approach resonated deeply with the institution’s commitment to responsible practices. The successful restoration of the narrow boat became a noteworthy addition to the museum’s collection of meticulously maintained artifacts, serving as a testament to APT’s unwavering attention to detail and expertise in boat cleaning.

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