Client – The Cantreff Restaurant
Project – TR19 Duct Cleaning & Commercial Kitchen Cleaning

What did the client need?

The Cantreff Restaurant, nestled in the picturesque town of Abergavenny, is a beloved culinary destination known for its delectable dishes and inviting ambiance. As a reputable eatery, maintaining a clean and safe environment is paramount. This case study delves into how APT, a trusted name in commercial cleaning, partnered with Cantreff Restaurant to address their specific need for TR19 duct cleaning, enhancing their operational efficiency and ensuring a pleasant dining experience for patrons.

Facing the challenge of maintaining optimal indoor air quality and adhering to stringent health and safety standards, Cantreff Restaurant recognised the importance of regular TR19 duct cleaning in compliance with the Food Standards Agency. Accumulated debris, dust, and contaminants within the ventilation system not only posed health risks but also hindered the restaurant’s overall performance. The client needed a comprehensive solution that would alleviate these concerns and create a healthier dining environment.

How did we approach it?

In response to Cantreff Restaurant’s need for a thorough TR19 duct cleaning solution, APT undertook a meticulous assessment of their ventilation system. Leveraging our expertise and familiarity with TR19 duct cleaning guidelines, our seasoned team conducted an in-depth inspection. This comprehensive evaluation enabled us to pinpoint areas within the ventilation network that required attention.

Recognizing the importance of addressing the restaurant’s specific concerns, we engaged in close collaboration with the management team. By understanding their unique requirements and timeline constraints, we were able to design a tailored cleaning strategy that aligned perfectly with their operational needs. This collaborative approach ensured that every facet of the cleaning process was customized to meet Cantreff Restaurant’s expectations.

Our commitment to open communication and collaborative problem-solving played a pivotal role in establishing a strong foundation for the project. By merging our technical expertise with the insights provided by the client, we created a cleaning plan that not only addressed the immediate need for TR19 duct cleaning but also aligned with the restaurant’s long-term goals for air quality and safety. This collaborative approach set the stage for a successful execution of the cleaning process and ultimately contributed to the enhanced dining experience that Cantreff Restaurant offers to its patrons.

What was the solution?

Armed with an in-depth understanding of TR19 guidelines, APT meticulously formulated a comprehensive plan to tackle the ventilation system challenge at Cantreff Restaurant. Leveraging our specialised expertise, we strategized the deployment of advanced equipment and eco-friendly cleaning agents to execute the cleaning process.

Our team of skilled technicians meticulously addressed every aspect of the duct system, meticulously cleaning both the main ducts and the intricate network of branches. This meticulous approach was aimed at eliminating the accumulated debris and contaminants that could compromise air quality and system efficiency. By adhering to this rigorous process, we not only ensured a healthier dining environment for patrons but also contributed to the overall efficiency and longevity of the ventilation system.

Our TR19 duct cleaning programme includes use of food-safe commercial cleaning products. We have worked closely with our sister company, APT Commercial Chemicals for over 30 years. Our collaboration allows us to use food-safe cleaning products during commercial kitchen cleans and ductwork cleaning projects. Our food safe cleaning products are as follows:

What was the outcome?

The implementation of APT’s TR19 duct cleaning solution yielded remarkable results for Cantreff Restaurant. The once clogged and contaminated ventilation system underwent a complete transformation. Improved air circulation led to better indoor air quality, providing a more pleasant environment for diners and staff alike. Additionally, the restaurant’s compliance with health and safety regulations was reinforced, enhancing their reputation as a responsible establishment.

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In conclusion, the collaboration between APT and Cantreff Restaurant exemplifies the significance of TR19 duct cleaning in maintaining a safe and inviting dining atmosphere. By understanding the client’s need, meticulously approaching the cleaning process, providing a comprehensive solution, and achieving a positive outcome, APT demonstrated its commitment to delivering excellence in commercial cleaning services.