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Machinery Cleaning

Commercial Plant Room Cleaning Contractors

Regular plant machinery cleaning can help prolong the life of your machinery. We specialise in plant machinery cleaning, heavy machinery cleaning, industrial plant cleaning, assembly production line cleaning, clean room production line cleaning and agriculture machinery cleaning.

Approved Industrial Machinery Cleaning Services

In the manufacturing and supply industries, it is essential that plant and industrial cleaning machinery runs at peak performance, with no downtime. Small amounts of disruption and downtime can be hugely costly. Taking proper precautions to avoid disruption can help to ensure that your plant and machinery is cleaned to the highest of standards.

At APT, we always pre-plan any plant machinery cleaning and maintenance, providing a systematic and tailored approach to suit your individual equipment and circumstances. We provide industrial machinery cleaning services to the industrial and commercial sectors. Not only do we carry out maintenance on machinery we also provide machinery installation services. Our team of professional engineers will carry out machinery installation quickly and with minimum disruption to working activity.

Alongside professional regular industrial plant cleaning and machinery cleaning, we recommend implementing a regular preventative maintenance programme, especially after a deep clean; this is designed to keep your equipment or plant in pristine condition and in compliance with health and safety regulations within your industry; it contributes to reducing future downtime and prevents accidents that can occur due to dirty equipment malfunction.

In addition to this we offer a comprehensive range of steel fabrication services which include tool making and producing interior and exterior metalwork of the highest quality. Our team of tool making and steel fabrication specialists design and manufacture bespoke products that provide practical, cost-effective solutions to individual customer requirements.

Our machinery cleaning services includes:

  • Agricultural machinery cleaning

  • Heavy machinery cleaning

  • Cleaning machinery supplies

  • Industrial plant cleaning services

  • Assembly production line cleaning

  • Clean room production line cleaning

For more information on our industrial machinery cleaning products or to understand how our cleaning machinery service operates, get in touch with our expert team today.

General Maintenance Products

Manufactured and supplied by our sister company APT Commercial Chemicals for over 30 years. 

Safe citrus solvent degreaser, used for the fast removal of heavy grease, tar and adhesives. Can be an effective parts washer. 

Solvent Degreaser

Highly refined solvent cleaner and degreaser. Perfect for surface preparation, cleaning all non-live electrical parts, delicate components, degreasing machinery and engine parts.

Ultra-versatile, super-concentrated industrial cleaner and degreaser used in all industries. Easily removes grease, oil, stains and ingrained dirt from equipment and tools. 

Ultraclean MB

Unrivalled as the best all-in-one cleaner and degreaser suitable to use on all surfaces. Exceeds recommended performance kill rate and kills 99.99% of viruses, bacteria and germs. 

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