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Safely remove Vandalism to your property in Cardiff

We believe that illegal graffiti is not only antisocial but it creates a negative impact in Cardiff. If graffiti is left for too long it often encourages further graffiti, leading to reductions in property prices and increases fear of crime. As a professional local graffiti removal company we understand that the nature of graffiti is often offensive therefore we offer a fast response service targeted at the removal of offensive and abusive graffiti minimising embarrassment or damage to reputation.

Cutting Edge Cardiff Graffiti Removal Company

We use state of the art machinery and the latest in highly advanced products for cleaning graffiti and paint from virtually any surface in Cardiff. APT graffiti removal specialists can remove all types of graffiti from heritage buildings and monuments without damage, leaving no ghosting or shadows. Our clients include many local authorities, schools, housing associations, private and commercial facilities management companies.

graffiti removal services - before
graffiti removal services - after

Eco-friendly Graffiti Removal in Cardiff

With years of experience in removing graffiti we recognise that no two graffiti problems are identical. Our graffiti removal services will assess the nature of the problem and provide a solution that works best for you. There is no need to close your premises whilst our specialists tackle the graffiti, you can carry on trading whilst we clean up. We are able to eradicate graffiti from all common surfaces including:
  • Brick walls
  • Stone walls
  • Glass
  • Perspex
  • Wooden or metal surfaces
Our graffiti cleaning products remove the graffiti without harming the eco-system and are completely non-hazardous.
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Specialist Graffiti Removal Teams for Cardiff

Our specialist graffiti removal and prevention teams are trained to work at all levels, including bridges, bypasses, and high level buildings. We use the latest proven techniques and systems for graffiti removal with a range of highly effective eco-friendly biodegradable graffiti removers to safely and effectively remove graffiti without degrading the host material.

Not only will our graffiti cleaning experts remove your unwanted graffiti they will apply our innovative graffiti prevention solution to your walls and surfaces. Our advanced anti graffiti systems will ensure your walls and surfaces remain graffiti free. This will save you future costs in retreating previously affected areas and help to keep your property graffiti free.

To benefit from the best Cardiff fast response local graffiti removal services, call us today on 0800 0723 773 for a no-obligation chat.