Safer Cleaning for improved air quality

Commercial Kitchen Duct Cleaning - Before
Commercial Kitchen Duct Cleaning - After

But air quality isn’t the only consideration, as a dirty ventilation duct can dramatically increase your chances of a fire, particularly in a restaurant or other kitchen settings, where oil and grease droplets become airborne and accumulate on the duct. Carbon deposits may also form in the air duct, posing additional hazards since carbon deposits are known to emit toxins. Air duct cleaning is especially important for ventilation hoods and ducts that extend above ovens, fryers, grills and stoves; in fact, in many regions, clean ducts are required in order for the restaurant or other commercial kitchen setting to pass health inspections.

Our high pressure water jetting can be used in abattoirs, food factories, heavy industrial plants, engineering firms, for cleaning tanks, removing oils and spills on highways and within industry. We work in conjunction with our sister company who specialise is industrial safe cleaning products and have expert chemists to advise on the correct product to use when high pressure water jetting; because of our industry knowledge of over 25 years we will not use janitorial products but instead use cleaning products that will remove contaminants, greases and oils and WILL clean and sanitise, leaving your premises hygienically clean. 

Unlike many other pressure washing companies we add an eco-friendly bactericidal to the water when jet washing algae and mould which kills spores and prevents re-growth. Our commercial pressure cleaning system extends the re-treatment period therefore reducing costs & management time. 

Cleaning dirt and grime off stone and equipment can be a long and arduous job, let us do all the hard work for you in just a fraction of the time. We offer expert advice on high pressure jetting and where using water is not suitable we will use our specialist eco blast system; see exterior building cleaning. 

For more information or simply advice on our pressure washing services, please do call us, we’re a friendly bunch and will do our best to help you make the right decision. 

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Maintenance Cleaning

At APT, we provide comprehensive cleaning services, including air duct cleaning services. As one of the UK’s preferred air duct cleaning companies, APT provides a complete air duct cleaning services, including weekly or monthly maintenance cleaning, in addition to annual deep cleanings. We offer flexible scheduling too, as we understand that you need to tend to your customers without interruption or interference from our kitchen ventilation duct cleaning team.

As part of our maintenance program, our duct cleaning team will tend to the cooker hood and we’ll ensure there’s a clean cooker hood filter in place. On an annual basis, we use MagnaClean, an all-in-one degreasing and cleaning product that’s designed for use in a kitchen setting. We’ll spray down the ventilation ducts and scrub away the oils, carbon deposits and other grime. We also replace the filters to ensure they’re clean and in working order.

Health & Safety Compliance

Once APT’s duct cleaning team has completed the job, you will be presented with the appropriate documentation certificate, which can be presented to the health inspector upon his or her next visit of your business.

MagnaClean is also suitable for use on other surfaces, commercial kitchen equipment and apparatus. This highly concentrated formula is antibacterial and totally non-toxic, making it safe for use in kitchens.

APT has a wide array of different products, designed to keep you r kitchen clean, sanitary and code-compliant. We have degreasing cleaners, antibacterial formulas and other highly concentrated and low-odor cleaning formulas, all of which are eco-friendly and people-friendly.

Also, remember to download our free commercial kitchen cleaning programme recommendations.

So don’t spend your time attempting to clean your ducts; focus on your business and do what you do best. Then call APT so we can do what we do best – clean your kitchen ducts!