APT Client - Hovis - Dry ice Blaster cleaning
Client – HOVIS
Project – Food Factory CleaningMachinery Cleaning – Production Line Cleaning – Dry Ice Blaster Cleaning Method

What did the client need?

Hovis requested that we provided a quotation to clean their entire food factory production line. Hovis are a UK renowned food production company looking to address their specific need for cleaning food production machines. As a company committed to maintaining high standards of hygiene and food safety, Hovis sought a comprehensive solutions to effectively clean and sanitise their food preparation equipment. 

With 30 years experience, APT have used their dry ice blaster machines time and time again to yield great results for safe and effective machinery cleaning for food factories. Using dry ice blasters removers the concern around cross contamination and food safety, since dry ice blasting is a safe cleaning method appropriate for use in food production facilities. 

How did we approach it?

Hovis’ food production facility in Macclesfield, Greater Manchester required deep cleaning. Our accredited surveyors visited the Hovis factory and completed a site survey, which included a full assessment of the production line, machinery and food factory in its entirety. We recommended the use of our dry ice blaster machine, carried out by our trained operatives as the best method to thoroughly clean Hovis’ factory. 

Dry ice blasting, also known as CO2 blasting or cryogenic blasting, is a cleaning method that uses dry ice pellets as a blasting media to remove various types of contaminants from surfaces. Dry ice blasting is a non-abrasive, non-toxic, and environmentally friendly cleaning process that has gained popularity in industries such as manufacturing, automotive, food processing, and restoration.

The process of dry ice blasting involves the use of dry ice, which is solid carbon dioxide in pellet or block form. These dry ice pellets are accelerated using compressed air through a blasting gun or nozzle onto the surface being cleaned. Upon impact, the dry ice pellets rapidly convert from a solid to a gas in a process called sublimation. This phase change creates a force that dislodges and removes the contaminants from the surface.

What was the solution?

Our approach to the clean was split into stages to ensure that the dry ice blaster machine was being used in a suitable manner. We agreed with Hovis that we would conduct monthly cleans, using our dry ice blaster to clean the machinery and production lines, until the cleaning job was complete.

One of the primary obstacles encountered during the project was the need to prevent downtime on the production lines and existing factory machinery while utilising our specialised dry ice blaster equipment. We were required to work around the ongoing Hovis production and staggered our cleaning approach to ensure that downtime was minimised within the factory and their production could continue as normal. 

Another challenge we faced is that the production line and food factory machinery was unclean and contaminated with dirt, dust and debris. The machinery needed thorough dry ice blaster deep cleaning, which needed to be conducted by professionals, like those at APT to ensure they continued to be operational for years to come. 

What was the outcome?

The outcome of the project was highly successful. We successfully completed a thorough and delicate machine clean in a bustling food production environment using our non-abrasive solution, dry ice blaster cleaner. The client was extremely pleased with the results, as our cleaning process effectively removed contaminants without causing any damage to their sensitive equipment.

In addition to the cleaning services, we went the extra mile by providing the client with a range of food-safe cleaning products. Some of the products we recommended they use are:


These products, supplied by our sister company, APT Commercial Chemicals ensured that the client could maintain their operational efficiency while meeting the necessary regulations and standards for food production. The comprehensive solution we provided not only exceeded the client’s expectations but also enhanced their ability to maintain a clean and compliant working environment.

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