APT Client - Cardiff City Council
Client – St. David’s Hall, Cardiff City CouncilCardiff, Wales
Project – External Facade Cleaning

What did the client need?

The objective of this project was to provide specialist external facade cleaning services for the façade of St. David’s Hall in Cardiff, which had suffered years of environmental weathering and was in urgent need of cleaning. The main challenge was to carry out the cleaning work in a timely and efficient manner, while ensuring pedestrian safety in the busy city center location.

How did we approach the External Facade Cleaning?

St. David’s Hall façade was suffering from environmental weathering and was covered in severe algae growth and bird compost. The building required specialist external facade cleaning, but the task was time-sensitive as the World Opera Championships BBC Cardiff Singer of the World was being televised at the Hall. The building façade needed immediate attention to be up to the required standard and remove dirt and grime.

We had only 48 hours to transform the building façade in time for the championships, and we had to consider the pedestrian traffic as the building was situated in the centre of Cardiff City. Traffic management needed to be organised to ensure the safety of pedestrians and our cleaning team when carrying out the external facade cleaning in Cardiff. 

What was the solution?

APT’s external façade cleaning surveyor attended the site, assessed the building’s substrate, and advised on the most appropriate cleaning process. APT provided a quote and was immediately hired for their unique cleaning methods and cleaning techniques. The company arranged pedestrian traffic control with the Health and Safety and Highways department of Cardiff City Council to obtain permission for access during the building cleaning.

To ensure the fastest method for façade building cleaning, we used a combination of high-powered pressure water equipment and environmentally friendly cleaning products, specially designed for building cleaning services. we also communicated with the access lift company to obtain competitive prices for the high-level building cleaning.

To minimise the amount of disruption in Cardiff City and deliver the project within the required time, APT deployed three teams of external façade cleaning experts who worked from 6.30 pm through to 4.00 am, cleaning the building’s façade.

What was the outcome?

We completed the building cleaning, external facade cleaning project well within the required time and to the highest standard, allowing the management to erect the necessary banners before the filming started. The client, St. David’s Hall, Cardiff, was impressed with our effective and sympathetic approach to the workload and the team’s ability to deliver a satisfactory job despite the limited time and funds available.

The planned competition was able to go ahead without delay and there were a number of comments on how much better the building looked prior to the event. 

Client Testimonial

“In these days of constrained budgets, I thought it impossible to give the external façade the required face-lift, with minimal funds and time at my disposal before hosting the nationally televised BBC Cardiff Singer of The World competition. Both you and your team’s effective and sympathetic approach to the workload (working over night and amongst the fabric of our large canvas advertising boarding) delivered a 100% satisfactory job!”

Gareth Griffiths
St. David’s Hall, Cardiff

Work with us

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