APT Client - Abergavenny Fine Food Co.
Client – Abergavenny Fine Foods
Project – Duct CleanKitchen Extraction Cleaning

What did the client need?

Abergavenny Fine Foods urgently needed a professional duct clean by APT (Air Duct Clean & Extract Cleaning Specialists) to degrease their fryer unit’s main steam/filter. The accumulation of oil and grease in the ducting system posed a serious fire hazard and impacted production efficiency. APT was tasked to execute a meticulous duct cleaning process, ensuring a safe and fully operational fryer room for uninterrupted production. Compliance with TR19 guidelines and a detailed report were also expected. APT’s expertise successfully met and exceeded the client’s expectations, ensuring a clean, safe, and productive environment.

Abergavenny Fine Foods is a leading food manufacturing company based in Blaenavon, Pontypool. With a strong focus on producing high-quality food products, they have established themselves as a prominent player in the industry. Committed to maintaining the highest standards of hygiene and safety, Abergavenny Fine Foods takes proactive measures to ensure the smooth and efficient operation of their production processes. Their dedication to excellence has led them to seek professional services, such as a duct clean by APT (Air Duct Clean & Extract Cleaning Specialists), to address critical maintenance needs and uphold their reputation as a reliable and trusted food manufacturer.

How did we approach it?

We began by conducting an onsite inspection and collaborated with the client to de-commission the fryer room, ensuring safe access to the hatches for removing the oil and grease buildup. To safeguard the client’s machinery and plant, we set up a secure working area with poly sheeting covers to prevent any contact with the equipment during the cleaning process. The following steps were taken:

Our comprehensive duct cleaning process includes multiple steps to ensure the removal of grease and oil buildup in the client’s fryer unit. We begin by removing any obstructions not taken care of by the client and then proceed to degrease the main steam/filter and clean specific areas as specified by the client. To prevent debris from entering the client’s plant and fryer, covers are installed at the internal duct exit fryer filter slot, and a catcher unit is placed under the exhaust stack to collect removed residues, oil, and grease.

Using lift access, we open existing inspection hatches and clean designated areas, including four extraction vent grills in the ceiling. Thorough cleaning is conducted on all surrounding ceiling and wall panels to eliminate any oil buildup. The duct cleaning process extends to the void space and all exhaust stacks. During the cleaning process, we measure the thickness of residue and sketch the ducting system’s layout, taking before photos for the report and certification.

We always ensure that we use appropriate chemical degreaser products which are provided to us by our sister company, APT Commercial Chemicals. These products are super-concentrated and produced in accordance with the Food Standards Agency, British Standards & UK Government Regulations to be suitable for use in food production areas. Our team utilises cleaning cloths, brushes, scrapers, and mechanical washers to ensure a thorough duct clean. The products we used are as follows:

Ultramax 2020 – Industrial Degreaser offered is a powerful and efficient solution designed to tackle stubborn grease and oil buildup in industrial settings. With its advanced formulation, this degreaser delivers outstanding cleaning performance, making it an ideal choice for maintaining a clean and hygienic environment in commercial kitchens and manufacturing facilities.

Sodakleen – Sodakleen Heavy Duty Cleaner is a high-performance cleaning solution tailored to handle tough stains, grime, and heavy soiling. This versatile cleaner is specifically designed for use in industrial and commercial settings, offering exceptional cleaning power to tackle various surfaces and maintain a pristine and sanitized environment.

Metasoak – Metasoak FL Aluminium Cleaner and Degreaser is a specialised product formulated to effectively clean and degrease aluminum surfaces. This powerful cleaner is designed to remove stubborn grease, oil, and contaminants from aluminum equipment, ensuring a sparkling clean finish and optimal performance in industrial and commercial applications.

To complete the process, we conduct a final inspection of the ducting, retake measurements of residue thickness, and highlight any problem areas on a diagram to be included in the TR19 report. Our meticulous approach guarantees a safe and efficient fryer room for our clients, enabling them to continue their production with confidence.

What was the solution?

To address the critical issue of oil and grease buildup in the ducting system, APT (Air Duct & Extract Cleaning Specialists) approached Abergavenny Fine Foods’ fryer room with a comprehensive and systematic cleaning plan. Collaborating closely with the client, APT conducted an onsite inspection to assess the extent of the contamination and identify potential challenges in accessing the ducts safely. Working in accordance with industry best practices, APT de-commissioned the fryer room, creating a secure working area to safeguard the client’s machinery and plant during the cleaning process.

Using our own proven chemicals, APT applied the most appropriate degreaser products based on the level of contamination present. The team meticulously removed oil and grease buildup from the main steam/filter, exhaust stack, and surrounding areas. 

Moreover, APT implemented measures to prevent any debris from entering the client’s plant and fryer, placing covers at the internal duct exit and utilizing a catcher unit under the exhaust stack to collect removed residues. Lift access was used to open existing inspection hatches and facilitate cleaning in designated areas, ensuring no part of the ducting system was left unattended. Throughout the process, measurements of residue thickness were taken and a detailed sketch of the ducting layout was created, along with before-and-after photos for inclusion in the TR19 report and certification.

What was the outcome?

Thanks to the dedicated efforts of APT, Abergavenny Fine Foods achieved an outstanding outcome from the duct cleaning project. The thorough removal of oil and grease buildup significantly reduced the risk of fire hazards within the fryer room. By addressing the contaminants in the ducting system, APT improved the air quality, preventing the spread of unpleasant odors and particulate matter into the production area. This resulted in a healthier and more comfortable working environment for the staff, enhancing overall employee satisfaction and productivity.

With the ducting system now clean and unrestricted, the ventilation efficiency in the fryer room was substantially improved. This led to better temperature control and optimized cooking conditions, reducing the likelihood of production delays due to equipment overheating. The client was thrilled with the results, as the enhanced ventilation system contributed to smoother and more efficient production processes.

The meticulous approach and attention to detail demonstrated by APT not only met but exceeded the client’s expectations. The comprehensive TR19 report and certification provided by APT reassured Abergavenny Fine Foods that their fryer room was compliant with hygiene and safety regulations. Ultimately, the successful duct clean allowed the client to confidently reopen the fryer room, ensuring uninterrupted production and reinforcing their commitment to delivering high-quality food products safely and responsibly.

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