APT Client - Smurfit Kappa
Client – Smurfit Kappa
Project – Machinery Cleaning – Using Professional Cleaning Equipment

What did the client need?

This case study focuses on a significant installation project undertaken by Smurfit Kappa at their factory in Yate, Bristol. The project involved the installation of an exceptionally large machine, measuring the length of a football pitch, highlighting its remarkable size and complexity. Currently, the machine is in sections and being stored at Hybridge and Avonmouth. This case study provides an overview of the challenges, approach, and successful outcome of the installation project, shedding light on Smurfit Kappa’s commitment to innovation and operational excellence.

Smurfit Kappa, a leading packaging solutions provider, embarked on this ambitious project to enhance their production capabilities and meet the evolving demands of the market. The sheer size of the machine and the logistics involved posed unique challenges that required careful planning and execution. By delving into the details of this case study, we will explore how Smurfit Kappa successfully navigated these challenges to achieve a seamless installation process and ensure the smooth functioning of their operations.

How did we approach it?

One of the primary considerations for Smurfit Kappa in the installation project was the cleanliness of the machine sections, particularly since they were second-hand and acquired from various sources. We had to be mindful to use professional cleaning equipment to maintain the integrity of the second hand machine. Recognising the importance of ensuring a pristine condition before the components arrived at their site in Yate, we worked with the Smurfit Kappa team to devise a strategic approach using professional cleaning equipment.

Our objective was to have the machine sections thoroughly cleaned, using professional cleaning equipment and proper chemicals prior to transportation. To achieve this, the APT team proposed the idea of cleaning the machine sections at the warehouse where they were currently stored. Clearing this approach with the warehouse owners was crucial to proceed with the cleaning process on-site.

By obtaining approval, Smurfit Kappa aimed to save time and effort by addressing the cleaning requirements before the machine sections were delivered to their factory. This approach demonstrated their proactive and efficient mindset, ensuring that the installation project would commence with components that were cleaned, inspected, and ready for seamless integration into their production facility in Yate.

What was the solution?

To address the challenge of cleaning the machine sections and align the process with the installation timeline, we implemented a solution that involved completing the cleaning in sections over a specific period of time. Collaborating closely with the client, we developed a tailored cleaning regime that accommodated their installation schedule whilst using professional cleaning equipment.

By dividing the machine sections into manageable units, we were able to clean them incrementally, ensuring that each section was thoroughly inspected, sanitised, and prepared for installation. This approach allowed the client to seamlessly integrate the cleaned sections into the installation process, optimising efficiency and minimising any potential delays.

Throughout the cleaning regime, our team worked in close coordination with the client, communicating regularly to ensure smooth execution and alignment between the cleaning and installation activities. This collaborative approach allowed us to adapt our cleaning schedule to suit the client’s requirements, enabling them to proceed with the installation of the machine even as the cleaning process was ongoing.

By providing a flexible and tailored solution, we ensured that the client’s installation timeline was not compromised while maintaining the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene. Our proactive approach and commitment to meeting the client’s specific needs resulted in a successful and synchronized installation, allowing Smurfit Kappa to seamlessly integrate the cleaned machine sections into their production facility in Yate.

What was the outcome?

As a result of our meticulous cleaning efforts using professional cleaning equipment, the client was able to install the thoroughly cleaned machine sections and swiftly put them into production. The successful execution of the cleaning regime ensured that the machine was prepared to the highest standards of cleanliness and met the client’s expectations. 

By adhering to the agreed-upon cleaning schedule and closely collaborating with the client, we enabled a seamless integration of the cleaned machine sections within the specified timeline. The client’s ability to promptly install and utilize the machine in their production processes showcased the effectiveness of our cleaning approach and its positive impact on their operational efficiency.

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