APT Client - WestMill Foods & Pride Oils
Client – Pride Oils – Westmill Foods
Project – Factory CleaningIndustrial Cleaning Contractors

What did the client need?

Pride Oils Food Manufacturing Company, based in Manchester, faced a pressing challenge with their factory cleaning processes. The absence of formal cleaning procedures, inadequate training for operatives, and the use of multiple “cross-use” cleaning products were hampering their efficiency. As a result, the factory cleaning was ineffective, leading to double working, high costs, and unsatisfactory hygiene standards. 

The client recognised the need for a reliable solution that would improve hygiene, reduce costs, and ensure compliance with health and safety regulations. That’s when they turned to APT, the leading industrial cleaning contractors, for expert assistance. The client needed a thorough review of their factory cleaning practices. They wanted to enhance hygiene levels, achieve new compliance standards, and reduce costs by minimizing waste and environmental impact. Additionally, they sought to consolidate the number of cleaning products in use to streamline operations and improve staff understanding.

How did we approach it?

APT engaged in detailed discussions with the client and conducted a comprehensive site survey to understand their unique challenges fully. After assessing the situation, we identified the root causes of the delays and inefficiencies. Our team of industrial cleaning contractors collaborated with the plant’s engineers and safety department to develop a new working program aimed at streamlining the maintenance process and achieving better results.

What was the solution?

Due to our extensive experience in the specialist commercial cleaning industry, APT provided a full review of all cleaning and hygiene processes used throughout the food factory. We supplied a comprehensive scope of recommendations for improvements. One of the key solutions we proposed was the use of our specialised food-safe cleaning product, our sister company, APT Commercial Chemicals – Ultraclean MB.

APT’s Ultraclean MB is an environmentally friendly and highly cost-effective cleaning solution, priced at just 0.05p per liter. To ensure its efficacy and safety, our industrial cleaning contractors conducted site trials in all areas of the factory. The client’s hygienist carried out bactericidal testing, giving their approval for full-scale usage.

Furthermore, we provided the client with a detailed procedural report, outlining the best practices for cleaning in the food processing industry. APT implemented a training-certified program, ensuring that all factory staff were well-equipped to use the cleaning product safely and effectively.

What was the outcome?

The introduction of APT’s Ultraclean MB into the factory cleaning process led to a series of positive outcomes. First and foremost, the factory cleaning efficiency saw a significant improvement, saving both time and resources. The hygiene standards witnessed a major upgrade, ensuring a safer working environment for all staff and compliance with health and safety regulations.

APT’s solution also resulted in a reduction in the number of products being used. This not only allowed for better control and understanding among staff but also contributed to a reduction in overall product and storage costs. With a single product in use, the control of COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health) became more manageable.

Additionally, the usage of APT’s Ultraclean ,B in correct measured quantities led to less wastage, further contributing to cost savings and environmental impact reduction. The introduction of APT’s safer working practices minimized accidents and limited the risk of claims against the company.

As a result, the overall co-operation and staff morale within the company improved, creating a more positive and productive work environment. Our industrial cleaning contractors support businesses nationwide. 

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