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Pest Control
Pest Control

Suffering from an outbreak of cockroaches? Visitors to your premises being plagued by nesting wasps? Rodent droppings suddenly appeared in your restaurant? Whatever the situation, health and safety issues could mean that you need to close until the problem is resolved, particularly if you are a part of the food industry.

Pest infestations that affect your business need to be dealt with quickly and effectively and always by specialist commercial pest control companies. Failure to do so can cause health hazards as well as damaging building fabric such as the severing of electrical wires.

Our teams of pest controllers are highly trained. Not only will they quickly identify problem areas, they will also advise on an ongoing pest control programme (integrated pest management) for your business. We appreciate the impact that an infestation of pests has on normal trading so our commercial pest control services are designed to cause minimal disruption to your workday routines.

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Pest Control Contracts

Many businesses take a reactive approach to pest control and management, calling in a commercial pest management company to make one-off treatments. We are happy to offer such a service and aim to solve your pest problem in just one visit.

For medium to large companies or organisations, a contract offers significant benefits:

  • It allows any problem to be caught and dealt with early
  • Ensures proactive compliance with laws and legislations
  • It works out cheaper and is generally more effective than one-off jobs
  • Peace of mind that you have a dedicated pest control team on call and won’t have to re-explain the problem, access etc.

Calling APT now on to discuss your commercial pest control requirements in will save you money in the long term.