Our Client - JLL
Client – Jones Lang Lasalle Ltd (JLL), previous River Island Store
Location – Leeds, West Yorkshire
Project – Building Facade Cleaning & Dilapidation Repairs

What did the client need?

River Island vacated the premises at Lands Land, Leeds City Centre. After in depth consultation with architects, conservation specialists and JLL, APT were called in to provide building facade cleaning and advice on dilapidations to the historic building in Leeds. The building facade cleaning project encompassed many various aspects to include the removal of ingrained environmental pollutants, dirt and grime, algae, moss and plant growth, bird fouling. We needed to clean the following areas below;
· brick cleaning  · stone cleaning, restoration & repairs  · limestone removal  · graffiti removal  · high level cleaning  · marble cleaning

Amongst five other companies, APT were invited to quote and submit a tender for the building façade cleaning service in Leeds, South Yorkshire. We were then selected for the project due to our 30 years of expertise and experience in facade cleaning. We have successfully restored numerous buildings over the years.

What is facade cleaning?

A facade is the exterior of a building or structure. The type of building facade cleaning carried out on a façade depends on the surface (substrate) base material, whether it is stone, brick, cladding or glass for example. The building facade cleaning process involves removing built up of environmental pollutants such as ingrained dirt, grime, stains and bird fouling from a buildings surface.  When such affects occur, it can be detrimental to the buildings structure as well impact the buildings appearance. When a building is run down it can affect its commercial value and that of the staff or visitors alike.

What Type Of Equipment Is Used During A Façade Cleaning Service?

APT presented two types of environmentally safe and sensitive (non-abrasive) building façade cleaning methods. One was super heat steam cleaning and the other soda blasting. During the consultation with the architect and surveyor it was deemed that the soda blasting technology was the most suitable service for the Leeds façade building and restoration project. APT have used soda blasting on castles, heritage buildings and even bridges to name a few.

How did APT clean the façade of the commercial listed building?

The building’s location in the bustling city centre of Leeds needed careful consideration to pedestrian traffic of shoppers and business owners alike.

The building façade cleaning posed several challenges, such as a tight two-week deadline and the need to minimise disruption to nearby businesses and pedestrians. However, with our considerable experience and in depth knowledge in commercial property facade cleaning, APT were well equipped to manage the project.

After conducting a thorough survey of the site, we developed a detailed work specification and risk assessment that was accepted by the property management company. Given the tight deadline, APT quickly created a comprehensive health and safety plan that accounted for the hazards of working at a height of around 25 metres and the presence of other restoration contractors in the Leeds area.

Despite the cramped working conditions, APT’s team was able to begin cleaning the building facade once suitable equipment was arranged. We used a combination of commercial chemical products, including Dekon 50 Deodorizer and Citrus RTU, to remove bird fouling from the building’s exterior. They also applied their Vision Clean to clean and protect the steel cladding.

For the cleaning of the sandstone, brick masonry, marble, and graffiti removal, we brought in our specialist technicians to perform soda blasting. Despite the challenges posed by the tight schedule and working conditions, the project was completed within budget and on time. The client was thrilled with the results, and APT was pleased to have once again demonstrated their expertise in commercial property facade cleaning.

JLL Company Information – Jones Lang LaSalle traces its origins to 1783, when auctioneer Richard Winstanley set up shop in London. JLL occupy and invest in a variety of assets including industrial, commercial, retail, residential and hotel real estate. From tech startups to global firms, our clients span industries including banking, energy, healthcare, law, life sciences, manufacturing, and technology.

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