Experience the Benefits of Professional Cleaning Services

When thinking of professional cleaning services and high level cleaning, most people will only think about abseiling window cleaning. While that is one of the biggest reasons to require high-level cleaning, there are many other benefits and necessities to come high-level cleaning, and many different methods that can be used.

APT have been providing professional cleaning services for all industries during our 30 years. We’re based in South Wales, but operate throughout the UK and Scotland. We’ve worked with some of the UK’s largest clients, providing them with progressional cleaning services. Some of our clients include: JLL, Amazon & Vue Cinemas.

What are Professional Cleaning Services?

Professional cleaning services refer to a range of specialised cleaning solutions offered by companies, like APT that have the expertise and equipment to deliver high-quality cleaning for various commercial, industrial, and residential properties. These professional cleaning services are carried out by trained, accredited and experienced cleaning technicians who use industry-standard equipment and cleaning products to provide a thorough and efficient cleaning service.

Professional cleaning services can include tasks such as window cleaning, high-level cleaning, carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, and more, with the aim of improving the cleanliness, hygiene, and appearance of the property.

What is High Level Cleaning?

The majority of domestic, and regular two-storey properties, can achieve sufficient window cleaning with a ladder, but it becomes more difficult when a vast number of commercial properties are often 3, 4, or 5 storeys. In order to carry out regular window cleaning on buildings such as these, it is essential that an experienced and qualified firm is employed to ensure the windows are cleaned to a high standard, and that all health and safety requirements are adhered to.

High-level cleaning should always be carried out by a specially trained workforce, who will always be aware of all of the potential risks and hazards, not only to themselves, but to anyone living and working in the building, or any equipment and other items. High-level cleaning operatives will carry industry standard qualifications, including, IPAF, IRATA and CSCS.

These qualifications mean that each team of high-level cleaning operatives can assess each job, and provide you with the safest, most efficient, and cost effective solution. Some aspects of high-level cleaning will not always require a form of elevation, and operatives might recommend the use of high pressure water jets, or cleaning poles. However, when it comes to elevated cleaning, there a few different methods that can be employed, depending on the assessment of the situation and the requirements.

The most popular of these methods are cherry pickers, where an arm extends from the back of a vehicle, scissor lifts, where a platform is pushed up against the side of a building from the base, or ropes can be used in order for operatives to suspend themselves from the top of the building, like abseiling. The method used will be dependent on many factors, and sometimes a combination of them will need to be used in order to complete the job.

Why do you need High Level Cleaning?

High-level access can be utilised for a number of essential maintenance and cleaning jobs. For example, gutter cleaning is an important operation to consider; blocked guttering can cause water to penetrate the building and create sufficient damage, which might not be covered by your insurance if they declare you responsible for neglecting to clean your guttering.

Similarly, roof cleaning is important to ensure moss, algae, and lichen do not damage the roof tiles, or contribute to blocked guttering. Another aspect of high-level cleaning, is cleaning the exterior of the building itself. Facade cleaning is also very important, and can mean the difference between a positive or negative impression of your premises.

Why Choose APT To Provide Your Professional Cleaning Service?

APT have a fully qualified, and experienced, high-level cleaning team who are experts in supplying the needs of all kinds of buildings, structures, bridges, monuments and more. Our professional cleaning services team hold all the required qualifications, and use our very own cleaning products specifically developed by us to deliver cleanliness, while also being 100% environmentally friendly. Our professional cleaning services team can carry out almost any high-level cleaning operation, while maintaining minimum disruption to residents, staff, or production inside any building.

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