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Extreme Clean

Extreme Cleaning

Extreme cleaning requires specific attention as some situations require a sensitive approach that complies with regulations. Residential areas with extreme cleaning issues require professionally trained operators using industry-leading equipment to overcome such problems.


Extreme Cleaning for all your Residential Cleaning Needs

Environmental impact and contaminant build-up can leave residential properties dirty and unusable. Chemicals, blood, bacteria, human waste, infestation of rodents or insects are just some of the bio-hazards requiring extreme cleaning services. Our specific cleaning methods restore cleanliness and hygiene standards.

Licensed by the Environment Agency, we manage all areas requiring clearing and clean-up. All extreme waste is appropriately disposed of, compliant with regulations.

Property Clearance

We clear and clean properties in circumstances of eviction, repossession, re-homing or death. We provide a sympathetic and patient approach, removing accumulated rubbish, possessions and human waste, restoring properties to a clean and sanitised state.

Deep Cleaning

APT provide tailored solutions and equipment, restoring areas to their prime condition. We frequently deal with: bin rooms, rubbish chutes, graffiti removal, pest control, sewage overflows, bird fouling and fumigation.

Bio-Hazard Removal

Potentially dangerous and unsanitary items frequent in hospitals, clinical areas and laboratories. Without safe removal, such items could find themselves in public areas. Our expertly trained staff remove sharps and bio-hazards from all environments.

Crime Scenes & Undiscovered Death

We understand the sensitivity of some situations. Our trauma teams working with police and local authorities to clean up blood, bodily fluids, tissue remnants, fingerprint dust removal and other associated bio-hazards.

Some deaths remain undiscovered for several days. With the upmost sensitivity, we are trusted to deal with the aftermath of such situations, reorganising and removing an individuals’ personal items with care and attention.

Road Traffic Accident Clean-up

APT provide expert clear and clean-up when unfortunate road accidents occur, whether it be a car-crash or truck spills and leaks. Offering tailored specialist cleaning and disinfection to each circumstance, we can put roads back to a usable state.

Pest & Invasive Plant Removal

Our expertly-trained pest control teams remove and treat areas where unwanted animals and insects have found themselves. APT are also fully-equipped to deal with invasive knotweed and plants alike.

Our Approach

We understand the technicalities and sensitivities required for extreme cleaning. Our 30 years’ industrial cleaning, commercial cleaning and residential cleaning has allowed us to develop specific techniques suitable to your requirements. Our free consultation allows us to recommend the most efficient way of working, specific to your extreme cleaning needs.

It is important that you use an extreme cleaning company who is accredited as this procedure must be done carefully, using specialised treatments to target the more challenging areas. APT has developed specifically formulated chemicals used to cover all extreme cleaning requirements.

Our Team

APT provide a full consultation of each project to understand client specific extreme cleaning requirements. Our team of fully accredited consultants and on-site staff are equipped to complete all extreme cleaning requirements, using the most advanced equipment.

Providing site specific RAMS, along with a transparent approach to ensure our clients are kept up to speed every step of the way. Offering environmentally-friendly solutions for extreme cleaning services, we can guarantee to deliver results. Restoring your area to its original state along with providing aftercare maintenance solutions we can do just that!

Our environmental policy covers your entire project from the chemicals used to disposal of packaging.

General Maintenance Products

Manufactured and supplied by our sister company APT Commercial Chemicals for over 30 years. 

A powerful, non-solvent graffiti remover used to remove deep and difficult shadowing that can be left after initial graffiti removal. It can also be used to remove aged graffiti staining.

A professional, concentrated algae cleaner that kills spores on contact; it is known UK wide as one of the best algae removers.

Highly versatile, used in low-pressure super-heated steam cleaners, pressure washers, garden sprayers, floor scrubbing machinery, and spray wiping by hand.

Kills algae spore which helps reduce & retard the re-growth of mould, algae, and fungi.  Formulated with a thought to the environment, it is fully biodegradable and phosphate-free.

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