For over 30 years, APT has been providing top-notch cladding cleaning services to businesses in Leeds and the surrounding Yorkshire region. We understand that first impressions are vital and can influence customers’ perceptions of your business. That’s why we deliver professional cladding cleaning to restore and protect your building facade while enhancing your property’s image.

Why Cladding Cleaning Services & Maintenance Matters

Maintaining clean cladding is essential in extending its lifespan and reducing your business’s maintenance costs. Regular cleaning is recommended by manufacturers to maintain warranties and prevent corrosion, discolouration, and coating damage caused by algae, mould, moss, and lichens. Neglecting your cladding can result in costly repainting or replacement.

Our trained staff efficiently operate cleaning equipment to deliver faster and more efficient cladding cleaning, saving you money. Our team have the appropriate accreditations to provide all sorts of cladding cleaning services.

Types of Cladding Cleaning Services

Architects often use steel and aluminium cladding to enhance buildings. However, even these tough materials can deteriorate over time due to weather, algae, mildew, and moss growth. We provide both interior and exterior cleaning services for any cladding type, material, age or condition. We will inspect, wash, clean, refurbish, and even repaint and renew your building cladding.

Our specialised, environmentally friendly cladding cleaning products can revitalise stainless steel, weatherboard, aluminium cladding, vinyl, UPVC cladding, brick, and stone cladding, among others. Our services also include roof cladding, gutter, and skylight cleaning.

Environmentally Sensitive and Cost-Effective Cladding Cleaning

We use only environmentally friendly products specifically designed for commercial and industrial buildings, non-abrasive and compatible with powder-coated, plastic-coated, stainless steel or anodised aluminium panels. Our senior team has 30 years of experience in leading-edge commercial cleaning products, and we have selected solutions that will restore all types of cladding to their pristine state and maintain the cleanliness of your building for longer.

Our latest cleaning methods use low-pressure and minimum water to kill spores, guaranteeing exceptional results that transform your building. We avoid harsh toxic chemicals that can affect your building’s surface in the long term and possibly void your warranty.

Dilapidation Claims

Dilapidation claims can arise when a tenant fails to keep the building in good repair, either inside or out. Cladding cleaning is crucial to ensure you receive your bond back and avoid legal action. We recommend employing professional cladding cleaning services at the end of your tenancy. When landlords or estate managers see clean and well-maintained building cladding, they may be lenient on other areas that are not as pristine, enhancing your chances of receiving your bond and avoiding dilapidation claims.

Our cladding cleaning services can increase your sales, leasing opportunities, or property value and prevent dilapidation claims. We are available 365 days a year and have completed cladding cleaning on numerous small and large commercial buildings in Leeds and across the country.

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We provide tailor-made cladding cleaning solutions for businesses of all sizes in Leeds and the surrounding Yorkshire region. Our free non-committal site survey enables us to understand your requirements and make best-practice recommendations while providing a full breakdown quote. Once you agree to work with us, we will assign a service member of staff to work with you and provide a service that suits your needs.

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Revitalise your building facade and enhance your business image with APT’s cladding cleaning services in Leeds. With over 30 years of experience, we provide eco-friendly and cost-effective cladding cleaning solutions for any cladding type, material, age, or condition. We guarantee exceptional results that transform your building and increase its lifespan. Contact us today on 0800 0723 773 to find out more and book a site survey.

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